Heartwarming / Tribe Twelve

  • In the two pictures the Observer uploaded to Noah's Twitter account to remind him of his impending doom (on November 11th), there are hidden messages of encouragement: "Not if I can help it", and "Do not worry. I will stop him."
  • Firebrand saving Noah from the Observer in INTERCEPTION.
  • Alex from Dark Harvest checking in with Noah during the livestream to make sure he was okay.
  • Despite Noah's earlier statements about the events of the November 11th livestream making him wish he was dead, he tweeted on Thanksgiving that he was "[t]hankful for a second chance".
  • Someone on Formspring asked what Noah would have done differently, if he had it all to do over again:
    Talked to Milo more.
  • Noah's final words in "The Live Stream Incident", spoken in private after he ends the livestream:
    Noah: (Tearing up.) Firebrand...me... Thank you. Thank you. (Turns off camera as he begins to sob.)
    • Leave it to Firebrand to answer him in a way that's awesome, hilarious and heartwarming all at once:
      "You're fucking welcome."
      • Moreover, it shows that under the frightening Collective "persona" and burn-scarred face...it's still our Noah in there.
  • In Extraordinary Circumstaces, Noah manages to open the briefcase. As he goes through it, the video distorts several times, leaving on to think the Observer is coming. Noah gets more and more excited as he discovers several of Milo's belongings, including a letter from Milo addressed to him. Just as he thinks he's gone through everything, he discovers there's a fake black panel and removes it, finding several thousand dollars in cash. Just when you think it couldn't get any more heartwarming, Firebrand shows up in the flesh, and actually speaks for the first time. Turns out he was the one causing the distortion in the video.
    Noah: Uh... I... I'm rich.
    Firebrand: It wasn't easy, but you can thank me later. Bye for now.
    • In a more subtle case, this is the first video in a long time that nothing bad ends up happening. Sure, you get a few teases, such as the distortion and Noah's silence before showing the money to the camera, but it all ends up being subverted.
    • Hell, it gets so heartwarming that it slams into a Crowning Moment of Funny in the final frame of the video.
    Try not to spend it all.
    • Probably one of the most heartwarming things is how happy both Noah and Firebrand are in this video, especially after nothing but hard times for years.
  • In Case Findings, Noah reveals that he sent money to the characters of Dark Harvest to help them on the run because he felt the need to make amends, and still considers them to be friends.
  • In Severance, HABIT, of all people, insists that Noah get inside quickly so that his cat doesn't get outside, and is often talking to his cats throughout the video. An oddly human moment from someone/something that is most decidedly not human.
    • A bit of meta knowledge makes this even more adorable: those really were Evan's cats (well, the cats of his housemates anyway), and his on-camera interactions with them were completely genuine. For all his obsessions with horror movies, weapons and violence, Evan dearly loves animals.
  • "Bridge to Nowhere" has Noah at one of his lowest points: stranded in New Jersey with no money thanks to HABIT and seemingly temporally displaced into the past by 3 months. When confronted by HABIT and asked what he wants, Noah simply says "I want to go home." Shortly after, HABIT, in an abnormal display of mercy/compassion/doing something nice, obliges and drops Noah back into the hallway outside his bedroom. (True, he kicks him in the nuts to do so, but for HABIT, it's still pretty damn decent.)
    • When Noah is confused as to where he is, he flags down a passing motorist who is Lee from Whispered Faith and is more than willing to help him, even asking him if he's okay. It's not often that Noah encounters someone that decent anymore.
  • After several months of hell, Firebrand sends Noah a You Are Not Alone type-speech, reaffirming his allegiance and bolstering Noah's confidence. It's nice to know that, after all the shady stuff Firebrand's been pulling, he actually cares about Noah.
    You are you and nothing else. This is the only real truth. And that is the one thing they can never take away from us.