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"Freaky Friday" Flip
aka: Body Swap

Body Switch Movie:
The brain of one character somehow finds itself in the body of another. Requires actors to confront an actor's nightmare, i.e., acting as if they were another actor.

The most benign subtrope of Body Snatcher: two or more characters swap bodies (or, equally, swap minds) by some form of magic or Applied Phlebotinum. Typically, a deeper appreciation of the other's life is attained. Named for a novel and movie about a body swap between a mother and her daughter.

To be really convincing, the actors may have to mimic the body language and speech patterns of the actor they are supposed to have switched with - ie, an older person using very modern language and slouching. This is doubly complicated if they are trying to imperfectly pretend they are the other person.

When this plot is done in animation, usually the voices also switch as narrative cheat to help younger viewers keep track of who's who. More subtly, it's just the eyes. More serious/action-oriented shows might not do this. The Flip often involves characters of different ages, genders, races, or social classes. Another variation is a protagonist and antagonist switching, which usually involves each trying to undermine the other's organization while simultaneously trying to switch back. Alternatively it may lead to a Heel-Face Turn. If one or both of the characters have superpowers or other special abilities, they'll have a lot of trouble figuring their new powers out.

A similar idea, with less learning and more evil, is Grand Theft Me. Compare Personality Swap, when the characters' personalities are swapped but their minds stay where they are meant to be. It will often involve similar tropes to transformation stories (such as Gender Bender) as this is essentially two of these in one, with the addition of confusion resulting from the transformations being into other known characters.note 

In the more traditional applications of the trope, the reason of the switch is never explained in-universe. However, the Doylist reason for any application is often to force the age-old moral: To better understand others, you must experience life in their shoes.

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    Films — Animation 
  • Happens to Donkey and Puss-n-Boots in Shrek the Third.



    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • The Mind Switch and True Mind Switch spells. While Mind Switch is only semi-permanent, True Mind Switch is completely permanent and can only be undone by another True Mind Switch.
    • Before this, 2nd edition had the "Switch Personality" telepathic science from The Complete Psionic Handbook. It allows the psionicist to switch mind with another creature, but any prolonged use is dangerous, as both bodies tend to degrade when inhabited by the wrong mind.
    • The Complete Book of Necromancers also introduced the "Life Force Exchange" spell, which is permanent and can be used on any two creatures (including or not the caster). It is one of two powerful spells allowing aged necromancers to abandon their old body for a new, younger and stronger one.

    Web Original 

    Real Life 
  • Scientists have found that by syncing a pair of VR goggles on one person's head with a set of cameras on a mannequin or another person's head, the brain is fooled into believing that they are in the body of the mannequin or the other person. Again, no, seriously.

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