YMMV / Tribe Twelve

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Many of the characters in TT are this.
    • Is Firebrand a force of good who only wants to do what's right for his past self? Or is he a psychotic weirdo who is only working for himself?
    • Karl Maxwell is seen as an angry, senile old man by both Noah and his mother who disowned Mary Asher when he discovered that she could see Slender Man. But is he really that, or is he a Properly Paranoid grandfather who is trying to do what he can to keep himself and his family safe from an awful legend that he was attacked by when he was younger?
    • Mary Asher is one who takes the cake. Is she a troubled, confused girl who wants to get away from Slender Man, or is she a selfish bitch who only cares about herself, willing to give up her own son to Slender Man in order keep herself alive?
  • Creepy Awesome: It varies from member to member, but some of the Collective look really kickass, especially Deadhead and the Observer, especially in INTERUPPTION when the latter looks up to grin at the camera. This group shot of the Collective looks pretty awesome, too, as is this one. Oh and Firebrand too when he called himself "A rouge god".
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: While they're usually played in reverse, many of the song choices in the Observer's videos qualify as this.
    • "Interception" uses a reversed version of Pendulum's "The Other Side". Word of God states that it was chosen not only because it fit the subject matter of the video perfectly, but because it's one of the creator's personal favorite songs.
      • The video also utilizes Gotye's "State of the Art" and Boards of Canada's "The Devil Is In the Details".
    • The music in Pitfall and Sisyphus counts to, which includes highlights such as more Pendulum, Gnarls Barkley, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, the neverending stairs music from Super Mario 64, the drums from [[Film/Jumanji]], and Pink Floyd.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Happens in The Live Stream Incident. Around 3 minutes in, Noah points his camera at his streaming webcam and laughs that he's recording himself. 19 minutes in, Noah somehow sees another version of himself in his room recording him. It's Firebrand.
  • Growing the Beard: The early submissions are a little too reminiscent of Marble Hornets, and perhaps a little too realistic, with some Plot Holes that take you right out of the experience. Night Recordings and My Grandfather Karl have seriously turned the series around, however.
    • Word of God in this interview is that the series originally started as an homage to Marble Hornets; after it was posted on UnFiction forums as a side-story and was criticized for being too similar to MH, Adam (Noah's actor) decided to expand the series to avoid having it go down in infamy.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In DEATHTRAPEXODUS, Firebrand shows us a visual of Noah's (and to an extension, the creator's) house being submersed in a dark, black liquid, while telling Noah to "prepare for the flood." In 2017, that visual very nearly came true with Hurricane Irma hitting the area where Noah/Adam's house was located. Thankfully, it shifted from a Category 4 to a Category 2 very suddenly, but at the time, it made Firebrand's words seem very ironic.
  • Ho Yay / Foe Yay: The Observer writes on Noah's bare stomach. And strokes his face.
  • Idiot Plot: So, your friend is in town, who you've not seen in months and won't see again for months. You've only got a few days to spend together. However, you have a real jonesin' for some Doritos. Naturally, you leave your friend (who's of course shown signs of being paranoid and possibly delusional) alone, at your house, with no mutual friends or family members to hang out with, rather than go to the store together. Oh and sure, leave him with your camera too.
    • The Thanksgiving episodes are even stranger. For one thing, why is Noah spending Thanksgiving with a strange "fan" rather than his family? And why would any "fan" who watches his channel and sees the shit going on in his life EVER want to be anywhere near him? And why did she never bother to ask anything about the mysterious events in his life?
      • Him not visiting his family could be as simple as the fact that Noah is an adult and lives a decent distance away from his parents. No mention is made of any other close family (in terms of relationship or distance), so he probably didn't have any relatives to visit. As for visiting a fan, maybe she took pity on him and mistakenly thought there would be safety in numbers and distance, since Noah has only before had encounters when he was alone or with Milo in and around the park and his house.
    • The Fortunes Arc. Noah's just been given a "The Reason You Suck" Speech from HABIT, who wants him to use Severance, and to start fighting against the beings who are tormenting him. And what's the first thing Noah does when he gets home? Lock himself in his house and avoid doing anything that looks even remotely close to progress, becoming a reclusive shut-in.
  • I Knew It!: "The Live Stream Incident" confirmed what the fandom had suspected for months: Firebrand is a future version of Noah Maxwell who has been inducted into the Collective.
  • In Memoriam: It started off as this for Noah's cousin, Milo. Until he began to notice something in the tapes...
  • Narm: The "eveything's so boring here" conversation in Submission 2.
    Noah: "All people do around here is just come and fish and it's just really boring."
    Milo: "I never saw the point in fishing. It's kinda boring."
    • Noah pulling out a switchblade and stalking around his house, stabbing at the bushes angrily. The creator has lampshaded this.
    • I just had to postpone this video. For my sanity's sake.
    • Noah's Cluster F-Bomb tendencies veer in and out of this territory and Narm Charm.
    • The awkward, rushed, initial exchange that Noah has with Sarah's father in "Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2", can really only be explained by either terrible social skills, bad dialogue writing, or both.
    • Sarah's father also apparently slept through Noah's crazy screaming but woke up when he was packing to leave.
    • At one point in Nature Trail Visit, Noah looks up to see the Slender Man on top of the observation tower, and in a full rage, runs toward it, making the following declaration, among other things.
