Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 039 Bang Bang A Boom

The second Big Finish Doctor Who Christmas Episode Panto, continuing the tradition that started with "The One Doctor".

The Seventh Doctor and Mel land on a spaceship... which promptly blows up. They're transported to Dark Space Eight, the space station where the Intergalactic Song Contest is being held. After being mistaken for the commander of the blown-up spaceship and a pilot, the Doctor and Mel decide to play along and help keep the station running (and hopefully retrieve the TARDIS). Unfortunately, one of the contestants is killed — murdered by an unknown assailant. More unfortunately, a magnificently Large Ham named Queen Angvia (played by Patricia Quinn) falls madly in love with the Doctor. He realises that the feeling is starting to become rather mutual, which would subvert the series' long-standing No Hugging, No Kissing policy, which is of course downright impossible.

Mel, meanwhile, has accidentally seduced a Teen Idol named Nicky Newman, simply by having no clue who he is. He follows her around like a lost puppy. Things get a little bit complicated when about half the cast gets murdered, and the potential political fallout is starting to look disastrous — especially once it's revealed that there's a bomb on board. Mel and the Doctor convince Nicky to duck out of his performance while the Doctor distracts the audience.

With the space station saved, the political tension resolved and Queen Angvia revealed to be a hypnotic cheater, the Doctor and Mel head back to the TARDIS. The winner of the Intergalactic Song Contest is... the Doctor, on the spoons!