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Nightmare Fuel: Tribe Twelve
Being a piece of the Slender Man Mythos, Tribe Twelve is obligated to have some good old Nightmare Fuel.

  • It's been mentioned countless times, but Tribe Twelve has some of the best visuals of any Slender Vlog so far. That said, expect any time Slendy is on screen, especially when the tentacles are visible, to be this.
  • Box Analysis. The second audio track. Then, the tape. Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough, the key Noah found in the box? It opens his garage door. Then, to top it off, the end of the video is accompanied by slight audio-visual distortion.
  • Thanksgiving Footage, Day 2. While staying at a viewer's house during Thanksgiving, Noah is pulled from his bed in the middle of the night without waking up. His friend Sarah finds him standing on her porch, his tee-shirt torn and splattered with blood, giggling and grinning maniacally. And holding a big knife. And then, as the picture distorts, he charges at her.
    Give me the FUCKING CAMERA!
    • As Sarah drops the camera, right before it turns off, we catch a few frames showing closeups of Noah's face, plastered with an insane, demented Slasher Smile.
    • The video's description makes it worse: "I don't know what the fuck took me, where I went, or what I did. I just remember regaining consciousness, covered in blood and holding a knife as Sarah cried in the corner of the living room. It looks as if this 'Observer' bastard is the likely cause of everything. I'm so sorry Sarah. Please forgive me for whatever happened, it wasn't me that night."
    • Even worse: Noah later reveals that the blood on him was Kat's, and that he brutally murdered her with that knife while Brainwashed and Crazy. Given the condition of his shirt and the Observer confirming that some of the blood was Noah's, it must have been absolutely horrible death, with her fighting death every inch of the way.
  • UNKNOWN. CALLER. The transcript DOES NOT HELP.
  • Nature Trail Visit. Slendy is no less frightening on a brightly-lit path.
  • Secret Parent Interview: The story about the house suddenly catching on fire and the strange "tall, suited, bald guy that looked like a Kolchak wannabe" is creepy enough on its own. But the kicker comes in at 4:42 when Slendy appears in the mirror behind Noah after his Dad leaves and his head tilts before he vanishes when Noah's mom's hand waves across him. The several moments of distortion are also creepy.
    • YMMV, obviously. This troper couldn't help but imagine a slide-whistle sound effect when Slendy rises out of the floor, and couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the vid.
  • Device findings: The distorted voice is creepy enough on its own but its transcriptionnote ... *shudder*
    • A fan did reading of the transcription, complete with voice modifier and distortion effects. The result is disturbing as hell.
  • The end of INTERRUPTION will make you poop bricks and pee all the contents of every lemonade stand that has existed in history multiplied by six.
  • Northern Trip Footage. Slender Man on a plane, tentacles a wavin' and people screaming with distortion everywhere. Sounds like fun!
    • How about the little girl afterwards?
    Little girl: Daddy, who was that man?
    Dad: What man?
    Little girl: The tall man.
    • After Slendy's appearance on the plane, everything resets to normal and no one remembers anything happening (except the little girl). So, was there a deeper meaning to him showing up, or did Slendy do it just because it amused him to do so?
    • Nice bit of Fridge Horror: The little girl is the only one that remembers Slendy. Remember who Slendy's favourite victims are in the mythos? Now look at what happened to Milo and his mother as children. You're welcome.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY. What. The. Fuck. First off, we learn that the Observer kidnaps Noah AGAIN (because apparently once was not enough), and we get a good look at the Observer's Nightmare Fuel Rotoscoping powers when he (among other things) gives himself FINGER TENTACLES. We also get a good, long look at Noah's actual abduction—from first person, no less. The Jump Scare at the end got me too, and the background noise was a viscerally unnerving repeating crescendo of what sounded like static. I'm never watching another Observer video ever.
    • The creepy rape overtones between the Observer and Noah don't help.
    • This troper swears he can see some sort of Cthulhoid Eldritch Abomination behind Slendy in that one group shot. That wouldn't help things at all....
  • November 11th is the kidnapping from Noah's point of view, and it's just as creepy. The rape undertones are certainly there ("YOU ARE RIPE"), and Noah (but not the viewer) gets to see the Observer in person...and promptly falls over in shock, stammering "It's impossible!" before he's dragged off camera. And just in case you thought about sleeping anytime soon, the Observer's shadowed face appears under Noah's bed as he's dragged away. And then there's his little rhyme for Noah; "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I have a gun, and I don't think you do."
