Recap: Angel S 01 E 06 Sense And Sensitivity

Kate needs Angel's help to catch a mobster, so he dresses up as a tourist and beats the snot out of them. But, little Tony's lawyers (Wolfram & Hart) Have an evil plan to get him off the hook. Kate and the other cops at her precinct are subjected to "sensitivity training". Of course, this is a disguised curse and so all of the cops become very emotional. Angel goes to find out why and becomes cursed himself. He returns to the precinct to save Kate and beat the snot out of the mobsters again, but he feels bad about it, 'cause he's cursed. He gives the mobster some advice about trying to be a "rainbow, instead of a painbow". In the end, Kate arrests little Tony and Wolfram and Hart refuse to help him because he didn't take the opportunity they gave him. Kate asks Angel if she said anything to him and he replies that he's "a little fuzzy."