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Manga: Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is a manga by Miyahara Ruri that serialized in Young King Ours since June 2010. The title literally means "We Are All From Kawai-Sō," but it is a wordplay that sounds like "We Are All Pitiful". An anime television series adaptation by Brain's Base started airing in the Spring 2014 Anime season.

Usa, a high-school student who is excited to begin his new bachelor lifestyle thanks to his parent's job transfer, moves into a new apartment only to discover that not only does he have to share a room, but his roommate is a masochistic pervert. Just as he's about to leave, though, he finds out that his beautiful sempai Kawai Ritsu lives there, too... And so begins Usa's life at Kawai House, where none of the people are as bad as they seem (usually they're worse), and his attempt to reach out to the quiet, antisocial, and bookish girl he longs to be closer to.

An animated adaptation aired as part of the Spring 2014 Anime lineup. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime, and can be watched here for viewers living in the US and Canada.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou provides examples of:

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: In episode 5, Sayaka claims Mayumi's relationships don't work because she goes after are Jerk Ass guys 100%. When Mayumi tries to state that it's not true, Sayaka then bumps the number up to 130%. Sayaka immediately says she's factoring in future bad relationships.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Usa's mother.
  • Amusing Injuries: Usa has a red handprint on his face in episode 2 after Ritsu gives him an Armor-Piercing Slap due to him taking something she said out of context and making it seem perverted.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Ritsu goes into Color Failure after Chinatsu innocently asks her to go out with Usa in episode 10. Mayumi hilariously gets upset that the girl passed her over regarding relationships.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • In episode 3, Sumiko says she doesn't want Sayaka bringing trouble or mischief in her apartment, or else she might get a little angry. This comes after Sayaka teased Usa about Ritsu, and she's Blue with Shock, complete with an Oh, Crap look as the former says this to her. Even Mayumi, who was mostly just watching, is kind of creeped out.
    • In episode 5, Sumiko's solution to stopping a drunk and rabid Sayaka... is putting a plastic bag over her head.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones:
    • Ritsu usually appears as an Emotionless Girl, but when Mayumi was about to slide down a railing, the former puts herself in front. For whatever reason, Mayumi then reconsiders it...briefly.
    • In episode 3, she rejects Usa's offer to ride on the back of his bike to school. He then dejectedly heads out on his own, and Ritsu stares at him for a moment, with a voiceover that says what she's thinking. Only to be subverted when it turns out it was Sayaka saying that stuff, with Shirosaki and Mayumi also watching. Ritsu then threatens to raise the rent on all three of them.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Subverted twice in episode 3:
    • The first is when a Crazy Jealous Guy confronts Sayaka, and she hides behind Usa and makes it sound like they're dating. As the guy is about to punch Usa, a book gets tossed at the back of his head. Ritsu then claims the wind made her book fly out of her hand and into the guy's head. He's surprisingly stunned long enough to believe it, but then immediately turns his attention back to Usa after she goes inside the apartment.
    • The second one occurs when Shirosaki shows up shortly afterwards. However, he doesn't save Usa directly; rather it's the policeman bringing Shirosaki back that causes the other guy to go away.
    • There is another one in episode 7 when Usa and the others saves Ritsu from a molester.
    • Sayaka saves Ritsu from a centipede in episode 9. Unlike Mayumi, Ritsu, and Usa, she's dealt with them so much back home that they don't bother her anymore.
  • Big "NO!": Usa does one in the first episode after he inadvertently steps into the girl's area, and receives a smack from Ritsu with a bamboo stick.
  • Bishie Sparkle:
    • Mayumi has one in episode 3 after she receives an email from her ex-boyfriend, whom the other characters can tell she hasn't gotten over yet.
    • Usa displays one as well at the end of episode 3. For some reason Mayumi can see it, and says she wants to hit him out of jealousy. He does it again a couple of times in episode 4.
    • Usa yet again in episode 5 after overhearing that Ritsu's lack of experience regarding relationships meant she just wasn't interested in anyone. It immediately gives him a Hope Spot in that her cold behavior towards others means she's at least not interested in another guy.
    • Mayumi displays one after being almost convinced that she's not as pathetic as Usa is when his friend kicks him out of the group date he was just invited to. Usa immediately points out that it wasn't a big deal to him, and wonders why she's only "almost" convinced.
    • Ritsu when making the mud balls in episode 10. She has this aura around her almost the entire time.
  • Bi the Way: Sayaka dates men regularly, but also seems a bit too interested in Mayumi as well.
    • Tsuneko also blithely states that Sayaka was very busy with all her boyfriends and girlfriends in high school.
  • Blank White Eyes: The group that's mocking Usa in episode 8 at the cafe all display this when they see Ritsu in a Japanese traditional outfit.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Sayaka, who likes to manipulate men even though she has no interest in them.
    • One example is seen in episode 3 when a guy confronts her in front of the apartment. She then immediately deflects the anger onto Usa by playing innocent and claiming that she has interest in him.
    • She puts this trope into heroic use when saving Usa from the high schoolers mocking him, and gives a little payback to the girl he went to middle school with, who threw Usa under the bus earlier by making him seem like the crazy guy who spent too much time around her instead of the other way around.
    • She makes fun of Mayumi in episode 11 when the latter says she doesn't want a pet because it would make them content with being single.
  • Blank White Eyes:
    • Sayaka displays some in episode 3 when she sees Usa's bike.
    • Mayumi displays them after Ritsu asks her an Armor-Piercing Question regarding her ex-boyfriend.
  • Blinding Bangs: Shirosaki's hair covers his eyes.
  • Blue with Shock: Happens on a fairly regular basis to almost all of the characters.
  • Bookworm: Ritsu, to the point that she frequently gets home late because she's too busy reading to notice traffic signals and cross the street.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • Mayumi does this at the end of episode 8:
    Did you think this episode would end on a good note? Well, too bad! You got me instead!
    • Usa does it at the very end of episode 10, after he arrives home from work and is confused about what the others did with some ball rubbing, torn pantyhose, and Ritsu being really upset with him after mentioning Hayashi visiting him while barely getting any screentime.
