Your show has been a smash success! You're on your 5th or 6th season and your star decides he's had enough ... and decides to end the series. But you don't want to end just yet! Maybe the producers want to milk the cash cow a little longer. Maybe you can create ... an After Show.

An After Show is a very specific combination of {{Spinoff}} and {{ReTool}}. It is a clear attempt to extend the life of a show by renaming it. To be an After Show, it must 1) come after the end of the original series, and 2) star as regular cast members at least one member who could have been considered a star on the original, or feature the same setting as the original show. For example ... ''Series/TheRopers'' is just a spin-off of ''Series/ThreesCompany'', but ''Three's a Crowd'' is an After Show.

The best way to illustrate an After Show is if it can be placed in this statement.... ________ is an attempt to do _______ without ___________ .

Named after the show ''Series/AfterMASH'', one of the most (in)famous {{After Show}}s ever.

If, after the star leaves, the execs decide to carry on under the ''same'' brand, then said brand has instituted FinalSeasonCasting. Also compare PostScriptSeason, which occurs when a series with [[SeasonFluidity season-long]] [[MythArc arcs]] gets UnCancelled, whereas this variant applies primarily to shows that are Episodic in nature.

Compare FromTheAshes. See also {{Revival}}, which is similar to this trope but tends to come much later after the end of the original show. A subtrope of SequelSeries. Not to be confused with the [[NamesTheSame sort of aftershow]] that airs directly after each episode with discussion (eg. ''TalkingDead'').


