Your show has been a smash success! You're on your 5th or 6th season and your star decides he's had enough ... and decides to end the series. But you don't want to end just yet! Maybe the producers want to milk the cash cow a little longer. Maybe you can create ... an After Show.

An After Show is a very specific combination of Spinoff and ReTool. It is a clear attempt to extend the life of a show by renaming it. To be an After Show, it must 1) come after the end of the original series, and 2) star as regular cast members at least one member who could have been considered a star on the original, or feature the same setting as the original show. For example ... The Ropers is just a spin-off of Three's Company, but Three's a Crowd is an After Show.

The best way to illustrate an After Show is if it can be placed in this statement.... ________ is an attempt to do _______ without ___________ .

Named after the show AfterMASH, one of the most famous After Shows ever.

If, after the star leaves, the execs decide to carry on under the same brand, then said brand has instituted Final Season Casting. Also compare Post Script Season, which occurs when a series with season-long arcs gets Un-Cancelled, whereas this variant applies primarily to shows that are Episodic in nature.

Compare From the Ashes. See also Revival, which is similar to this trope but tends to come much later after the end of the original show. A subtrope of Sequel Series. Not to be confused with the sort of aftershow that airs directly after each episode with discussion (eg. Talking Dead).