    • Done again a couple of times in episode 11, such as when Mayumi and Sayaka say one thing, while what they really meant is displayed in words on screen, which Usa says he can read. Mayumi also shows up in one of his monologues, and changes the wording of a term he was using to spend time with Ritsu, causing him to tell her to stop showing up in those instances. And in the preview credits, Mayumi says the show can't end until she finds happiness, causing Sayaka to reply that the show would then last years.
    • Used at the beginning of episode 12 during an Imagine Spot Usa has about Ritsu at the karaoke bar. Both Mayumi and Shirosaki point out that said guy next to her turns into Usa partway through the scene when he starts getting rather aggressive with her.
  • Butt Monkey: Several characters are used for this purpose throughout the show, though Shirosaki and Mayumi get abused the most. Shiro doesn't mind; in fact, he likes it.
  • Cake Eater: Tagami, Usa's friend, becomes smitten with Mayumi after seeing her in episode 8 at the cafe he works at. He shows up at the Usa's place in episode 9 and tries to ask her out. This immediately lifts Mayumi's spirits up, as she was depressed due to a coworker finding a boyfriend. But she's turned off by the fact that he's only fifteen.
  • The Cameo: Hamtaro in episode 4. Er, excuse us, "Hamjiro."
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: Ritsu accidentally drinks some of the wine Sumiko's friend gave her in episode 12.
  • Cat Smile: Sayaka's default expression.
  • Christmas Cake: Mayumi, who isn't happy about this either. The little girl in episode 6 only presses on this further when Mayumi talks to her. And she gets quite upset when an older female coworker is dating a guy in episode 9 while she's still single.
  • Cliff Hanger: Episode 11 ends on one, when Sayaka mentions to Usa that Ritsu meeting up with some girls at a library turned out to be a mixer when she sees them with some boys.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl:
    • In episode 8, after Ritsu saves Usa from the high school students mocking him, two of the guys in the group mention they could dig the fangirls of this restaurant when they see how beautiful Ritsu looks, and one mentions working there as well. The three girls with them immediately have a gloomy look with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness on their faces as they stare at those two guys out of jealousy.
    • Ritsu begins to display some of these traits in episode 10 when Hayashi comes back to apologize to Usa. Though she doesn't seem to show any reaction at first, when she arrives home she's in a foul mood despite having read books. Chinatsu later pointing out he's nice to all girls doesn't help things, and when he later mentions to Mayumi that his friend did visit him at the restaurant, Ritsu gets extremely irritated at him and leaves the room in anger. And in episode 12, during a drunken rant, she implies to Usa not to be "so nice" to Hayashi anymore.
  • Color Failure:
    • Mayumi in episode 6, after she realizes her rant to Chinatsu about not worrying about love at her age makes her cry and run off.
    • Mayumi, Ritsu, and Usa suffer this as well when hunting down a centipede that's in the girl's side of the dorms in episode 9.
    • Hayashi suffers one after Mayumi tells her she's not that pretty in episode 10.
    • Usa and Ritsu suffer one when they get home in episode 12 from Mayumi lamenting about being a Christmas Cake again while the two must've been enjoying the sunset together. Usa then suffers a few more from Mayumi afterwards.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Who gets afflicted by this depends on the situation in the episode. But typically it'll be Mayumi, who laments being single while younger coworkers are getting boyfriends or married. She will then often get picked on by Sayaka, and then picks on Usa to make herself feel better, usually by calling him a virgin and his lack of experience with women. He will usually reply with something to make her miserable again, or ignores her entirely, which also has the same effect.
  • Comically Missing the Point:
    • After Sumiko tells Sayaka not to bring trouble back home in episode 3, she says she could've sworn she kept her address a secret. Mayumi then tells her to stop teasing men, and the former suddenly maintains a look of innocence regarding it.
    • During episode 5, after Usa comes home, he gets sprayed in the face with a water gun by Mayumi. He seems to ignore the fact that her clothes are wet and that her figure and underwear are showing until she points it out to him. He then looks, and only mentions that they're not matching, causing her to throw one of the guns at him in frustration.
  • Completely Different Title: The official title of the English release is The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior.
    • Possibly because the original title was "Bokura Minna wa Kawai-sou" which means "We are all from Kawai Complex", but when read out loud sounds like "We are all pathetic". So to make up for the pun that was lost in translation, we are given three.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Usa's Imagine Spot at the beginning of episode 12 hints that he could be one. When Mayumi and Shirosaki point out that said guy turns into Usa halfway through, he states that he doesn't want to imagine any other guy with Ritsu. He also seems relieved when she said she wasn't happy at the karaoke bar and didn't make any meaningful connections to any guy there. Fortunately for him, said guy Ritsu did talk to indirectly insulted Usa, and did in fact act much like Usa had imagined in the beginning, which also added to Ritsu's disgust of him.
  • Cross-Popping Veins: A few characters display these from time to time, usually Mayumi towards Sayaka.
  • Cry Cute:
    • Chinatsu in episode 6, after Mayumi gets into an argument with her. Sayaka teases her mercilessly about it as well, causing Mayumi to also do this in a vain attempt to justify her Brutal Honesty to the little girl.
    • Ritsu in episode 12 while walking home with Usa. While it was because she was a bit saddened by her ex-friend abandoning her, she claims to Usa that she was crying because the book she was reading was really emotional. He knows the reason, but plays along with her anyway, particularly because he told her to be blunt with said friend about not liking doing social things like a mixer.
  • Cute Bookworm: Ritsu.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: The female characters aside from Sumiko are seen wearing them in the closing credits, especially Mayumi.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: In episode 8, Ritsu interrupts the high school students mocking Usa when they see how beautiful she looks in the traditional Japanese outfit Sumiko had her wear. Its also utilized more deliberately by Sayaka and Mayumi moments later. The former puts on some more makeup, while the latter takes her jacket off to reveal her assets a little more, and both of them smother Usa to make him seem much less pathetic.
  • Dogged Nice Guy:
    • Usa to Ritsu.
