Recap: Angel S 01 E 07 Bachelor Party

Doyle's past is revealed when his wife asks him to sign the divorce papers so she can marry into another demon family.

  • Affably Evil: The Ano-movic, mainly because they've assimilated into human society. Specifically Richard Straley — a chipper, suburban-dwelling restauranteur who just happens to be a shapeshifting demon.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Loads of this, usually involving the stripper.
  • "Be Quiet!" Nudge
  • Brain Food
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Doyle's ex-wife Harriet prepares to marry into a family of apparently humanized, peaceful demons who nonetheless make, um, unusual wedding preparations. Harriet's prospective father-in-law reads from the to-do list: "First we greet the man of the hour. Then we drink. We bring out the food. Then we drink. Then comes the stripper, darts, and then we have the ritual eating of the first husband's brains, and then charades." The demon family, of course, objects to the charades.
  • The Bride With A Past
  • Brutal Honesty: And sometimes not so brutal.
    Doyle: "You think I'm a nice guy?"
    Cordy: "I think it, I say it. That's my way."
  • Call Back: When Cordelia says, "I think it, I say it." this was shown on Buffy when Buff had telepathic abilities; everything Cordy said was just was she had just thought.
    • Another courtesy of Cordy, when she references her failed relationship with Xander in conversation with Angel.
  • Cannibal Clan
  • Conveniently Timed Attack from Behind
  • Description Cut: Cordelia is being bored senseless by her date's tales of his financial wizardry. "I mean in November they were trading at 6 cents. So, you know what I did? I sold at 6 and 1/8 of a cent! 6 and 1/8. Can you imagine anything more exciting then that?" Cut to Doyle and Angel fighting a nest of vampires.
  • Destination Defenestration
  • The First Cut Is the Deepest: Doyle for Harriet. The demon family has their own way of getting around this problem.
    Dad: "The accursed books tell us all very plainly that ingesting a priorly married prospective bride's former primary mate's fresh brains will insure a happy second marriage. This way, Richie can incorporate all the love you and Harry shared, making their union whole. It's an Ano-movic thing, don't ask."
  • Fantastic Racism
  • Foot-Dragging Divorcee: Doyle's wife shows up with her new fiancÚ so that she can finalize their divorce. Doyle is naturally mopey, since the only reason she left him was because he found out he was half-demon. Except that it turns out the new guy is also a demon, forcing Doyle to confront his own personal problems.
  • Foreshadowing: Doyle finds a picture of Buffy hidden between the pages of the book Angel is reading.
    • Doyle laments that he and his ex-wife were too young to break things off amicably, instead fighting each other non-stop until one of them broke; in doing so, he inadvertantly forecasts what will happen to Angel and Buffy later on.
  • Forgot About the Mind Reader: The morning after Doyle's rescue of Cordelia from a pack of vampires, she catches him reenacting his gallantry in front of a mirror.
  • Game Face: It's confirmed that showing your demon face makes you stronger, but Doyle refuses to do so (when he finally does so, Cordy attacks him with a silver tray).
  • Gender-Blender Name: Harry = Harriet.
  • Half Truth: Richard Straley neglects to tell Doyle that his 'consent' to their marriage meant agreeing to have his brains eaten.
    Harry: "I'm only going to ask you this once, Richard, and I expect a straight answer: were you or were you not intending to eat my ex-husband's brains?"
    Richard: (sheepishly) "In a way."
    Harry: "And when were you planning on telling me?"
    Richard: "I thought maybe I wouldn't have to."
    Harry: "You were going to start out our life together with deceit?"
    Doyle to Angel: "Sort of missing the point, isn't she?"
  • Hidden Depths: Doyle worked as a teacher and a volunteer in a soup kitchen.
  • I'm Standing Right Here
    Cordelia: Hi Doyle. Are you gonna become Loser Pining Guy like, full time? 'Cause we already have one of those around the office.
    Angel and Doyle: Hey!
  • Last Name Basis
    Harry: "It's good to see you again, Francis."
    Doyle: "It's Doyle, now. It's just Doyle."
  • Man Hug
  • Moment Killer: "Cordelia, this is Harry — my wife."
  • Nasty Party
  • Oops I Forgot I Was Married
  • "Open!" Says Me: Angel busts the double doors off their hinges taking half the frame with it.
    Angel: "The party is over."
    Nick: "You brought a vampire to my brother's bachelor party?"
  • Parrot Expo What
    CORDELIA: That's funny, for a moment I thought you said one of Doyle's students?
    HARRY: It wasn't fun being treated like a third grader, believe me.
    CORDELIA: Grade third taught Doyle?!? ...Doyle taught third grade? The kind with children?
  • Political Correctness Gone Mad: When Harrie calls out Richard's family for attempting to cannibalize Doyle's brain, his siblings indignantly shout "Racist!" She then calls them out on the hypocrisy of picking and choosing the 'sacred rituals' they want to keep doing and then acting pious when called on it.
  • Required Spinoff Cross Over: At the end of the episode Doyle has a vision of Buffy in danger, leading Angel to go back to Sunnydale for the episode "Pangs".
  • Rescue Romance: Cordy warms to Doyle after her rich but boring date flees and leaves her at the mercy of a vampire, which Doyle polishes off.
  • Right Behind Me: Cordy catches Doyle reenacting last nights' heroics.
  • Sour Grapes: When Harry gives back the ring and leaves, one of the demons at the party comforts him.
    "Who needs a wife whose knees bend only one way."
  • Stab the Salad: Angel is spying on Doyle's ex-wife's fiance and sees him taking on a demon aspect and drawing out a knife. One Super Window Jump later, it's revealed that she knew about him being a (harmless) demon, and that the knife was to cut the strings on a parcel.
  • Stages of Monster Grief: Doyle coped poorly with the revelation of his demon side, and his marriage to Harriet soon crumbled. However, the point is made that is demonic heritage probably wasn't the only reason their marriage broke up. Upon learning about demons, Harriet found the thought of studying an entirely new set of cultures and pastimes intriguing, whereas Doyle just wanted to pretend his demonic side didn't exist
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial
    Cordelia: "I'll have you know that Pierce has a lot more than money. He has a house in Montecito, he has a Mercedes CLK 320 and a place in the hills with a lap pool."
    • And later...
    Aunt Martha: "Well, they're certainly not going to eat your ex-husband's brains...for instance."
  • Super Window Jump: "Now they own a number of restaurants with pretty expensive windows."
  • That Man Is Dead: "It's Doyle now. Just Doyle."
  • Twerp Sweating: Angel giving the third degree to Pierce, a day trader and Cordelia's date.
  • You Look Familiar: Richard is played by Carlos Jacott, who previously appeared as Ken in the Buffy episode "Anne." A rare Buffyverse example in that both characters are mostly seen without demon makeup, making it a pretty clear case of Most Definitely Not a Villain. Jacott would later appear in the first two episodes of Firefly as Lawrence Dobson.