    "You fucked with Noah! Here I come, motherfucker!"
    • "I'm gonna shove it so far up your ass you're never gonna get it out!" (although that was probably supposed to come off as kind of pathetic)
    • Noah accusing The Observer of being a hipster in Halloween Hotel.
    • Noah panicking during "The Live Stream Incident" when he realizes he was the one hiding in the closet on the night he found the Device:
    • The Slenderman's brief appearance in "Fortunes". Not only does the shot of Noah at the boardwalk look exactly like a Daily Show style green-screen gag, but the Slenderman himself just kind of slides into shot like some kind of clipart.
    • Noah's overly-loud reaction when the Observer tweets a picture of Firebrand during the 2012 Valentine's Day stream. "Jesus fucking CHRIST!"
    • From November 11th, Noah's reaction to falling off his bed is a little too close to Luke Skywalker's reaction to being told who his father is.
    "No, no! It can't be! No! No! It can't be! Th-that's, that's, that's impossible!"
  • Narm Charm: Noah's constant cursing sometimes feels more like an endearing character quirk than bad acting. "Fucking fuck!" That's our Noah! In fact the series as a whole could be seen as this for some of the fans who really love this series.
    • Future Noah's ringtone in Sisyphus is a generic Apple ringtone that probably should suck this troper out of the Nightmare Fuel loop that the video has. But since it comes completely out of nowhere, and has heavy distortion to boot, it ends up sounding much more unnerving than one expects.
  • Nightmare Retardant: This April Fool's video parodying the Observer videos. It's in the same exact style, it's by the creator of Tribe Twelve, and it's just hilarious.
    • The third party of this series is called the Observer. Quickly subverted when you watch his video posts.
    • In November 11th, we see the Observer's face. That's all really creepy, until you realize he's been wearing zebra-print glasses this whole time....
  • Paranoia Fuel: After Night Recording, Noah no longer feels safe in his own home. Odds are, you won't either.
    • November 11th: The Observer's face appears under Noah's bed as he is captured. Have fun sleeping!
    • Mary Asher Phone Call cranks the paranoia Up to Eleven. What's worse than having a cadre of Slenderminions stalking you? Finding out that they've been monitoring your every move throughout your entire life. By the way...they're in your house right now, watching you as we speak. *shudder*
  • Recycled Script: The video in Box Analysis looks awfully similar to Entry 4 of Marble Hornets, right down to the swinging swings.
    • HELLOTHERE is pretty damn reminiscent of totheark's Entry ######; it's a strange and ominous black-and-white video posted on the protagonist's account, telling him to do stuff and threatening/warning him.
  • Special Effect Failure: At the end of every video, one of the Collective members will insert a hidden frame at the very last second of the video to force viewers to go back and pause the video at the right time in order to see what the image is. Unfortunately, this effect doesn't work for those who watch the video on mobile phones, as instead of cutting the video and showing more video suggestions like they would on a computer, it instead just stops the video, leaving the viewer with the freeze frame stuck where it is. Though this occasionally can be averted, as the freeze frames will occasionally be very dark, preventing one from seeing it clearly.
  • Uncanny Valley: Firebrand has this going on in DEUS EX MACHINA.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The main strength of Tribe Twelve is the excellent Slenderman effects. In darkness, in motion, with tentacles waving around, it always looks good.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Unknown Caller, which gives probably the best shot of Slenderman's tentacles of any series, with very fluid motion I might add. We don't get to see his main body, but that arguably makes it scarier.
    • HELLOTHERE has a visual style reminiscent of A Scanner Darkly. Slendy shows up in the last second of the video. Just to say "we are always watching you Noah". It is terrifying, as well as impressive.
      • The Ultimatum video from The Token Letter seems to be from the same person who made HELLOTHERE and looks just as good.
    • And COMECLOSER continues with some frighteningly impressive video effects.
    • Nature Trail Visit was one of the Most Triumphant Example for this series. No less than FIVE shots of Slendy with tentacles waving everywhere.
    • November 11th has a great shot of Firebrand that shows us that members of the Collective are always shrouded in darkness.
    • Mary Asher Phone Call ramps up the standard even higher with Slendy's Flash Step.
    • The 11-11-12 Livestream gives us the Mind Screw of Noah filming his future self right before the timey-wimey ball starts getting batted around.
    • DEATHTRAPEXODUS probably show's TT's best Collective video yet, with several different members being shown off for the first time, as well as some insane mind screws that almost look impossible to pull off. See for yourself.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: "Tribe Twelve"? "Noah"? "Asher"?
  • The Woobie: Noah. His cousin dying ends up as the least of his troubles. He's stalked and menaced by things he doesn't understand, he's lost huge amounts of time doing who-knows-what, his mind is gradually cracking, and all of his attempts to run away have failed. He's alone in his struggle and has no flipping idea how to even go about solving his problems.
    • Kevin, too. During a moment of clarity he writes a letter to Noah begging him to kill him so that the Observer can't use his body anymore. The Observer doesn't even let him take the pencil off the paper before having the last "Kill me" lead into a crude sketch of an Observer trollface.
    • But most of all, Milo. He attempts to keep Noah and his family safe by killing himself, only to end up coming back to life horribly as Mr. Scars and is forced to kill his own mother while under Slender Man's control. It makes it even more heartwarming that after all the shit he's been through, he's willing to help Noah stop Slender Man.