    • Shirosaki is like this too towards the other female characters when he's not being perverted.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Usa and Shirosaki are subjected to this. In the latter's case, he enjoys it.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: A couple of characters display these from time to time, although Ritsu seems to do it the most due to the strange behavior the other characters exhibit which often gets on her nerves.
  • Easily Forgiven: Usa towards Hayashi in episode 10. Though he did harbor some ill feelings towards her after she throws him under the bus in episode 8, it's not as bad due to Ritsu saving him from it, along with Mayumi and Sayaka helping to cheer him up a little bit.
  • The Eeyore: Mayumi when it comes to relationships. She absolutely despises people who are in a normal relationship, when she has trouble staying in one.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Usa used to be called "Henshori" (the abbreviation of "Henjin Shorihan", which roughly means "Weirdo's Caretaker") in middle school. The anime uses "Freak Show" as the name, due to the fact that he used to be around people who were just as weird as the people in the Kawai dorms.
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: One of Sayaka's is revealed in episode 11 when an old middle school friend comes by to visit her. Mayumi and Usa both take the opportunity to poke fun at her after all the ribbing she gave the two prior.
  • Emotionless Girl: Ritsu appears this way initially, as she's usually tied up in reading a book and doesn't show off too many emotions. However, if she sees something funny, she'll start snickering, and fun events that the other residents take part in will usually cause her to start fidgeting uncontrollably while attempting to deny wanting to take part.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • Played for Laughs in episode 5. When Mayumi and Sayaka are leaving the living room, they notice Ritsu and Usa casually chatting about a book she loaned him. When they notice how innocent the two seem to be, they immediately get disgusted, and the words "Formation of Team Shatter Dreams" shows up as they develop devilish looks and start thinking of ways to interrupt the two. At least until Sumiko grabs them from behind.
    • Both women also put aside their differences to help bail Usa out in episode 8 after the students at table he's serving start mocking him.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Usa first meets Ritsu in the library reading a book. It's Love at First Sight as she glances in his general direction and he believes they made eye contact.
    • Shirosaki first meets Usa as the former is peeking through a hole in a fence at a grade school. Usa's first thought is that the guy is a pervert, and he's spot on with that.
    • Mayumi first meets Usa when he wanders by a lakefront and sees her drinking her sorrows away. She also immediately hits on him as well. Once he realizes she was the same woman he saw in a picture Shirosaki showed him earlier, he's shocked to find out the seemingly normal looking woman is actually a Hard-Drinking Party Girl with lots of issues.
    • Sayaka first shows up in episode 2, and immediately grabs Mayumi's breasts when she sees the latter. She also shows off her traits as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, acting innocent towards Usa. Mayumi warns him that what she's doing is just an act, and that she's not as nice as she seems.
  • Everyone Can See It: Virtually everyone that knows about Ritsu and Usa know that he likes her, but she seems to be in denial about it herself. Even a young girl like Chinatsu points this out in episode 10, causing Ritsu to start trying to come up with various things as to why he doesn't like her. Both Mayumi and Shirosaki, who are watching this unfold, just barely hold back from saying their comments out loud at how ignorant Ritsu seems to be acting here.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Mayumi, who is normally a Clingy Jealous Girl, hooks back up with an ex-boyfriend briefly in episode 3. When he shows little interest in her, such as taking her out to an Italian restaurant when she doesn't even like Italian food, and wanting her more for her body, she immediately dumps him and comes back to the apartment.
    • When a molester is rumored to be around the neighborhood in episode 7, Shirosaki tries to distance himself from that guy. But several of the other characters notice that he's not really that much better than the molester based on what he tells them.
    • When a guy at the mixer Ritsu's at with her friend makes fun of people who ask for suggestions on books in episode 12, Ritsu gets angry with him as a result. She seemed to interpret that as an insult to what she did for Usa when she recommended books for him to try out. She does apologize for going overboard during that moment however.
  • From the Mouths of Babes: Chinatsu pointing out to Ritsu that Usa likes her in episode 10. Both Mayumi and Shirosaki are astounded by how innocent she seems when she's mentioning everything they all already know about, but can't bring themselves to say it.
  • The Gadfly: Sayaka, who enjoys misleading people and giving them what sounds like sincere information, but in reality is mostly her just tricking people. She does this to Usa in episode 3, telling him that Ritsu is opening up to him, and that he should be more persistent. But then in episode 4 Ritsu chastises him for being too aggressive, and Mayumi later reveals to him that Sayaka tends to do things like this.
  • Gainaxing:
    • Mayumi in the ending.
    • Episode 7 focuses on Ritsu for a moment as well when she's walking alone in a tunnel before being assaulted by a molester.
  • Genki Girl: Sayaka tries to appear as one when she first meets Usa. But Mayumi tells him not to fall for her tricks.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Episode 10 is chock full of this, such as when Mayumi and Shirosaki tease Usa about releasing fluids and standing erect, when all he was doing was reading a book while leaning next to a pillar and sweating due to wearing his work uniform. Later Chinatsu and Mayumi mention working with balls. While the former is clearly referring to the mud balls they're making or the balls used at school, Mayumi's dialogue suggests a much more mature, alternate means to that word, such as working with smaller ones at night.
  • Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies:
    • Played straight with Ritsu, who isn't a big fan of them, and always tries to make up some kind of excuse to not watch them, such as claiming to be sleepy while burying her face inside a pillow to avoid watching it.
    • Averted with Mayumi, who enjoys them quite a bit, largely because of the fact that the happy couples in them usually get killed off.
  • Got Volunteered: In episode 7, Usa wonders if he should get a part time job to pass the time during summer break. He initially brushes it off, then when he is offered a job, he declines it repeatedly despite being more than qualified for it. However, once Sumiko and her friend put the cafe uniform on him, Ritsu is awestruck by how good he looks in it, and he ends up taking the job after all.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Mayumi hates the "innocent" relationship Usa and Ritsu seem to have, mostly because she can't find a stable relationship herself. In episode 5, she deliberately kicks him into the courtyard to interrupt a conversation he was having with Ritsu about her book. And in episode 12 she lashes out at them for coming home late, and feels they deliberately came late to enjoy the sunset together.
