Lets Get Dangerous / Animated Films

  • Despite all the training he received, the title character from Kung Fu Panda seemed absolutely no match for the enemy... until the decisive battle. And he does it again in the sequel.
  • Princess Fiona from Shrek, who takes out Robin Hood and his Merry Men barehanded..
  • The Lion King:
    • Rafiki definitely qualifies. After all, he's just a mystic adviser. Come the final battle, he's busting hurt on the hyenas like nobody's business.
    • Pumbaa is generally a pretty laid-back guy, unless you happen to call him a pig, at which point you'd better run.
      "They call me Mister Pig!"
  • Beauty and the Beast:
    • The enchanted objects. They don't take kindly to an invasion of their home, and you see why so many of them can be used as blunt object weapons. And then there's Lumiere's flamethrower move.
    • Beast himself when Belle returns and begs for Gaston to not kill him.
  • Eric from The Little Mermaid spends a good portion of the film getting jerked around in one way or another, then the sea witch tries to kill Ariel, and he introduces Ursula to Mister Giant Pointy Stick.
  • Despicable Me, towards the end, when Vector has captured the girls, and refuses to release them, even though Gru gave him the Moon. Gru, who up until this point was doing an OK job, decided to finally step up his game. Going so far as to dodge Vector's defenses, and punch out a shark. Succinctly described by this comment:
    Agnes: (to Vector) He is gonna kick your butt.

    • Done again in the sequel; where instead of his daughters in danger it's his Love Interest. Going in jelly-shotguns akimbo? Definitely badass.
  • The scene in Dumbo, where the bratty kids who are Too Dumb to Live are smacked around by Mama Elephant, Mrs. Jumbo. She even throws a bale of hay. Too bad the humans lock her up in a prison wagon.
  • For most of Disney's Robin Hood, Little John is a jovial sidekick who makes jokes about Prince John from afar and has to be coaxed into going along with Robin's plans. But when the Prince is about to execute Robin at the tournament, all Little John does is grab the Prince by the collar, point a dagger at his back, and growl: "Okay hotshot, now you tell your men to untie my buddy or I'll..."
  • In Fun and Fancy Free, Bongo gets like this when he stops being afraid and puts his circus skills to the test to take down Lumpjaw.
  • In Tarzan Jane becomes a little less useless while she's being rescued from the baboons by having the good idea to open her parasol to bowl them all out of the way. Later on in the movie she's able to swing across a vine to rescue Kala from the poachers. She also gets a few Action Girl moments in the TV series, most notably when prison guards arrive to arrest Hugo and Hooft - she knocks one of the guards down by throwing a chair at him.
    • Tantor also goes through this as well. After spending most of the movie as the Cowardly Lion, he finally decides to take a stand and help out his friends. His first act? Swimming out to the ship where Tarzan is being held hostage after calling out Terk for her Jerkass behavior and he takes on every crew member on his own. But it doesn't stop there. He also leads his herd to the gorilla nesting grounds, thus helping Tarzan to stop Clayton from taking the gorillas.
  • The Transformers: The Movie:
    • Grimlock transforms ONCE in the beginnning, then is stuck in Dino mode for the rest of the show, for one simple purpose: to provide comic relief as a cute animal. Trouble is, he's a cute BIG DANGEROUS Tyranosaurus Rex, as he reminds us on the Quintesson planet
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has a moment where Denzel is led to think that Tifa died shielding him from an attack. How does the sickly kid respond? Cry? Run away? No.
  • The Rescuers Down Under has a scene in which Bernard, the shy stuttering unlucky mouse janitor, confronts a razorback hog in the Australian outback. After timidly running and hiding, Bernard realizes that Bianca, Jake, and Cody are all depending on him, turns around, talks the full-grown wild boar into submission, and forces it to carry him to the scene of the rescue.
  • Bambi has spent the entire movie as a naive helpless little fawn, and even after the Time Skip into a buck, is still Adorkable and awkward. Then Ronno arrives and tries to take his beloved Faline away. Cue the ass kicking.
  • Repeated in the Midquel, Bambi II. Bambi is still a clumsy, timid fawn at this point, and has been dealing with Ronno's bullying, his crush on Faline and being sent away by his father to live with another doe. After he finally snaps back at Ronno however, his adoptive mother gets caught in a snare and awaits a vicious pack of hunting dogs. Bambi not only leads them away from her but skilfully outsmarts and takes out each and every one of them.