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Microwave the Dog
Someone killing a pet by putting it into a microwave oven and turning it on. The pet might explode as well.

This can be a case of Kick the Dog, or (as a popular Urban Legend has it) just some misguided old lady or child trying to dry the pet out after it got wet. Has nothing to do with I Need to Go Iron My Dog.


Anime and Manga
  • This urban legend is mentioned in Yakitate!! Japan as "proof" that Americans make frivolous lawsuits, when an American baker shows up.

Comic Books

  • In Urban Legend, Hootie the dog gets microwaved by the killer in order to draw one of the victims out. As with all the other killings, this was a direct reference to an urban legend.
  • One of the gremlins in Gremlins is killed in a microwave. (Yes, it's a pet.)
  • In the prologue of The Willies, an old woman tries to dry her poodle off in the microwave, and it explodes.
  • In American Vampire, one of the vampires explodes the protagonist's dog in the microwave.
  • An "Asian" character in Hanger microwaves and eats puppies.

Live-Action TV

  • "Microwave Cat" by Feo Y Loco.
  • The W's song "Stupid" is all about stories of people doing stupid things, and the first verse is all about the urban legend of the woman trying to microwave her poodle to dry it off. "The poor little poodle never heard the bell ding. / He went out with a bang, if you know what I mean. / Stupid, that was stupid..."
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "I'll Sue Ya" features a line about this:
    "I sued Panasonic. They never told me not to use their microwave to dry off my cat!"

Video Games
  • In Maniac Mansion, you can kill Weird Ed's hamster by putting it in the microwave. Show him the exploded remains if you want to get killed.
  • In the sequel, Day Of The Tentacle
    • The original incident is canon and the owner of the animal needed years of therapy to overcome the trauma.
    • A puzzle is solved by really using a future microwave to dry a live hamster (yes, it does survive, and Laverne remarks out loud that kids trying to imitate the gesture would have bad things happen to them).
  • A rather infamous Easter Egg from Half-Life is at the beginning of the game, when you can heat a casserole in the microwave and cause it to explode. The Fan Remake Black Mesa also includes this, and then does one better by putting a headcrab in the same microwave after the resonance cascade, which you can make explode as well.
  • In Resident Evil 6, there are points in Chris and Leon's scenarios in which they can shoot off a Rasklapanje's hand. Choose to attack the still-ambulatory hand near a microwave, and instead of throwing it away from them, they will shove it into the microwave and power it on. A few seconds later, you hear the hand explode.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Inverted Trope in The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball accidentally creates life when he puts a jar full of disgusting goo in the microwave.
  • The Gremlins example is parodied on Family Guy. Instead of turning into a Gremlin, the Mogwai becomes Fran Drescher. Peter microwaves her anyway.

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