  • Groin Attack: Sayaka says she did this after running into her ex-boyfriend at a mixer in episode 5, after he gets the wrong idea and tries to make moves on her.
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: Mayumi and Usa engage in one in episode 5, after the former purposely interrupts a chat the latter was having with Ritsu. She also tells him she won't let him be happy until she's happy.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Mayumi, who Usa first meets drinking a lot of alcohol at a lakefront.
  • Hate at First Sight: Chinatsu towards Mayumi, due to the latter making fun of her about her problems in episode 6. And because of that bad first impression, Chinatsu mostly treats her with contempt when she visits them again in episode 10.
  • Heroic BSOD:
    • Usa suffers one in episode 4 after Ritsu yells at him for being too persistent and overly friendly towards her. Mayumi helps snap him out of it, but not before teasing him some more.
    • Ritsu suffers a minor one as well, after she realizes she was too harsh when she yelled at him. Shirosaki helps her come out of her slump.
  • High-Pressure Emotion:
    • When Usa is thanking Ritsu for saving him in episode 3, he doesn't see that she's getting really embarrassed by it, and continues to praise her. She then finally tells him to stop and runs off, and he's left wondering what he did wrong.
    • Happens to both Usa and Ritsu in episode 5 after he "intercepts" Sayaka's kiss attempt towards Ritsu. By using his arm. Which Ritsu then accidentally "kisses".
    • Ritsu again in episode 10, after Chinatsu mentions that she might be getting jealous because Usa is being nice to another girl.
  • Hoist By Her Own Petard: In episode 9, after finding out an older female coworker is dating someone, Mayumi gets extremely upset again. She then brings a "curse", stating that the couples in said pictures will never last. Then her guitar is brought out, and it has an older picture of her with a guy doing a similar thing, and Sayaka immediately repeats what Mayumi just said about those pictures.
  • Hopeless Suitor:
    • Sayaka towards Mayumi, the latter showing no interest whatsoever in the former. Not that it stops her from trying.
    • Hayashi towards Usa. While it's obvious in a Flash Back during episode 10 that she was very close to giving him a Love Confession, after overhearing some girls talk about how he just barely seems to put up with her strange antics and stories, she decides to bury her feelings for him instead.
    • Usa certainly feels like one in episode 11 when Ritsu meets someone new who is also genuinely interested in reading (unlike him, who largely only does it to try to get closer to her). Made funnier by the fact that said friend is a girl, so he may also be wondering if they may be Schoolgirl Lesbians.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • Usa arrives home in episode 3 to a scene of Sayaka trying to grope and molest Mayumi, and Sumiko jumping on top of Shirosaki, at his behest. Mayumi then tells Usa to stop looking at her while Sayaka is trying to reveal her underwear, only to find out that he's not paying attention to any of them; rather he's looking at Ritsu who's balled up in the corner. Mayumi immediately hits him and tells him to pay attention to her.
      • Later in episode 3, Mayumi tells Sayaka to stop causing trouble by seducing and teasing men. The latter says they keep hitting on her even after she rejects them. Then asks the former if she has any tips on what to do about those types of guys, knowing full well Mayumi is the clingy type, which only irritates the former even more.
    • In episode 5, after Sayaka recalls what happened the night before with running into her ex-boyfriend again, who tried to make moves on her. Mayumi then says that men can't ever seem to get over their ex, even after the latter has gotten over them. Every other character aside from Sumiko immediately think to themselves about how she herself is in that same boat, and has smug smiles on their faces. She later compares it to a computer program, and how men save women in different folders, while women overwrite theirs instead of adding. She gets mocked about it as a result by the other residents as they conclude this must be why she keeps going back to the same Jerk Ass guys.
    • In episode 10, Mayumi mentions doing childish things such as making shiny mud balls every now and then isn't a bad idea, referring to Ritsu wanting to take part in it. The latter then points out Mayumi is the oldest one there doing it. Ironically she keeps screwing them up, mostly by trying too hard, causing Shirosaki to crack a joke at her about how her relationships usually work out the same way.
  • Ignore the Fanservice:
    • Played straight with Usa towards Mayumi. This sometimes gets her really angry or depressed because of the fact that he's deliberately ignoring her.
    • Averted towards Ritsu. Usa is usually attentive towards anything she does even if it's not remotely sexual, such as when turns red after being teased by Sayaka about her inexperience with people. This again gets Mayumi worked up because of their tendency to have innocent high school student experiences towards the other sex, usually by blushing or acting bashfully around them.
  • Imagine Spot: Usa has one in episode 12 of Ritsu being assaulted by an overly aggressive guy who strongly resembles him. Mayumi and Shirosaki then point out that said guy looks a lot like Usa, and he states he can't imagine another guy with Ritsu. And in an odd sense of prophecy, she does in fact experience something very similar, though Mayumi's phone (which was Usa calling because he doesn't have Ritsu's number on his phone) calling her becomes a helpful Moment Killer.
  • Indirect Kiss: In episode 5, Usa "blocks" a kiss attempt by Sayaka towards Ritsu, though in the process Ritsu "kisses" his arm. When he tries to look for her moments later, he looks at his arm, and immediately tries to "kiss" it as well, before being interrupted by Sumiko.
  • Insane Troll Logic: After seeing Mayumi sitting on Shirosaki's shoulders again in episode 9, Usa wonders why she does that. She tells him that she likes being up there so she can look down on people and feel better about herself. After Sayaka cracks a joke at the former's expense, Mayumi then climbs onto the roof to get even higher.
  • Insecure Love Interest: Ritsu once Hayashi, Usa's female middle school friend, shows up at the cafe in episode 10. Though it's subtle, when Ritsu first hears that Hayashi is back, the camera focuses on her briefly. A few moments later, when Usa mentions Hayashi visiting more often, as well as her being an avid reader in middle school, Ritsu's face goes from happy to sad almost instantly. This may be why she brushes off any notion that Usa is interested in her when Chinatsu shows up and questions her about it.
  • It Amused Me: When Mayumi tells Usa to snap out of his slump, she correctly guesses it's because Ritsu got mad at him. He then asks her that if she knew that already, why didn't she tell him. Mayumi responds essentially with this, finding how persistent he was interesting.
  • Likes Older Women: Usa's friend calls him in episode 9, inquiring about Mayumi after seeing her at the restaurant in the previous episode. He tries to warn his friend that she's bad news, but the friend shows up at the end of the episode anyway. Mayumi teases him a bit before Usa drags him out of there then informs her that his friend is probably fifteen years old. She's immediately turned off by that age difference.
  • Lolicon:
    • Shirosaki is suspected of being one, due to his tendency to watch a local grade school. And then in episode 6, a little girl comes over everyday to watch him work on a project and even gives him a Love Confession. Fortunately he says he's only interested in women that are 18 or older, though his behavior would say otherwise.
    • In episode 10, Chinatsu asks what Ritsu would do if the former started to date Usa. She answers that she would call the cops on him. Chinatsu then asks what if he started to date Mayumi, prompting Ritsu to say she'd call the cops on Mayumi.
  • Loners Are Freaks:
    • One of Usa's friends assumes Ritsu is this because she's always by herself and reading in the library. Usa tries to break out her out of this in episode 4, after Sayaka says he should be there for her, but it only seems to push Ritsu away more. Ritsu later claims she doesn't mind being alone, but Usa realizes she's not being entirely truthful about it either.
    • In general, the residents of the Kawai complex are suffering from this trope as well, though they handle it in various ways.
  • Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Mayumi, to the point that everyone in Kawaisou calls it a fetish.
  • Love at First Sight:
    • Usa imagines having a regular ideal high school life with a decent girlfriend, and mentions someone like Ritsu when he first lays eyes on her.
    • Hayashi seems to fall in love with one of Usa's coworkers in episode 10 after he says some nice things to her to cheer her up.
  • Male Gaze: Used on Mayumi quite a bit, with the camera focusing particularly on her breasts from time to time.
  • Marshmallow Hell: Mayumi subjects Usa to this in episode 8 to help him not look so pathetic to a group of high schoolers making fun of him at the cafe he's working at. Sayaka also teases him a bit as well to help out. It works wonderfully as the three guys suddenly get distracted by the two women.
  • Mega Nekko: Mayumi.
  • Mega Ton Punch: Shirosaki receives one from Mayumi in episode 10 after he casually asks if she wants Chinatsu to mention how she feels about relationships.
  • Mistaken for Gay: At the end of episode 9, after Usa pushes his friend Tagami out when the latter tries to ask out Mayumi, he mentions his friend being hairy down there in response to one of Mayumi's comments. Sayaka then asks him why he knows his friend his hairy down there, and wonders if he's the bottom in a gay relationship.
  • Moment Killer:
    • Mayumi does this to Usa in episode 5 when Ritsu asks him where he's at in the book she loaned him. He mentions about halfway through chapter four, then immediately gets kicked by Mayumi into the courtyard. They engage in some Ham-to-Ham Combat shortly afterwards, where Mayumi states she won't let him be happy in a relationship until she's happy in one.
    • A phone call from Mayumi interrupts one that Ritsu uncomfortably found herself in during episode 12.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Mayumi. She's often seen in her sleepwear when at the Kawai dorms, which shows her figure off rather well.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Hayashi letting her friends mock Usa at the cafe in episode 8. Due to peer pressure, she doesn't really defend him, and it's only due to the timely arrival of Ritsu, and later Mayumi and Sayaka that saves him from further ridicule. In episode 10 she shows up again, but is unsure how to approach and apologize to him for that incident, but Shirosaki provides her with some advice on it.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero:
    • In episode 2, while watching a horror movie, Ritsu, who isn't a fan of them, gets suckered into staying in the room to watch it after Mayumi scares her about walking back to her room in the dark. Usa tries to support her throughout the movie, but the moment she starts watching it at his suggestion, something really scary happens. She buries her face and refuses to move, and feels a little betrayed by him as a result.
    • In episode 6, after they find out that Chinatsu had a fight with her friends because she had a lot on her mind and accidentally lashed out at her friend, Ritsu tells her that sometimes telling a friend they hate something their friend likes really hurts them. She immediately realizes her mistake, and is seen later having made up with them.
    • Usa tells Ritsu in episode 12 she should talk to her newfound friend about the mixer event. She tries to, but the friend then reveals that the guy at the karaoke bar saw Ritsu from a picture that girl took of them. She lashes out at her about it, and later seems to regret it after said friend makes up with some older friends and essentially says that Ritsu was a loner. Mayumi and the others at the Kawai dorm later try to reassure her, telling her that since the two didn't "click" on a certain level, they would have parted ways sooner or later anyway.
  • Nose Bleed: Usa's fried Tagami suffers a brief one in episode 9 when he sees Mayumi in a skimpy outfit.
  • Not So Above It All:
    • Ritsu, who tries to appear as The Stoic, sees Usa, Shirosaki, and Mayumi having fun with bubbles. When Usa tries to invite her, she claims she's not interested. She leaves, then comes back immediately with some slippers and sits nearby, claiming that the weather is nice. However, it's obvious to the others that she wants to join in, so they ask her again, and this time she agrees to take part.
    • In episode 5, during a water gun fight, Mayumi is wearing just a thin t-shirt and shorts. Ritsu, on the other hand, is decked out in a raincoat, and has a huge water gun compared to the pistols the others were using.
    • In episode 10, when Shirosaki mentions making some mud balls with Chinatsu to help her with a class project, Ritsu begins fidgeting uncontrollably. Mayumi then thinks to herself that she seems to enjoy these sorts of things more than she lets on.
  • Not So Different: Sayaka turns out to have done some fairly embarrassing things in her past as well, as revealed by an old middle school friend of hers in episode 11, such as being locked up in a shed by other students, and breaking out of it with a bat embedded with nails.
  • Not What It Looks Like:
    • In episode 2, Mayumi is sitting on top of Shirosaki's back, and is trying to press him down towards Usa, who's lying underneath. When Sumiko comes into the room, she just stares at them for a moment, before Usa tells her to stop just watching it. Turns out the former was trying to get them to watch a horror movie with her, but jumped on them when she saw them just playing a game of Othello, and kind of jumped on top of Shirosaki for the heck of it.
    • Shirosaki gets a call from the police in episode 6. The others immediately assume he's going to get arrested for something. But it turns out he found a girl's wallet and turned it into the police. Despite not wanting a reward, Chinatsu, the girl the wallet belonged to, and her mother go to the Kawai complex to thank him personally for finding it for them.
  • Oblivious to Love: Ritsu towards Usa. While it's heavily hinted that she does have feelings for him, she constantly tries to bury them anytime someone tries to point out that he likes her, such as mentioning he's used to taking care of people with weird habits. Chinatsu practically does a Face Palm, along with Mayumi and Shirosaki when Ritsu is vehemently denying this in episode 10.
  • Oh, Crap: A few are seen in throughout the show:
    • Usa in the first episode after Shirosaki tells him he stepped into the girl's area, then turns around to see Ritsu about to smack him with a bamboo stick.
    • Usa has this look when an angry guy is about to hit him because Sayaka lied about her relationship with him.
    • Sayaka has this look as well when Sumiko gives her a second warning about causing trouble in her apartment after she teased him about Ritsu.
  • One of the Kids: All three of the adults living at the complex can be considered one, though Shirosaki and Mayumi probably do this the most. With the latter it's most obvious in episode 6 when she gets into an argument with a young girl.
  • Only One Name: Some of the characters are only known by one name such as Sumiko, Shirosaki, and Hayashi.
    • It took 41 chapters for Usa's full name to be revealed as Usa Kazunari.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • Played for Laughs in episode 4, when Mayumi says she doesn't want to drink alcohol or eat a lot. Everyone is shocked by the explanation, but it turns out she was cutting down on it due to a mixer her friend was throwing, which then got canceled after she broke up with him. So Mayumi reverted back to her old ways, and snatches Shirosaki's drink while smacking him at the same time.
    • Used for comedic purposes again in episode 9. Ritsu, who normally won't allow Usa or Shirosaki into the girl's side of the dorms, lets them in to help her and Mayumi deal with a centipede while Sumiko is away for business. Her behavior is so unusually nice that Usa wonders if he got poisoned by the centipede and was going to die soon.
  • Only Sane Man: Both Ritsu and Usa believe they are, but they've also shown from time to time that they're Not So Above It All when the other tenants do things together.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • Ritsu rejects Usa's offer to ride on the back of his bike in episode 3. It seems rather harsh at first, but even she realizes this, and later in the library she clarifies why she didn't want to ride, mostly because she likes to read while walking.
    • Mayumi and Sayaka do this for Usa in episode 8 after he was harshly mocked by a group of teenagers at the restaurant he started a job at.
  • The Plan: In episode 7, Sumiko's friend is looking for a part-time worker for her cafe. Though she wants Usa after seeing him direct the other residents at the restaurant, he refuses initially. Sumiko however, is Genre Savvy enough to put the cafe uniform on him at the Kawai apartment complex. She anticipates that he'd still refuse, but after Ritsu sees how handsome he looks in it, he reluctantly agrees to the job.
  • Precocious Crush: Chinatsu to Shirosaki.
  • Really Gets Around: Sayaka is quite The Tease, though this causes problems for the other characters as well, such as when an angry guy confronts her in front of the Kawai dorms in episode 3. She does tone it down as the series goes on, though it's probably because of Sumiko warning her not to bring such drama home with her.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Well, they're not dating per se, but Ritsu shares her contact information with Usa at the end of episode 12, and the scene is treated as if they were dating.
  • Relax-o-Vision: The centipede Ritsu finds in her room in episode 9. Instead of showing what it probably looks like, instead we're given a friendlier cartoonish image of one. Bonus points for having it wave and also say "hi". Used again when it shows up on Ritsu's back, and later when Sayaka takes care of it for them.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure:
    • The policeman who comes to investigate reports of a pervert looking at grade schoolers. When Shirosaki says that there's a hole in the fence, and that it's too tempting not to look in there, the former agrees with him. He also says he's only interested in legal aged girls, but then starts mentioning some perverted things too, causing the policeman to bring him back to the station while Usa runs off to avoid being associated with him.
    • Sumiko acts this way as well. She usually gives them a surprising amount of freedom to do whatever they want, such as Mayumi heavily drinking in her room, so long as it's not bringing trouble to her apartment or the other residents.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: A drunk Ritsu does this towards Sayaka and Usa in episode 12. She criticizes the former for treating her middle school friend somewhat badly, and the latter for being too much of a Nice Guy, especially to his female middle school friend, which she doesn't like.
  • Romantic False Lead: Hayashi towards Usa. Episode 10 makes it clear she did have some feelings for him back in middle school, but after overhearing some girls discuss some nasty rumors about her with him, she decides to let her feelings for him go. She later tells Mayumi and Sayaka she only goes for men that she would have a chance with, and tells them she's not interested in Usa. Nevertheless, Ritsu is still a little insecure when she hears about Hayashi going to the restaurant where Usa works everyday, and him mentioning his old friend liked to read books too.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Mayumi displays this look from time to time.
  • Scenery Censor: Played with in episode 11 with Sayaka, though it's not her naughty bits, but rather just her face. An old middle school friend describes Sayaka breaking out of a shed that other students threw her in, and reveals how the latter escaped with a baseball bat embedded with nails. As the camera pans up to Sayaka's face, the present-day Sayaka throws her arm up just in time to block the view. Usa later gets a very good look at her face without makeup. While it's not visible to viewers, judging from his reaction, she must look quite scary without makeup on.
  • Scooby Stack: One is seen at the beginning of episode 6 when they're spying on Chinatsu, a young girl, talking to Shirosaki.
  • Schmuck Bait: In episode 7, after Usa scolds Ritsu for not paying enough attention to her surroundings due to being unable to do anything when a molester attacks her, she goes into the girl's section of the dorms. She then motions for him to come over, and he sees that she's also holding a shinai, or wooden kendo stick. Even though he knows better than to go over there, her constant motioning makes him cross the line, and she unsurprisingly hits him. Mayumi then says he's a masochist.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Ritsu is completely oblivious to the fact that Usa is attracted her. She simply thinks that he is just being nice to her. Even when a nine year old girl points it out to her.
  • Serious Business: The girl's portion of the hostel is strictly forbidden for men to enter, as Usa finds out when he accidentally steps across it. To further enforce it, Sumiko also leaves around various items the girls can use to hit the guys with if they cross the line.
  • Share the Male Pain: When Sayaka recounts taking the heel of a shoe to the crotch of a pushy ex boyfriend, there is a brief cut of Usa and Shirosaki reacting by doubling over (Shirosaki doesn't even look like he's enjoying pain for once).
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Ritsu looks stunning in the traditional outfit Sumiko puts her in during episode 8. So much so that when she interrupts a group of high schoolers mocking Usa as he attempts to get their order at the cafe he's working at, they all stop and gawk at her for a while.
    • Hayashi as well, as she was rather plain middle school.
    • Sayaka it's pretty much stated that she invoked this.
    • When one of her old friends shows up, Sayaka also dolls her friend up as well, to the point that Usa didn't recognize her anymore.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • Sumiko, who while she doesn't speak of it seems to pick up the interplay between Usa and Ritsu from day one, and subtly gives approval and support by doing things such as sending them to take down drapes together in episode 2.
    • Sayaka arguably seems to be doing it as well, but for her it seems to be more because of It Amused Me rather than genuine interest in hooking them up.
    • Chinatsu flat out tells Ritsu that Usa likes her from what she's observed, but Ritsu tries to pull a He Is Not My Boyfriend and claim he's not interested in her. Both Mayumi and Shirosaki are utterly shocked at how much she seems to be avoiding that subject.
  • Shout-Out: In episode 9 of the anime, several of the female characters perform an extreme over-the-shoulder held tilt very reminiscent of the pose often used by female characters in anime by the animation house SHAFT. Considering that the most contemporary SHAFT series, Nisekoi, had ended the week prior this was likely a farewell salute.
  • "Silly Me" Gesture:
    • Sayaka does one in the ending.
    • Chinatsu does one at the end of episode 10, after Usa comes home from work to find Ritsu much more irritated than usual due to Chinatsu asking a lot of personal questions regarding him.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Usa only has eyes for Ritsu.
  • Spit Take:
    • Usa does one after Mayumi says she'll allow him to grope her breasts as thanks for catching her and Ritsu when they fell off some stairs.
    • In episode 5, Mayumi, getting irritated at the awkward silence during dinner time after yet another embarrassing situation between Usa and Ritsu, says they need to make out or something. Both Ritsu and Usa do this simultaneously. She then says she's a little jealous at watching how innocent they are, and wants them to get "tainted" the same way she and Sayaka are with men.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Usa. Quite evident in episode 4, and in episode 7 he even mentions he's no better than the molester that's currently terrorizing women in the area.
  • Super-Deformed: Happens on a regular basis, both in the credits and in the show.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    • In the first episode, Usa claims he wasn't trying to sneak a peek at Ritsu or see what room she lives while in the courtyard when Sumiko calls him for tea.
    • Mayumi also claims she's over her ex-boyfriend in episode 3 after he says he wants to get back with her. She says she's over him, but will humor him and see him, otherwise he won't leave her alone. But the way she says it sounds very suspicious to the others, and Ritsu says she has a big smile on her face when spotted in the hallway talking to him.
    • Usa, while hiding from view, thinks to himself that he's not following Ritsu or anything in episode 11 while she's walking home with a new friend, and claims they just happen to head home in the same direction.
  • Taken for Granite:
    • Usa does this after Sayaka hides behind him when an angry guy confronts her about their relationship. He tries to maintain his innocence, but is Genre Savvy enough to realize that the way she says they're living together in the same apartment only makes it worse.
    • Usa is afflicted again after Ritsu tells him to stop worrying about her being alone so much in episode 4. Even she realizes it was too harsh and tries to apologize, but he's still stuck in shock. Hilariously he then falls over, making the sound of a stone statue being toppled.
  • Take Off Your Clothes: Happens to Usa in episode 7, when Sumiko and her friend strip him into the cafe uniform. Despite having rejected the offer the previous night, and protesting it again, when Ritsu is taken aback by how he looks in it, he reluctantly agrees to take the job.
  • Taking the Bullet: Well, it's not a bullet, but Ritsu accidentally spills some hot water in a thermos in episode 9 after being freaked out by a centipede. Usa grabs and moves her just enough so that the water hits his arm instead of her. She later realizes that his arm was burnt because of her, and applies a cold pack to it.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Usa wants to have a regular high school life, since he apparently had a terrible middle school experience. Unfortunately he ends up living next door to a pervert, and his dreams for that are immediately extinguished. Made worse for him by the fact that the only thing separating their room is a thin removable wall.
    • Also in the first episode, as he passes by a grade school, Usa mentions hoping that he doesn't run into any weirdos. Then he sees Shirosaki peering through a hole in the fence into the school. The latter also calling out his name only freaks Usa out more as he hasn't been formally introduced yet at that point.
    • In episode 6, Shirosaki finds a wallet and turns it into the police. Though he didn't want a reward, the girl who owned the wallet, and her mother, came over to thank him. The girl later catches him making something, and he tells her it won't be finished for some time, but if she wants she can come over. He then tells Usa she probably won't be back because she'll be too busy with friends, only to have the girl then show back up later.
    • Sumiko's friend who runs a cafe says she needs someone to help her in episode 7. She then laments that she may not be able to find anyone who can handle weirdos. Then they see Usa trying to get everyone to order some food while they're all doing something else.
