Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 027 The One Doctor

Mel: You're really rattled, aren't you?
The Doctor: Yes, because if I didn't save this planet from the evil Skelloids, who is the Doctor that did?

This was the first Big Finish Doctor Who Christmas Episode Panto, a format which would be repeated with "Bang-Bang-A-Boom!".

The TARDIS has picked up and followed a distress beacon from the far, far distant future. It's the "vulgar end of Time", according to the Sixth Doctor. A period he rarely travels to, as nearly everything has been discovered, commercialised, used up and cheapened. However, upon arriving at the planet Generios One, Mel and the Doctor find themselves among a massive celebration. Apparently, the world has been saved by the legendary Time Lord the Doctor, and his assistant Sally-Anne! Funny, because the Doctor's never visited the planet before, and doesn't sense the presence of a future incarnation...

This fake Doctor turns out to be Con Man Banto Zame, who engineers aliens threats and extorts planets after he "saves" them. Six confronts him, but they're all immediately interrupted by an actual alien threat asking for three interplanetary MacGuffins.

What follows is a delightfully camp romp as the Doctor and Mel are foced to team up with Banto and Sally-Anne. They take place in the future's version of The Weakest Link, put together shelves, and have a chat with a giant jelly monster who's been waiting forever for his brand new TV to be delivered. In the middle of all that, Sally-Anne dumps Banto and starts fancying the Doctor. He's tremendously annoyed by it until he realises that the alien threat is just a ruse — the alien is not after the MacGuffins, but after him. Six smugly tells the alien that Banto is, in fact, the Doctor, and proves that he himself is very definitely not a Time Lord by grabbing Sally-Anne and passionately making out with her. Banto is dragged off, and Six and Mel decide to go rescue him... at some point. Eventually.

"The One Doctor" contains examples of: