Lets Get Dangerous: Fan Works

  • In The Wizard in the Shadows, at the final battle of the Black Gate, all seems lost. Harry, the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the Light ,is dead, the Sword of Gryffindor that allowed him to draw on impossible amounts of power is inert, and the forces of good are sorely outnumbered. Then Ginny — up until this point merely quite powerful — picks up the Sword and says a Little "No". The Sword responds. Cue three giant tornadoes of fire and a whole world of hurt being laid on Mordor's forces.
  • Rise of the Galeforces: Everyone. Just... everyone. Special mention goes to Violet in particular, since her finally being allowed to cut loose and demonstrate to the bad guys what she is truly capable of is pretty much the reason the fanfic itself manages to outlast all the hell it gets put through.
  • In the Tamers Forever Series Terriermon drops his goofy attitude right before opening up a can of whoop-ass on Daemon.
  • In the Pony POV Series Dark World timeline, Derpy Hooves has spent a thousand years cursed to walk around Discord's castle until she does it enough times to earn her children's freedom from their own curses, all while being constantly attacked by a murder of blackbirds that are trying to eat Dinky (who's been turned into a muffin). She does this without a single complaint, staying focused on her task... until Twilight and the other redeemed Elements of Harmony convince her to help fight against Discord in order to save Dinky and Sparkler without abiding by Discord's fixed rules. Derpy then proceeds to prove her worth as the new Element of Loyalty by helping to fight the blackbirds, playing a key role in defeating them.
    • She does it again in the fight against the Valeyard. She spends most of the fight holding back due to the Valeyard being a Discorded Doctor, but when he eventually pushes her too far and she finds out he's actually the Doctor's Super-Powered Evil Side, she then proceeds to go into a Tranquil Fury and beat him to death, ensuring that he'll change back into the Doctor.
      • This is pretty much a major aspect of her character; when there's not a fight to be done, she's a kindhearted Ditz, but once her friends or children are in trouble, she gets serious and is more than capable of kicking flank.
    • Back in the main timeline, the Crusaders do this during the Wedding Arc, in response to Sweetie Belle and Spike getting brainwashed — despite just being fillies, they manage to sneak past the Changelings, knock two out, snap Spike out of it, and then cover their escape by summoning a water elemental. Heck, the whole reason the adults let them help anyway is because they can tell by how determined they are to help that they'd do it even without permission anyway, plus, with the amount of stuff they get up to and survive on a regular basis, them taking things seriously makes them an actual threat.
  • Hobbes and Dr. Brainstorm get a few of these moments during Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, and when it happens, things tend to get serious with them.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Power Girl crossover Origin Story, Alex Harris (a Kryptonian trapped in the Marvel Universe) and her domestic partner Louise are attacked by the telepathic assassin Typhoid Mary. Mary knocks down Louise, then turns her attention to Alex and proceeds to use her mental powers (against which Alex has no defenses) to wreck Alex. Turns out ignoring the normal, untrained girlfriend was a mistake when Louise proceeds to clock Typhoid Mary from behind with a bottle of sparkling grape juice, then continues to beat the assassin with it until Mary is unconscious and bleeding on the floor.