    • In episode 8, Mayumi laments that her friends set up a group date, but didn't tell her about it. Usa talks about it, prompting Mayumi to ask if he's got a group date. He denies it, then thinks to himself that if he was, he certainly wouldn't tell her about it. Then his phone rings, and his buddy on the phone asks quite loudly on the phone if he wants to go on a group date.
    • In episode 11, Sayaka is once again picking on Usa regarding Ritsu. He wishes that he could find out one of Sayaka's weaknesses, but doesn't know much about her. Then one of Sayaka's old middle school friends show up at the door, and later reveals one to him, that she's scared of rabbits.
  • That Came Out Wrong: When Ritsu says she wouldn't mind doing it again, Usa immediately has some dirty thoughts about the way she said it. Both Shirosaki and Mayumi then tease him about it, and after Ritsu realizes what she said did sound wrong, she gives Usa an Armor-Piercing Slap for thinking about it that way.
  • The Kanrinin: Ms. Sumiko.
  • The Tease: Sayaka likes to do this a lot. Mayumi even tells Usa that she likes to toy with men's hearts when she really has no interest in them whatsoever.
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
    • Usa in episode 3 when Sayaka hides behind him after a Crazy Jealous Guy confronts them. When she makes it sound like the two are dating, it only makes him angrier.
    • In episode 8, after Mayumi complains about not being invited to a group date, Usa gets a call from his friend inviting him to one. Unfortunately he was loud enough on the phone that everyone near Usa heard it, including Mayumi. Usa then casually tells his friend that the devil is behind him and he has to hang up while a hilariously sinister looking Mayumi lurks behind him, and then takes his phone to read the texts his friend sent him about the date.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Shirosaki really enjoys it when the girls punish him. In one example, Sumiko asks him if he could go buy some fish for dinner. He then says she needs to be more abusive. She remembers, then tells him to go buy fish while insulting him. He then agrees to it.
  • Troll: Sayaka likes to do this to people, messing with their feelings, and in Usa's case, watching him suffer as he tries to be more friendly and open towards Ritsu such as in episode 4.
  • True Companions: Ritsu, Mayumi, and Sayaka all rescue Usa from a group of high schoolers who are on a group date, and also making fun of him for working there. Despite the constant bickering they usually do, they all work together to pull him out of the mess he got dragged into.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: While they're not dating, in episode 3 Ritsu shows she can have this streak in her after she throws one of her books at a guy who was about to punch Usa out of misaimed jealousy towards Sayaka. She claims he was just in her way into the apartment, but he appreciates the help.
  • We Need a Distraction: When Ritsu's new friend in episode 11 says she wants to visit where Ritsu lives, Usa overhears it, and is Genre Savvy enough to get the other residents out of there before the new friend meets them and sees how crazy they are. He gets Mayumi and Sayaka to leave by claiming he saw a location where unmarried doctors were gathering, and gets Shirosaki out of the picture by saying he suddenly feels like tying someone up in his room.
  • Wham Line: A little girl gives a Love Confession to Shirosaki at the start of episode 6. The other characters, who were observing nearby, are understandably shocked.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • At the end of episode 3, Sayaka tells Usa that he should be more proactive and aggressive in trying to befriend Ritsu. He tries this out in episode 4, only for Ritsu to get really mad at him for trying too hard.
    • Mayumi gets into an argument with a little girl in episode 6, causing the latter to run off crying. Sayaka really enjoys rubbing this in on her as a result.
    • In episode 8, Hayashi, a girl that Usa went to middle school with, and was also one of the big reasons he earned his weird nickname "Freak show", throws Usa under the bus when the group she comes into his cafe with mocks him. While Hayashi doesn't criticize him directly, she also lies about their relationship, making it look like Usa was the one who had all the weird stuff to talk about to her instead of the other way around, as seen in his Flash Back. She does apologize to him for putting up with her and for her not defending him at all in episode 10, though he more or less forgives her for it thanks to Ritsu's intervention.
  • When She Smiles:
    • Ritsu at first appears to be an Emotionless Girl, but Shirosaki says she does display emotions too. Usa gets to see this at the end of the first episode after having broken Ritsu and Mayumi's fall with his face.
    • In episode 5, Ritsu notices Usa reading one of her latest books. He then says because she's usually influenced by her books, he was curious to see if this book was the reason why, and found it interesting and funny. They chat for a small while, then Ritsu allows him to borrow the book. As she's walking by Mayumi and Shirosaki, both of them notice the big genuine smile on her face as she walks away.
    • Ritsu again in episode 12 after exchanging contact information with Usa on their phones.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?:
    • In episode 9, while Ritsu is reading a book in her bed, a large centipede falls onto it. She's so freaked out by it that she ends waking up Mayumi, Usa, and Shirosaki to help her deal with it. Naturally it escapes, and later falls onto the back of Ritsu's t-shirt.
    • In episode 11, Sayaka in almost the exact situation, only it was a rabbit and Usa was by himself. She threatens to make him cry if he ever revealed this weakness to Mayumi, but Usa is already in tears due to seeing Sayaka without makeup on and probably already fearing for his life knowing what she could do.
  • Wisdom from the Gutter: Mayumi and Shirosaki, despite their own issues, can sometimes pass along meaningful advice to Usa and Ritsu, such as when Shirosaki notices Ritsu and Usa suffering a Heroic BSOD in episode 4 after she berated him for his recent behavior and tries to tell her he didn't mean any harm by it.
  • Writer's Block: Shirosaki is revealed by Sumiko to be an author in episode 5. He verifies it, but says he's not writing at the moment because he's hit a slump.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Sayaka throws Usa under the bus when a Crazy Jealous Guy angrily confronts her regarding their relationship. She makes it sound like she's dating Usa, while he tries to maintain his innocence in it, and the other guy's anger understandably gets thrown on Usa instead.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Chinatsu, a little girl that shows up in episode 6, turns out to have some issues with her classmates after she seemed mean to one of them. However, the residents of the Kawai complex help her out with it, and they make up by the end of the episode, with some help from Shirosaki's Pythagoras Switch, or "Rube Goldberg machine".

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