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Quotes: Germans Love David Hasselhoff
"The European occupation with our Hollywood Squares-grade actors has always puzzled me. I picture French television as a medium populated with dark, moody films starring Donny Most and Bonnie Franklin."
Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese

"After we played in Chile, some people and part of my band told me: 'This crowd is amazing, they were insane.' And then, I told them: 'No, you're wrong; you haven't seen nothing; because in Buenos Aires will be always better.'"
Megadeth's Dave Mustaine

The credits roll to the Baywatch closing theme, sung by the Hoff himself, which is called "Current of Love". And I apologize in advance to all the Germans I'm about to offend, but David Hasselhoff really cannot sing. At all.
The Agony Booth, recap of Baywatch, "Mirror Mirror"

..things are easy when you're big in Japan.
— Alphaville, Big in Japan

"So they love Jerry Lewis in France, does that make him funny?"
Steve Taylor, "On the Fritz"

I got the moon, I got the cheese, I got the whole damn nation on its knees!
Tom Waits, "Big in Japan"

Ted: Who thinks David Hasselhoff is awesome?
(a German family all raise their hands, the kids jumping up and down in excitement)

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