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Quotes: Rated M for Manly
"We are men, thou and I."
Henry Rider Haggard, King Solomons Mines

Banchou. When I was young, they were honorable men. Today that meaning is obsolete. They will silently extend a hand out for the weak. They will fight to the very end, even if there were a hundred, a thousand opponents, they will stand firm against them. An honorable man who protects their companions... "BANCHOU", a man among men.
— A Yakuza lieutenant, from Kongoh Bancho, one of the manliest manga ever made.

Hither came Conan the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandalled feet.
"The Phoenix on the Sword," Robert E. Howard

Animator: (after rejecting a rabbit that Tastes Like Diabetes) Maybe something a bit more manly.
(He draws an overly muscular, Rambo-style rabbit.)
(The rabbit torches the drawing board with his flamethrower. The animator puts out the fire with his coffee.)
Animator: Never get him past the Parent-Teacher Association.

"They made it evident to every man, and to the king himself not the least, that humans beings are many but men are few."

Most people are either too enthusiastic about manliness or too dismissive of it. They think that manliness is the only virtue, and all virtue, or they think it is the last stupid stereotype, soon to be as dead as a dodo. To study it well, the trick is not to get carried away to either extreme.
Manliness by Harvey Mansfield.

"Indiana Jones is the epitome of what all men strive to be. He's handsome, he's intelligent, he's single, sleeps around, he's got cash, he punches people, he travels the world, he can sleep with any of his students, he uses a whip, he punches people, he bangs his students in the locker room, women love him, he goes on adventures, he punches people, he can shoot people and get away with it, and so on!"

"Picture a mugger, emerging from the darkness. What would you do? If you're like most Americans, you've already played out this fantasy hundreds of times with each of your handguns and tactical knives. You'd attack secret weak points of his face, known only to you. Your strength, speed, and stamina would be made limitless by adrenaline. The mugger's ladies would switch sides, flinging their bikini bottoms toward your spinning kicks. In fact, it's almost stupid to still be talking about this mugger since he's dead at your feet. "That's the way of the streets" you might growl at his pieces before bringing your saxophone to your lips. "Fwrrff!!! Hrmmm fmfffhheeeeeeeee!!"

"Predator. How could this be bad? It's fucking Predator! You look at the cover and think, 'Yeeeah. This game's gonna be awesome. This is a real man's game. This game will turn you into a sexual tyrannosaur' — like me."

"Let me put it in perspective for you: Picard faced the Borg, and after it was done ruining his life, he stood in his office and drank Earl Grey. Sisko faced the Borg and after it was done ruining his life, he fumed in an escape-pod — then went off to design a ship whose only purpose is to kill Borg. It's a set of guns strapped to an engine. Then he called it Defiant, a name that practically shakes its fist at the Borg. That was his second choice; Starfleet felt that the U.S.S. Ben Sisko's Muthafuckin Pimp Hand was too long."

"Drive Angry is Nic Cage mashed down into a projector and spunked all over the screen in big, glorious spurts of movie jizz. Drive Angry is exactly how I want my Nic Cage. With the grim reaper giving chase, Cage’s John Milton escapes from hell – in a car, because you can get there with a SatNav I guess – to stop his granddaughter from being sacrificed by a Satanic cult. You might as well stick this one in the documentary pile, cos it’s just a regular day for Nic Fucking Cage, and I suspect I blinked and missed the “Based on a true story…” title."

"At no point does the movie take itself seriously, nor is it even apologetic. It knows exactly what it is and accelerates full steam into an hour and a half of blood, guts, sex, drinking, smoking, and chugging beer out of skulls."

"Whoa, Jesus Christ! What do you load that thing with, antimatter? Reb Brown just obliterated a car — and by the way, 2 minutes in and already Reb has been more badass than Frank Stallone was in 2 hours — Reb Brown just annihilated a car, blew the motherfucker up like it was hit by artillery, but he did it with a handgun because he's Reb Fucking Brown."
The Spoony Experiment on Miami Vice ("Viking Bikers From Hell")

"Sorry, Marilyn Manson: this is the guy I want to be when I grow up. SURE I'm well-adjusted. ...—hey, wait. It says here in the game's instruction booklet that Cloud's supposed to be twenty-one years old. Well, damn it. He's younger than me and he's already managed to blow up more crap, save more planets, ride on more airships, hijack more submarines, race more chocobos, fly more rockets into outer space, and bang Tifa more than I ever will in my entire life. I haven't felt this inadequate since finding out Gene Starwind is supposed to be nineteen."

"And on the day Masaaki Endoh was born, the heavens rained holy fire of manliness and guitars. Jesus himself down and proclaimed that he was the Christ of Manliness, here to bring the coming age of Manly to the world as the second son of our lord, as the human son of God himself, no middleman. Here he is, teaching us the ways of the Book of Man, which he wrote himself in the year 2012 as he kicked away the meteorite that was goin to kill us all. WE MUST LEARN FROM HIM! MASAAKI MOTHER FUCKING ENDOH!!!"

"It is said that there are two things ubiquitous in the Imperial Guard: the standard pattern lasgun, and a pair of steel balls."
Anonymous poster on 4Chan's Traditional Games board

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