Funny: Tribe Twelve

Screw you Slender Man.note 

Even though this is primarily a horror series, there are still a few parts that may make you laugh, intentionally or otherwise.

  • The Narm that ensued when Noah began stabbing the bushes in Night Recording.
  • In Northern Trip, where Noah talks with the Everyman HYBRID crew, they come to the conclusion that Ted Turner must be the one behind everything.
  • Noah's phrase at the end of Device Findings.
    Noah: Maxwell out.
  • Also, practically anything on Noah's Formspring. His description of "You troll me, I troll you harder" is a basic indication of this.
  • His Cluster F Bombs are also quite amusing at times.
    • Shown to be inherited in Secret Parent Interview. Who talks to their kids like that?
  • In Halloween Hotel, he finds out he got a Double room, rather than a single. His reaction? "Thanks for reminding me I'm Forever Alone."
    • The entirety of Halloween Hotel was made up of the Observer trolling Noah and leaving mocking messages, all the while popping around corners like a demented game of peek-a-boo. Noah just getting increasingly angry with every little "joke" the Observer plays on him just makes it funnier.
  • A few questions on Noah's formspring while it was hijacked by the Observer, such as:
    holdingtruth: WHY DO YOU NOT ANSWER ME??
    OBSERVER: haveyoueverthoughtthatitisbecauseyouaskterriblequestions?
    • Normally, the Observer doesn't use spaces in his answers, but look what happens when an asker does that too:
    Asker: Ifyoursessionendshereandyouclaimthatyouusetohaveavesselandalsoyouexistedbeforewebeganandaslongasaspecifichistoricalevent
    OBSERVER: look
    i am mocking you now
    Asker: Whydoyoualwaystypelikethisandnot like this?
    OBSERVER: donotmockme
  • Noah's 04/01/12 tweet. Just try to imagine this actually happening.
  • Noah's reaction to seeing Slender Man across the hall from him in Mary Asher Phone Call.
    Hey buddy, how you doin'? Here for my birthday, huh? Well I've got a gift for you, right here!
  • The Thanksgiving Footage has a lot of cute and humorous moments in it. That is, when Noah's not being batshit insane...
  • The fight between Noah and Slendy and the end of Mary Asher Phone Call was pretty scary until a friend added commentary:
  • The Observer popping up from behind Noah's chair in "Several Months of Hell" is this to some.
  • Noah plays Tetris in The Manifest.
    *gets a four-line combo* That feels good, that feels really, really good.
    • Even better, during a brief frame, it's possible to see a message that seems like it was placed there by a member of the Collective: "the I is the key save it"
  • Noah, Alex and Chris attempting to flee for their lives from Slendy in "The Order"...only to have the car stall.
    Noah: Oh, no.
    Alex: This has happened to us before.
    Noah: Then why the fuck did we take this car?!
    • And a moment later, a Slendy-induced blackout leads to a scene straight out of Jurassic Park:
    Alex: What the fuck are we going to do? What're we gonna do?!
    Noah: Try turning the lights on, man.
    (Headlights flicker and turn on.)
    Alex: They're working now...
    (Sound of something flying through the air, followed by one of the cultists landing on the roof with a BANG! He rolls off and onto the windshield, revealing a bloodied face.)
    Chris, Alex and Noah: AAAAAAHHHHHH!
    • After learning that Noah accidentally revealed their names to the Order, Chris and Alex abandon him in a parking lot. Fortunately, their associate Daniel Shipman is close by and stops to pick him up.
      Daniel: I've been worrying like crazy. I thought you were dead.
      Noah: I thought I was too. I thought I was too. (long pause) Can I get some ice cream?
  • The Observer getting owned by Firebrand and his subsequent breakdown is this to some, especially with how smug he was leading up to Noah's birthday.
    • As one YouTube comment put it, "U Mad Observer?"
    • Some of Noah's drunken antics during the Live Stream are this — at least until the broadcast takes a flying leap into Mind Screw territory.