    • Noah's empty declaration in the car: "I'm not gonna leave the [hotel] room. I'm just gonna stay and I'm gonna ride this out...I'll stay for a week or two, if I have to." Observer: IF YOU SAY SO.
    • The sight of the Observer's real, non-rotoscoped face. Also, later on, when he takes off his glasses...*shiver*
      • The fact that the Observer was Kevin, a person that Noah not only trusted, but was one of the few sane people Noah knew. Now, look around you. Are you sure you know your friends and family that well? One could be a member of the Collective and you wouldn't ever know it...
      • Actually, in Several Months of Hell, it was revealed that the shadowed man wasn't the Observer, but the one known as Firebrand. The scary thing is, Firebrand is ALSO someone Noah knows...
      • And Firebrand is Noah. Or at least, a future version of him.
  • According to the Observer, he can see through the Observer symbols dotted around the place. Including those on computer screens, or any you may have drawn. Although he can choose not to look, any time you see one of those symbols he could be looking at you and everything you're doing.
    • One of the clips in November 11th is of someone opening up a brain — and it has the Observer symbol inside.
  • Noah's Sanity Slippage is seriously disturbing, even moreso than the freaking Humanoid Abomination. Seeing a guy breaking down as his entire life is turned upside down by forces he can't possibly comprehend or fight is unnerving.
  • Mary Asher Phone Call. This is where the shit seriously hits the fan. The day before Noah's birthday, he gets a phone call from Milo's mother, who reveals that the Slender Man has been visiting her since she was a child — and that Milo's body actually vanished from the morgue before the funeral. Apparently, the cremated ashes were those of a cat.
    • The true terror comes after they have a vicious argument and Mary hangs up: Noah hears the doorbell and gets his gun ready (not noticing Slender Man standing in his closet); he runs to the door, finds no one there...and turns around to see Slender Man standing right across the hall. Noah fires off four shots, which doesn't even make the faceless terror flinch...then, in a subversion of Offscreen Teleportation, Slender Man freaking bullrushes Noah and knocks him down! And then Noah gets back up, and we see Slender Man has entered full-on Combat Tentacles mode. Understandably, Noah runs like hell.
    • According to Mary, the Collective has had their eye on Noah since birth, has been monitoring his every move throughout his entire life, and is in his house watching him as they speak. Paranoia Fuel of the highest caliber.
      • In a very quick blink-and-you-miss-it moment, when Noah is fiddling with the camera's night vision, during one of the flashes, the Observer's glasses' reflection can be seen at the end of the hall.
  • Several Months of Hell is a recap of events following November 11th on Noah's other accounts (Twitter and Stickam). Thus, mostly a Breather Episode. Except for around 2:53 when The Observer's head pops up from behind Noah's chair and at the end when his hand pops up, wagging his finger to the camera. He was in the room the entire time!
    • There's also the frame at the end, as seen here. Man, that's a creepy face.
  • The frame at the end of The Manifest, showing that The Observer was right behind Noah that whole conversation. It's also pretty unnverving to think of how much worse things will get when Noah has to encounter the cult from Dark Harvest.
    • We can stop wondering now. Turns out, the answer is worse than imagined.
    • Translation: Noah meets the head of the Slendy cult. After a conversation that pisses off both parties, Noah turns to leave and finds himself confronted by the entire cult. Right after Noah lets some information slip that the cult really didn't need to know, Slendy makes a personal appearance, to the amazement of the cult. As they bow and chant, one of them runs up and begs to be taken to "the fourth world". Slender Man obliges — and makes him disappear, leaving only his clothes and mask behind. While the cult seems split between "freaked out" and "it's a miracle", Noah decides to GTFO. The second he turns his back, Slendy starts doing something *really* horrible (if the screams are any indication). And that's only the halfway point!
  • Catharsis This is what it's like to see a man lose all hope.
  • According to his Twitter, Noah got a letter with this written in the back. It really changes your perspective on the Observer...
  • It's subtle, but something about the manic editing and text in INTERCEPTION is incredibly unnerving. It just gives you the impression that the Observer is incredibly pissed off. Not to mention his reaction to Firebrand's interference. Jeezum.
  • Firebrand's face. Even though he's apparently a good guy, it is still the creepiest face out of the entire Collective.
  • The Live Stream Incident just goes from bad to worse starting at 19:36. Filming yourself has never been more horrifyingly mindscrewy.
    • For Noah, there was the reveal of Firebrand's true identity: Firebrand is actually Noah, seemingly from the future.
