Quotes: What Measure Is a Non-Human?

"Yeah, that's right. I'm a monster.
What are you gonna do? You gonna destroy me or what?
They blame us for recession and social problems.
If humans don't want us, why did they make us?"

To be Unclean
That is the mark of the Mutant
To be Impure
That is the mark of the Mutant
To be Abhorred
That is the mark of the Mutant
To be Reviled
That is the mark of the Mutant
To be Hunted
That is the mark of the Mutant
To be Purged
That is the fate of the Mutant
To be Cleansed
For that is the fate of all Mutants
First Book of Indoctrinations, Warhammer 40,000

Spock: But, Captain, we both know that I am not human.
Kirk: Spock, you wanna know something? Everybody's human.
Spock: I find that remark... insulting.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Did our master not say this once?
Where there is Distress, therein lies a Story.
Where there is a Story, therein lies a Will.
Where there is a Will, therein lies a Soul.
Negi to Chachamaru; who feared her inhumanity, Mahou Sensei Negima!

"Oh, suuure...kidnap the humans, destroy the machine!"
— Number "Johnny" Five, Short Circuit 2

"He had been tried and punished for the early attacks against the owned robots- not because the Mecha were living things with rights, (they weren’t) but because they had been licensed property."

''Why do we fear them when they learn speech? They are still dogs, still subordinate. It doesn't change who they are or their loyalty.
It is not always fear we run from. Sometimes it is shame.
The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change, Kij Johnson

"I don't give a damn if you're a machine, Maxwell. Are you a man?"

"Kids, hitting and punching people is wrong. BUT THAT'S NO PERSON! IT'S A GIANT HAM!"

"You treat your robots as if they're people. I may actually have to like you."

"You want reality, Ben? Reality is, you are an android...I AM A MAN!"

"We're [...] covered in fur. We look different from humans. But inside, we're still people."
—Keith Kessler, TwoKinds

"Dogs don't deserve special treatment! They have to play by the same rules we do!"
Wade Blasingame (No, not the ballplayer; the attorney-at-law!), Saturday Night Live

"Hologram already dead. Morally, ethically, hologram killing fine!"
— Katrina Bartikovsky, Red Dwarf: Back To Earth

Little Red Riding Hood: A giant's still a person, isn't it?
Witch: Since when are you so squeamish? How many wolves have you carved up?
Little Red Riding Hood: A wolf's not the same!
Witch: ...Ask a wolf's mother.note 

Sam: That's stupid. Why would they want [religious texts]? Robots don't have souls.
Sam: Do they?
Max: I think that's what they're trying to find out.

Bob: Jean, they're alive — (sort of) — and they can talk. So they're people! And you can't own people! They put a... thing in the Constitution, remember? Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for it.

Sora: You go around snatching hope from people... And you call yourself a wizard?
Haruto: You have lost your human soul long ago. You don't count as a person.
James: What? You got your money.
Ash: Yeah, well, you almost killed him!
Jesie: What are you so upset about? It's just a Pikachu.

"Alongside the Sontarans are the Androgums, a race of food-obsessed aliens who are repeatedly treated as brute savages by all of the other characters... This, of course, is exactly what [Robert] Holmes was trying to do back in The Time Warrior... The steady reduction of his concept to 'generic war potatoes' was, as [Eric] Saward guessed, a source of annoyance to Holmes. But he didn’t fix the problem by redoing the Sontarans. He fixed it by creating the Androgums — essentially the same concept only now they’re food-obsessed instead of war-obsessed — and having them be humanoid enough that nobody was ever going try to reuse them as generic monsters. And then, for good measure, have the story repeatedly and uncomfortably treat them like generic monsters even though they’re clearly interesting characters. So basically, the Sontarans without funny masks."
Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who, "The Two Doctors"

"The Brigadier has wiped out an entire race of alien beings, and the Doctor views it as murder. This is unambiguously an accusation that the Brigadier has committed genocide. Watching it in sequence, it's difficult to imagine how any viewer seeing this wouldn't assume that the Doctor and UNIT were not going to be working together anymore. That is, after all, surely the only thing that can possibly follow this. The alternative is for the Doctor to accept genocide — to say that sometimes intelligent species that have brilliant scientists and civilization — get exterminated, and that's OK. If the Doctor shows up next episode, he effectively undermines the entire point of this story. And of course, he does, and it does."
Phil Sandifer on "The Silurians"

Madame Mist: Just because the Doctor is a being without specification does not make it a monster.
Ghastly: Without specification? You mean because it isn't male or female? You mean because it isn't strictly human? No, that's not what I'm talking about. It's a monster because it conducts medical experiments on its captives!

"The hero of the story was a heartless, arrogant brat. I'm rather surprised no-one physically hurt him for saying things like "I'm the rider! I say where we go!" This would be fine if he were talking to a horse, but he was not talking to a horse. He was talking to Saphira, a dragon with the intelligence level of a human being. A woman, if you will. Put a human female in Saphira's place. "I'm your master! I say where we go!" Would you stand for the hero of a story doing that? It's nauseating."
— Syera on SH.net, discussing the problems with Eragon.