Extreme Omnivore / Web Comics

  • In Sluggy Freelance, one of the incarnations that the ever-evolving alien Aylee has gone through is a flying, fire-breathing, dragon-like Extreme Omnivore. The only thing she wouldn't eat was tofu.
  • The Order of the Stick's Monster in the Darkness eats pretty much everything, except babies.
  • Sergeant Schlock from Schlock Mercenary. He can eat anything that fails to eat him first, and on one occasion, involving giant carnivorous flowers, even that didn't work because as a Blob Monster, he could put his secretory bits on the outside and literally digest his way out. He has eaten concentrated solvent. Swallowing his enemies whole is his default combat strategy when he isn't using a plasgun, and when he IS using a plasgun, he generally eats the ashes afterwards. About the only thing he can't eat is military-level nanomachines — but even nanobot swarms with AI don't survive long enough to become weaponized if already weren't.
    • His team needed to explain to him omnivorous didn't mean "omnivorous like a forest fire".
      • Another character later defined him as a "Mundivore" (latin for world eater).
    • To clarify, when Schlock accidentally ate something infected with military immortality nanobots he spat it out before a conclusion was reached, but his digestion seemed to be winning. On another occasion, he ate tissues that tried to plate his insides with aluminum, and just considered the process tingly. He has even stated that he likes the tingly process of eating hostile nanotech, on the grounds that "food that fights back builds character".
    • Elizabeth, another very large non-human soldier in Schlock's outfit, is described as having "a G-I tract like a municipal water treatment plant" after unintentionally swallowing several volleyballs during a game.
  • Not from the comic itself, but Brian Clevinger (author of 8-Bit Theater) regularly makes his newsposts the latest episode of What Did Charlie Eat, starring his Extreme Omnivore cat. At the time of writing, the latest update was "iPhone earplugs".
  • Girl Genius Jägers seem to fall under this, as illustrated here.
    • Moloch von Zinzer probably also qualifies, at least when it comes to beverages. His taste in drinks and associated iron stomach is actually something of a running joke among the fanbase, leading to, among other things, him being pegged as 'most likely to accidently Jaegerize himself'.
  • The Wayward Vagabond will eat anything, as long as it's green (or has been green at some point in time). This includes a pumpkin, a potted plant, several pieces of chalk, and a chunk of uranium.
    • He also learns proper human etiquette by eating a book on it (though to be fair, he reads each page before eating it).
    • Terezi is a synesthete who smells and tastes colors. Her favorite flavor is bright red. This apparently extends to chalk.
  • Weesh, of the eponymous comic Weesh, who isn't human.
    Weesh: Mm. This blue mayonnaise you've got is delicious.
    Boy: Blue mayo? ...That's dishwasher soap.
    Weesh: Ah. I wondered why it was under the sink.
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
    • Warp-Aci will "eat" anything smaller than them... which becomes a real problem if they grow. It helps that they have no actual digestive system — anything they 'eat' is simply teleported somewhere random.
    • Also, Abel once ate a pillow. In his defense, he was having a dream about giant marshmallows.
  • Tanked from Bear Nuts. Constantly in such an altered state, he'll (at least try) to eat anything he can fit in his mouth.
  • In Freefall Sam Starfall is apparently pretty tough in this department. Probably makes up for his general weakness in nearly every other one.
  • Casey and Andy's Planet Devourer can eat just about anything...given enough time.
  • According to Bug, the typical office worker would eat almost everything.
  • In Rusty and Co.:
    • As long as it's metal, Rusty will want to eat it. At least he (usually) asks first...
    • Gelatinous Cube will eat anything organic. The bones just take a little longer.
  • Llewellyn in Ozy and Millie, being a dragon, has been known to drink gasoline and lighter fluid, and once claimed to have eaten Joe McCarthy's car. While Aunt Tulip ate an entire bus at the family reunion.
  • The Lattroxx from Vexxarr have this as their hat. They eat every race they conquer, robots and each other: In their language, a hospital is the same thing as a food-production facility.
  • In Skin Deep, manticores are capable of this, having among other things magically augmented teeth.
    Ike: Look, I am capable of fixing your keyboard or eating it. Guess which I'm closer to doing?
  • Unity of Skin Horse has been known to eat furniture and poison sufficient to destroy an ecosystem. It's not known whether she has any actual metabolism, being a swarm of nanobots animating a corpse
  • Bloody Urban gives us Shannon, whose current canon toll includes sheep, human hearts, corpses, a pizza covered in corpse parts, a whole vending machine full of candy, an Apple iPad and one of his childhood classmates.
  • In tinyraygun, there's Doppler, a newly hatched alien that responds to having a gun pointed at it by snatching it with its tongue and crunching it down.
  • Jane Doe of Nobody Scores!. Actually played about as realistically as you could expect, for a Negative Continuity Gag A Day strip: she apparently gets her stomach pumped a lot. By age eight, she has had at least fifteen pumpings, the latest (at the time) being a can opener. This didn't stop in childhood either, sometimes propagated by Jane to the rest of the cast. On occasion, it even results in death.