* ''Series/TheAdventuresOfSuperpup'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheAdventuresOfSuperman'' without Superman (or ''humans'', for that matter).
* ''Series/ArchieBunkersPlace'' is an attempt to do ''Series/AllInTheFamily'' without the Family.
* ''Series/AfterMASH'' is an attempt to do ''Series/{{MASH}}'' without Hawkeye, BJ, Charles, Hot Lips, and war.
* ''Series/GoldenPalace'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheGoldenGirls'' without Dorothy.
* ''The Legacy Of Reginald Perrin'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheFallAndRiseOfReginaldPerrin'' without Reginald Perrin (due to ActorExistenceFailure).
* ''Series/MayberryRFD'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheAndyGriffithShow'' without Andy Griffith. This one was more successful than most other examples, lasting three seasons before succumbing to Creator/{{CBS}}' "[[UsefulNotes/TheRuralPurge Rural Purge]]".
* ''Pete and Gladys'' is an attempt to do ''December Bride'' without the December bride.
* ''So Random'' is an attempt to do ''Series/SonnyWithAChance'' without Sonny. Unusual in that ''So Random'' was originally a [[ShowWithinAShow sketch comedy that existed]] InUniverse, before becoming [[{{Defictionalization}} an actual show.]]
* ''The New WKRP In Cincinatti'' is an attempt to do ''Series/WKRPInCincinnati'' without the younger office workers.
* ''Ozzie's Girls'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheAdventuresOfOzzieAndHarriet'' without the Nelson Brothers.
* ''Series/{{Sanford}}'' is an attempt to do ''Series/SanfordAndSon'' without the Son.
* ''Sanford Arms'' is an attempt to do ''Series/SanfordAndSon'' without Sanford or Son.
* ''Three's a Crowd'' is an attempt to do ''Series/ThreesCompany'' without Janet and Terri/Crissy/Cindy.
** And [[TransatlanticEquivalent likewise]], ''Robin's Nest'' is an attempt to do ''Series/ManAboutTheHouse'' without Chrissy and Jo.
* ''Manga/{{Genshiken}} Nidaime'' is an attempt to do Genshiken with the male cast reduced to occasional cameo appearances.
* ''Grace and Favour'', known as ''Are You Being Served Again'' in the States, is an attempt to do ''Series/AreYouBeingServed'' without the department store (traded in for a bed and breakfast), Mr. Lucas or Mr. Spooner, or either of the elderly Grace Brothers the store was named for.
* ''It Sticks Out Half a Mile'' was a radio-show attempt at making ''Series/DadsArmy'' without Captain Mainwaring or most of the platoon. Actually, Arthur Lowe was supposed to voice his character in the show but he died after making one episode, so they built up John [=LeMesurier's=] Arthur Wilson as the main character. His death a year later effectively ended all work on the program.
* ''Series/{{Degrassi}}: The Next Generation'' is an attempt to do ''Series/DegrassiJuniorHigh'' and ''Series/DegrassiHigh'' without the original students except Snake, Spike, Caitlin, Joey, and Mr. Raditch (who was the principal in the first four seasons). The name was officially shortened around season 10, after Emma, Manny, Spinner, Liberty, and Jay left, though its still the same show.
** ''Degrassi: Next Class'' is an attempt to do ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'' without Clare, Eli, Alli, or Drew.
* Likewise, ''Series/SavedByTheBell'': The New Class is an all new group of students attending Bayside High.
* ''Series/FernwoodTonight'' is an attempt to do ''Series/MaryHartmanMaryHartman'' without Mary [[RecycledInSpace as a talk show]].
* ''Series/CoryInTheHouse'' is an attempt to do ''Series/ThatsSoRaven'' without Raven, Chelsie, Eddie, and Mrs. Baxter.
* ''The Suite Life on Deck'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody'' without Arwin, Carey and Maddie, though they have made appearances from time to time,
* ''Series/{{Newhart}}'' was at one point to have been an After Show to ''Series/TheBobNewhartShow'', with Suzanne Pleshette again being Bob's wife Emily, with them running the Inn. However, when you consider [[AllJustADream how the show ended]]...
* ''What's Happening Now'' is ''Series/WhatsHappening'' with all the characters grown up one now married and without Mrs Thomas.
* ''Jonas L.A.'' is an attempt to do ''Series/{{Jonas}}'' without their parents and Arizona setting.
* ''Wall Street Week with Fortune'' is an attempt to do ''Wall Street Week'' without Louis Rukeyser.
* ''Series/MajorCrimes'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheCloser'' without Kyra Sedgwick or J.K. Simmons.
* ''Series/TheGeorgeBurnsShow'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheBurnsAndAllenShow'' without Gracie Allen.
* ''Kate Plus 8'' is an attempt to do ''Series/JonAndKatePlusEight'' without Jon.
* ''Solo One'' is an attempt to do ''MatlockPolice'' without the main cast.
* ''McMillan'' is an attempt to do ''Series/McMillanAndWife'' without the wife.
* ''The Dumping Ground'' is an attempt to do ''Series/TheStoryOfTracyBeaker''/''Series/TracyBeakerReturns'' without Tracy Beaker.
* ''Series/{{Lewis}}'' is an attempt to do ''Series/InspectorMorse'' without Inspector Morse.
* ''Sabrina's Secret Life'' is an attempt to do ''WesternAnimation/SabrinaTheAnimatedSeries'' with the characters aged up by two years and without Gem, Chloe, Quigley, or Pi.
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' season nine, aka ''Scrubs: Med School'' is an attempt to do Scrubs without JD, Carla, The Janitor or Elliot.
** Oddly though, this one kind of plays with it because despite wanting to try doing the show without him the producers still had Zach Braff guest star for about half the episodes of the season (and Elliot for 4) which makes it seem like even ''they'' didn't have faith that the show could carry on without him. The main characters are medical students rather than interns this time with some of the original doctors as faculty/medical staff at the university.
* ''Series/StargateSG1'''s ninth and tenth seasons. The producers wanted to change the title to "Stargate Command" and do exactly this, but [[ExecutiveMeddling the network]] wanted the name power of SG-1. To use the above prescribed phrase, seasons 9 and 10 were an attempt to do SG-1 without Richard Dean Anderson.
* Rare movie version: ''Film/TheBourneLegacy'' is an attempt to do ''[[Film/TheBourneIdentity The Bourne Trilogy]]'' without Jason Bourne or almost any of the other important characters.
* ''Series/{{Joey}}'' was an attempt to do ''Series/{{Friends}}'' without...well everyone save Joey.
* Another Disney example: ''{{Series/Bunkd}}'' is ''{{Series/Jessie}}'' without Jessie, Luke (though he makes one guest appearance), and Bertram.
* ''Series/LabRatsEliteForce'' is an attempt to do ''Series/LabRats'' without Leo and Adam, and ''Series/MightyMed'' without any Mighty Med staff other than Kaz, Oliver, and Skylar (though that last one is justified since [[spoiler: Mighty Med itself is destroyed in the new show's premier]].
* ''Series/TheGoodFight'' is a continuation of ''Series/TheGoodWife'' minus Alicia Florrick, revolving around Diane Lockhart instead after she loses her retirement savings to a PonziScheme.
* ''The Series/{{Kidsongs}} Television Show'' that aired on Creator/{{PBS}} in 1994 was an attempt reviving the previously syndicated ''Kidsongs TV Show'' from 1987 without any of the original cast[[note]]It showed some of the same videos that were seen on the original show, so it counts.[[/note]]