  • DEUS EX MACHINA reveals how Firebrand became free: HABIT helped him. Knowing how HABIT works, Firebrand's freedom may not be such a godsend after all...
    • It also begs the question: just how bad are the Administrator's plans for humanity if Firebrand is willing to side with HABIT to put a stop to them?
  • In Obituary, Noah is about to open the Obituary letter when he receives a phone call revealing that Mary Asher was found dead of a bullet wound in her car in a lake, with tape over her eyes to make her resemble Cursor. The letter's contents include pictures of the scene, and a rhyme telling Noah to answer the door. A figure, likely Mr. Scars, appears in the doorway before Noah reads it, and then it turns out that the briefcase has arrived.
  • In Milo's Tape, while chasing Milo, Slender Man actually starts making growling noises. It's rather unnerving for viewers used to Slender Man being silent.
    • That's not all: we also get some well-animated shots of Slendy's tentacles emerging from behind multiple doors at the same time. And if that lovely visual wasn't unnerving enough, we're also treated to a recreation of the Jump Scare from INTERRUPTION — this time in color.
    • The Slendy appearances aren't even the half of it. Milo's Tape is the only video in the Slenderverse to come with a graphic content warning in the description. That's for a good reason. We get to see exactly why Milo is known as "Mr. Scars": after being resurrected by the Collective, he attempts suicide a second time by slashing his wrists with a box cutter. This is shown entirely on-camera in closeup, sans Gory Discretion Shot.
      • In the video's final act, Milo (under the sway of the Collective) lures his mother, Mary Asher, to an abandoned house and shoots her to death — after revealing himself to be her prophesied killer. Once he realizes what he's done, he falls apart completely.
      • Milo's horribly raspy, almost inhuman voice. The hidden Freeze-Frame Bonus at the video's end reveals it to be caused by a slit throat. Apparently, being resurrected by the Administrator leaves all your death wounds intact.
        It still hurts.
  • Severance. Noah receives a letter from HABIT, who offers his personal assistance — by warping Noah to his "Murder House" for a little chat. While HABIT doesn't physically harm him, the fact that Noah spends the entire video at the mercy of the most famously psychotic monster in the Slenderverse is terrifying.
    • The scene where Noah gets teleported is creepy enough in its own right: HABIT lures Noah into the hallway by banging on a closet door, which he opens; cue the space warping, which takes Noah from a closet in his own house, to someone's laundry room where the lights blow out, leaving him in total darkness — as the most familiar Evil Laugh in the Slenderverse sounds. Noah opens the laundry room door and finds himself in HABIT's home base — face to face with the monster himself.
    • Near the video's end, HABIT opens the bathroom door, revealing a man in a bloody tee shirt. It's implied that he won't be alive for long — especially since the notes on HABIT's whiteboard include a recipe that calls for "beef".
      • Seriously, who was that guy in the bathroom?! Milo/Mr. Scars? Vinny? Some poor bastard off the street? WHO, Goddammit?!
      • The most popular theory is that it's Michael Andersen. Given that that series hasn't updated in a year (and that the most recent video shows Michael being attacked by the Slender Man), that really doesn't bode well.
      • Well, ML Andersen has returned from its hiatus, and it appears that Michael is alive and well. On the other hand, the video description does say it was filmed months ago....
  • Bridge to Nowhere, the continuation of Severance, might be unsettling even by Slenderverse standards! You get the usual tricks, being sent to strange locations through timespace, nosebleeds, gradually going mad, and... wait, what's that noise? This isn't an Observer video, why's that sound playing? And... is Noah talking to bugs?!
    • Jeff, yes THAT Jeff, makes an appearances at around 8:05 when Noah gets to the eponymous bridge, telling Noah not to listen to "them" and the only way to stop them is to kill himself. Then he runs off and HABIT appears; Noah tries to run away but HABIT flash steps over to him and grabs his arm, gets uncomfortably close to Noah, then proceeds to do his usual thing. When Noah asks how Jeff can be there and what this place is, HABIT just gives him non-answers that vaguely hint that this is a dimension where he resides. Then he mentions "hunting" Jeff and the others before he sends Noah home.
      • The implications of that scene are deeply disturbing, in more ways than one: it suggests that the souls of HABIT's most recent victims are trapped in a hellish dimension, unable to move on, forced to continuously flee from HABIT or endure unimaginable torture at his hands.
    • Watch carefully while Noah attempts to navigate the "netherworld": HABIT is following him the entire time.

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