    • The YouTube upload of the same Live Stream included footage that wasn't in the original, including an ending with Noah thanking Firebrand. Firebrand responds by editing a picture into the last frame of the video: himself, posed in a Badass to the words "YOU'RE FUCKING WELCOME".
  • In DEUS EX MACHINA, Firebrand promises to throw his full support behind Noah. He shows footage of Noah sleeping, where he turns around to see the Slender Man, getting his tentacles out, ready to attack. Firebrand flips him off and Slender Man puts his tentacles away and can only really be described as looking totally baffled.
    Noah: Gotta admit though, uh, when uh.... (laughs) when he gave Daddy Long Legs the finger, I smiled. Something I would do.
  • During their 2012 holiday get-together, the casts of Tribe Twelve and Dark Harvest collaborated once again for a very special entry: Thanksgiving Day Footage: Day 3 (NSFW).
  • Noah referring to Slenderman/The Administrator as "Daddy Long-Legs" in Obituary.
  • In Extraordinary Circumstances, Noah finds a DV tape by "look[ing] deep into the soles" as instructed. And what does he say about this? "More tapes."
    • Firebrand's appearance at the end of the video and the final frame can also be considered funny.
      • A number of viewers remarked that Firebrand's abrupt appearance and departure wouldn't be out of place at the end of a TV sitcom. One fan took this to its logical conclusions.
    • The static buildup that happens every time Noah gets ready to open the suitcase, as if something terrible is going to emerge from it the second the latches are undone. It starts out terrifying, but it begins to approach Overly Long Gag territory by the time he actually opens it.
  • "Severance" features HABIT in top comedic form, although he still manages to provide plenty of Nightmare Fuel as well.
    • Earlier in Severance, Noah notices the Christmas border on the letter.
    "He's just doing this to piss me off, he knows I'm Jewish."
    • Also the letter is written in a delightfully trolling style and Comic Sans.
    • The banter toward the start is great.
    Noah: God, you look terrible.
    HABIT: Well fuck you, too.
    Noah: I saw you kill your friends!
    HABIT: (mockingly repeats Noah's line and then chuckles) No I didn't. I killed his (Evan's) friends!
    • The contents of HABIT's whiteboard:
      • "The cake is a lie", as well as the name "Chell" inside a heart.
      • A game of Hangman with the word "_UCK". That he seems to have lost.
      • A recipe that calls for 1 pound of "beef", quotes included.
      • Apparent plans to abduct some poor bastard at a diner (possibly the guy in the bathroom). He makes a note to assume that the person will be drunk, and he also plans to have Vinny drive.
    • After their business is concluded, HABIT unceremoniously kicks Noah out of the house.
      HABIT: I've been expecting pizza, and I don't want you having any.
      Noah: But I-I-I don't even know where I am!
      HABIT: (mocking) That'! I-I-I I don't care!
      • After being shoved out the front door, Noah angrily yanks it back open and unleashes a string of curses at HABIT...who stares at him in mock surprise and remarks, "You're not the pizza guy!"
    • All in all, Noah says it best while reading the letter early in the video
    "He's not just evil, he's like... he's like "silly evil"... and that's disturbing as shit!
  • Noah's Freak Out when he realizes HABIT transported him to New Jersey
    Noah: I wasn't gonna come myself so he fucking took me. 'Least I don't gotta pump my own fucking gas!
  • "Bridge to Nowhere" has Evan/HABIT issuing his usual threats to Noah...until he notices that Noah is filming, at which point he adjusts his cap, flattens his hair, and insists that they be on their best behavior for the camera.
  • "Fortunes" has a stretch of a haggard-looking Noah talking about attending a funeral, his tone dull and full of dread. And then "Oh, and I have a Vine account now, I guess!" Made even funnier when a screenshot of said account pops up. The Mood Whiplash is great.
    • For a brief moment in the video, all of the fortunes Noah has lined up turn into "Bad luck and misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity." That sounds really harsh in the context. But then you realize it's a reference to Rocko's Modern Life