Quotes: Get a Hold of Yourself Man

"A captain capable of commanding his troops well (see: slapping the fail out of them) is essential to any mecha team's success."

Edna Mode (whacking Elastigirl with a rolled-up newspaper), The Incredibles

"Get a hold of yourself, man! Quit Your Whining!"

Captain Kirk: Never seen that in a medical book.
Dr. McCoy: It's in mine from now on.
Star Trek: The Original Series, "Friday's Child"

"When a man strays from the right path, a kind man needs the courage to raise his fist and correct him."
Jamil Neate, After War Gundam X

Rydia: Coward. You're a man, aren't you? A grown man! Stop crying. I have.
Edward: You're right. I'm nothing but a coward, just as you say! That's why I'm just going to stay at Anna's side! It doesn't matter anymore, nothing does!
Cecil: *SLAP* You're not the only one who's grieving. Anna would not wish to see you fawning like a fool.

"Let's see you GRIT THOSE TEETH!"
Kamina, as he punches his brother in the face. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann''

Simon (who happened to be previously on the receiving end of the above), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

You see? There are people who would punch you. I used to be lost. But I got punched and awoke from it!
Simon acknowledging this trope (See Kamina's entry), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Lagann-Hen

"When your spirit is floating down that tunnel towards the light, you know what's behind the light? It's not God. It's me. And I'm going to kick your poncey soul all the way back down the tunnel til you choke on your own fucked up ribs. Now... Wake. The Fuck. Up."
Rusko, opening lyrics of the song Cockney Thug.

Severed Head: Oh god, Professor! Where is my body? What have you done with my body? Aaaaaugh!
Mad Scientist: *slap*
Severed Head: Thanks, I needed that.

Basil: Oh, how could I have been so blind? Ratigan's proved he's more clever than I. He would never have walked into such an obvious trap.
Dawson: Oh, pull yourself together! You can stop that villain!
Basil: Oh, it's finally happened, I've been outwitted! Beaten! Duped! Made a fool of! Ridiculed! Belittled...
Dawson: That's enough! Dash it, all Basil! The queen's in danger, Olivia's counting on us, we're about to be horribly splatted, and all you can do is lie there feeling sorry for yourself! Now I know you can save us! But if you've given up, then why don't we just set it off now and be done with it?!

Amuro Ray: Y-you hit me...!
Bright Noah: So what if I hit you!? Maybe that'll give you something to complain about and make you feel better!
Amuro Ray: Do you really think I'm that petty!?
Amuro Ray: That's twice...! Not even my father hit me!
Bright Noah: Well, it just means that your father is too soft on you! You can't be a man, if you can't even take a few hits!
Amuro Ray: No, I won't do it! Who wants to ride a Gundam again anyway!? Ugh...!
Frau Bow: Stop whining, Amuro! That's pathetic!
*Ship is shaking*
Bright Noah: I'm going to the bridge! Amuro, as of now you're nothing but a coward! I thought you had what it takes to defeat Char... looks like I was mistaken!
Amuro Ray: Bright-san...
Frau Bow: Amuro, the Gundam has a piloting manual, right? I'll pilot the Gundam. I hate men who can't take credits of what he's done! If you can't admit that up until now, you're the one who protected the White Base, then you're not a man! I...
Amuro Ray: Frau-san, you can't pilot the Gundam. It pains me to do this, but... I am a man, after all.
—The Bright Slap scene from Mobile Suit Gundam, with volleys of volleys of the trope until Amuro gets a hold of himself.

"They have a weapon that turns soldier's brains to mush," said Kotay. "An army of beautiful naked cyborg girls."
"Well, tell your men to pull themselves together!"
"That's what they're doing. Half the division has already gone blind."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

Leo: I'm hysterical! I'm having hysteria 'cuz I'm hysterical! I can't stop when I get like this! I can't stop! I'm hysterical! (Max splashes water on him.)
I'm wet! I'm wet! I'm hysterical and I'm wet! (Max slaps him)
I'm in pain! And I'm wet! And I'm still hysterical! No, no, no, don't hit, don't hit, it doesn't help! It only increases my sense of danger.
Max: What can I do? What can I do? You're getting me hysterical!

Prophet: Psycho, I'm sorry but we don't have much time. We need to find another VTOL. Now.
Psycho: ...
Prophet: (reaches out to Psycho's shoulder) Psy-
Psycho: (shoves Prophet's hand away) Don't you fucking call me that!!
Prophet: We have to shut that energy beam down, Psycho, or everyone's going to die. Do you understand me?
Psycho: And what the fuck am I supposed to do about it, hey?! I'm Michael Sykes! I'm just a human, Prophet! I couldn't save one fucking life, not ONE!!!
Prophet: ...you selfish son of a BITCH!!! (throws Psycho to the ground) Don't you get it yet?! Rasch had me pinned back there! Kept me locked down 'cause of this damn suit! If you'd been wearing the suit, we'd all be dead! You being human is what saved us! (Beat) We're all human, Psycho. And we all fought: me, you, Nomad, Jester, all of us! WE fought! Not the goddamn nanosuits! Now it's just you and me left. We can make a difference. One last mission! Do you think she'd want you to quit now? (Psycho gets off the ground) Psy- Michael. Just so we're clear... this is gonna be a slaughter.
Psycho: ...too fucking right it is. And I'm gonna be doing the slaughtering. Like you said, boss: I don't need a suit. Don't need tech. Just need bottle, right?
Crysis 3