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Poor Peter Capaldi. He's practically holding this show up with his bare hands at the moment, finding nuggets of gold in some pretty unremarkable episodes. But he's fighting a losing battle...What shocked me was just how functional the dialogue between the Doctor and Clara was. It was painfully bland, standard Doctor/companion material 101. It could literally be transferred from any other set of regulars without changing a single line, that's how lacking in individuality and personality it was.

For proof of concept, just imagine an alternate version of the story in which the Ganger Doctor and the regular Doctor, despite both being good guys, fall on opposite sides because the Ganger Doctor is slightly more disturbed and moved by the agony of the Gangers and thus ends up in actual conflict. You’d have had a story that actually interrogates the underlying bias that says that oppressed populations should attempt assimilation and politely ask their oppressors to maybe stop killing them so much — one where the moral center of the show is actually split. But instead we get both versions of the Doctor acting in perfect and tedious unity.
Dr. El Sandifer on Doctor Who, The Almost People

A decentralised organisation engaged in seemingly random acts of violence and brutality, driven by a clearly religious faith in something beyond the perception of “outsiders”? A Star Trek villain that has moved beyond the “nation state” concept of “Star Empires” or “Unions” or “Central Commands”? And they happen to have a name that ties into the defining geopolitical conflict of our time? How do you mess that up?

Every time I watch a show, I get hooked on one particular character who isn't a main character. He or she only gets about one or two scenes per episode, and I watch while slowly and unconsciously ripping a hole out of the sofa pillow with my teeth, because it seems like only I can see the potential in this person that ISN'T being exploited!

You know that quirky side character that’s really interesting and entertaining but ultimately overshadowed by the boring lead that’s got no real personality or motives? Digger’s like a comic that’s all about that quirky side character.
— Commenter Paint here about Digger

He was misguided in his quest, sure, but we can all understand the unbelievable pain he must have felt and his desire for vengeance. On top of that, he didn't make any grand speeches or act like he was the star of Shakespeare in Space. He was just a regular guy (piloting a space necromancer's flying tomb) who had everything taken from him and desperately needed someone to blame, making this face-tattooed, time-traveling alien one of the most relatable (and interesting) characters in all of Star Trek. In comparison, Kirk's main motivation throughout the series is that ... he really wants to be a spaceship captain?

Well thank you movie! Thank you for ruining the only possibly cool character in this entire film!

Craig:"Just use my analogy. They're like, in a boy band and this is the crazy one."
Bryan:"Yeah, they all have to have a character, a wacky character."
Vinny:"No! They don't have characters, they have a tag line."
Vinny:"Where Charlotte is Ric Flair's daughter, full stop. Paige is English, full stop. Becky has red hair, full stop. And I thought about this and I said 'You know what this is off the top of my head. We know Becky had to go through growing up in Ireland just to train anywhere, talked about this in NXT. Had to travel the world to train, she had an injury, almost quit, had to be talked to coming back, that's a great fucking story. Charlotte grew up the daughter of the of the best of all time. There's a tremendous burden on her and she's delivering, that's great fucking story.' Well okay, she was delivering on NXT."
Bryan:"I was gonna say, let's not go crazy here."
Vinny:"Paige grew up in a wrestling family. Father's a wrestler mother's a wrestler brother's a wrestler and they've all been in England and her brother wanted to come to come to the US so badly but he couldn't make it! She's living out the dream for her whole fucking family, that's a great fucking story! And then I thought about the girls who are already on the roster. Hey, you know what? The Bellas have been around forever and there's a lot of people who think they only get opportunities because of who they're dating and now they have to prove that they deserve their spots. That's a great fucking story, these are all great fucking stories! None of them are being used, because the people making this TV show are so fucking stupid! I don't want to give them anymore of my money! It's why I want to quit the network!"

"Movie earns an extra 10 sins for the colossal waste of talent in hiring the two guys from The Raid 2 only to hire then say only a few lines and get eaten by the Spaghetti Monster and promptly wastes them."
— Jeremy Scott of CinemaSins on the Kanjiklub members, Everything Wrong With Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

"Hook's introduction makes you think he's going to progress and get more and more specific and rich, but he never does. There is no chemistry between him and Pan. Their ancient rivalry is told to us in exposition, but it never comes to life on the screen. They don't seem to connect, even when they fight. They just perform what the story tells them to perform and get it over with."