Extreme Omnivore
aka: Iron Stomach

Matter-Eater Lad doing what he does best.

"If it looks good, eat it. And it all looks good to me."
Andrew, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

The Extreme Omnivore will eat just about anything out of hunger or curiosity, so long as it looks like food. And sometimes even when it clearly doesn't. They don't fear the Lethal Chef, and you will never hear them say I Ate WHAT?!

There are two versions of this trope:

1. Unpicky Eater: The milder of the two and can apply to ordinary unpowered individuals. This character is willing to eat things that may be perfectly nutritious, but are either considered unhygienic (e.g., it fell on the floor, or another character has been eating it, or it's expired and/or spoiled), or taboo (e.g., insects, horseflesh) in that character's society. He may be indifferent to, or ignorant of, the social conventions that keep most people from eating those things, or he might be from another culture or species where such things are accepted. Often they have a Bizarre Taste in Food. This version can exist in real life.

2. Can Eat Anything: For super powered individuals there may be overlap with type one via Personality Powers. They can and will eat anything, even things that would make a person gravely sick if they consumed them in real life. Rocks, sticks, dirt, metal... nothing is too tough for this character to eat, and they can digest it with few ill effects. They can digest completely inedible items and may either have strong enough teeth to bite through said material or stomach acid that can digest it as a Required Secondary Power. Their stomach may also be able to hold an excessive amount of food. If a video game character, they are likely to be able to consume their foes whether living or not.

Both versions may also be open to the idea of cannibalism when the opportunity presents itself.

Please note that instances of someone being forced to eat something disgusting or inappropriate isn't Extreme Omnivorosity. Likewise for unintentional ingestion. A true Extreme Omnivore has a long-term pattern of eating everything knowingly, willingly, and usually cheerfully.

Compare Paste Eater. Horde of Alien Locusts can be an entire species of this. Extreme Omni-Goat is a subtrope where this applies to goats. A character like this is likely to be a Big Eater, though a Big Eater generally restricts themselves to things ordinarily considered food. Compare Extreme Omnisexual.

Don't Try This at Home, seriously. People have died trying to eat things not meant for human consumption.

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  • For a few McDonald's commercials, Ronald McDonald and the McDonaldland gang knew a diminutive monster named Bernice who tended to eat anything. For one ongoing series of commercials, she ate a movie script that Ronald needed, and Ronald had to use things like an X-ray and a flashlight on her to find out what the script said. (In the second case, she ate the flashlight.)
  • Played with in a Canadian commercial for Tim Horton's. A group of Big Eater types are talking about their gastronomical adventures. One subverts the game by telling the group about a nice bowl of chicken stew he ate..."And then I ate the bowl!" The ad is for Timmie's stew in a bowl made of bread.
  • Remember the Nickelodeon Egg And Spoon Vanity Plate? The egg monster turns to the viewer and eats the camera like its nothing more than pie.

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    Newspaper Comics 
  • Garfield fits this.
    • He'll eat anything that's edible, including things like chocolate that would kill a real cat. Although even he has his limits - he hates raisins, and Jon's cooking at times. He also refuses to eat mice, much to Jon's disappointment.
    • He's eaten a few inedible objects too, although in most cases it's by accident because he's shovelling down his food so fast he doesn't realize until it's too late. Deliberate examples include swallowing the TV remote to keep Jon from getting it, and eating Jon's wallet because it was made from cowhide.
  • Get Fuzzy: Satchel is one; he has eaten seat cushions, candles, and the remote for the TV.

    • The Spikit. It has been known to tear parts off people's cars and eat them.
    • The Kinloka Rat. It can and will eat anything and everything.

Alternative Title(s): Iron Stomach, Unpicky Eater, Can Eat Anything