Quotes / What the Hell, Player?

Bernard: Sometimes I do stupid stuff and I don't even know why, as if my body were being controlled by some demented, sadistic puppet master.
Weird Ed: Well, we all feel that way sometimes.

We haven't killed anyone, you have.
Blonde Janitor, Hotline Miami

No, no, no, no, no, no, no! How about saving the prince before you leave? Like, is this game titled "Jill Leaves Level 14 Without Saving the Prince," or what??!?
— In-game prompt, Jill of the Jungle, Episode 3: "Jill Saves the Prince"

You get real close to yourself. You freaking moron.
Legends of the Jedi's response to the command "approach self"

Hey! You! Yeah, you! I'm down here busting my ass while you sit on yours, watching me jump around? How is that fair?

If I had seen the life that my sons so callously destroyed, would I had left him stranded without hope? Would I had sacrificed his dreams, to claim my own?
Atrus, in one ending to Myst III: Exile

I must say that I had placed the blindest of confidences, the solidest of hopes and the most sincere belief in you. We can well say that I have erred to the bones. But the real betrayer is rather the one who lies beyond the eye of the cat. What have you done, <Player Name>? Is the opaque mist of the sceneristic frame really your excuse for killing wife and child? You have not purified this place. You have destroyed, eradicated it. You have immersed it into a pristine nothingness.
The Judge, OFF

Do you feel like a hero yet?
How many Americans have you killed today?
The US military does not condone the killing of unarmed combatants. But this isn't real, so why should you care?
To kill for yourself is murder. To kill for your government is heroic. To kill for entertainment is harmless.
You are still a good person.
— Loading Screen "tips," Spec Ops: The Line

None of this would've happened if you had just stopped.
Konrad, Spec Ops: The Line

Lugo: This is your fault, goddammit!note 
Adams: Stop right there, Lugo.
Lugo: But it is; he wouldn't listen!
Adams: We didn't have a choice!
Lugo: He turned us into fucking killers!

You don't have an inferiority complex. You're just inferior.
The Hidden Announcer, Wave Race: Blue Storm

Fighter ships from the Argon Federation are now being launched. They have orders to kill.
Announcer, X3: Terran Conflict

The Shooter's Ball's the main event, as everybody knows;
Just a shame this year it came to such an early close.
It seemed like it would last all night, at least from six to six,
But Miss. White Phosphorus showed up and made us feel like dicks.

If you take Razzly into battle against the Hydra, she discovers afterwards that the creature was pregnant and performs a postmortem caesarian section, preserving the species from extinction and saving the forest. If you leave her out of her team, the Hydra's young are stillborn and the marshes become uninhabitable. With their home destroyed, Hydra Marsh's humanoid residents pack their things, hit the road, and attempt to conquer Razzly's home on Water Dragon Isle for themselves, taking after the example of El Nido's colonialist humans. Razzly's sister is killed during the struggle, but the invaders are defeated. Afterwards, you get to sit there and take it while they tell you what an unconscionable monster you are for driving them to do this, and that the responsibility for their dislocation and decimation is all on your head. Letting events play out this way is the only way to acquire Razzly's level 7 tech, which is a component of one of the two triple techs in the entire game. Saving or harvesting one of the Little Sisters in BioShock only to reap the same rewards either way hardly compares to the burden of a decision like this.

You just can't get enough, can you!?
How many more times will you kill her?
Ha ha ha ha ha...
You disgusting animal.
You didn't even TRY to spare her. *Evil Laugh, then leaves*
Flowey, Undertale, if you kill Toriel, then reset and do it again.

Wow, you're utterly repulsive.
You spared her life...
Then you decided that just wasn't interesting enough for you.
So you murdered her just to see what would happen.
You killed her out of boredom.
Truly disgusting...
Hee hee...
Flowey, Undertale, if you spare Toriel, then reset and kill her.

Seems like you're gonna fight my brother pretty soon. Here's some friendly advice. If you keep going the way you are now...
You're gonna have a bad time.
Sans the skeletonnote , Undertale, if you're on a "No Mercy" run.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just lost your sponsors!
A sign in Daytona USA at the end of a dead-end on the Advanced course that you have to go out of your way to drive into.

As gamemaster, I can see across alternate timelines, and dude, this isn't even the first time you've killed everyone in the entire town. It is the first time you camped out in one room and killed them as they walked in, which was easier than the alternative, I guess, but it really seems like maybe youíve got some issues you maybe want to work out? Maybe there are some things you want to address? Perhaps some impulses within you should be brought to light, just maybe?? AND HERE IíM KINDA REFERRING TO YOU, THE READER, IN REAL LIFE?? ...Naw, Iím just kidding, fantasy is awesome because you can do whatever you want and not get in trouble. Kill íem all, mílady!!

Drink a Hellacious Brew
Do Not Do This Thing. Hell Zone is not a tourist resort. It is a bad place. You'll need to be at least slightly unhinged already to even think about putting this in your mouth.
Rat Sending Simulator 2kXX

Drink a Hellacious Brew
You've already been to Hell Zone! Why do you want to go back? What possible reason can you even have? What are you doing?
Rat Sending Simulator 2kXX

Kaz: Boss, have you lost your mind?!
Ocelot: Maybe you're not the Big Boss we hoped for after all.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, if you kill one of your men at Mother Base.

You foolishly chose to protect the most evil mortal in Ferren Woods. You will pay with your life.
The demon children, if you save the sheriff, Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge

Are you letting the enemies flee? Kindness leads to defeat on the battlefield.
Eshiria Portman, if you let a few enemies escape in Stage 6, Raiden V