Funny / The Three Stooges

  • At some point near the beginning of most shorts, a supporting character will talk about how they're expecting THREE people to arrive. One of those times where being Spoiled by the Format makes something funnier. (It's not called the Five Stooges)
  • In Dizzy Pilots, Moe falls into a tub of tar, and to get the tar off of him, Larry and Curly cut a hole in his clothes and begin filling it up with gas. Hilarity Ensues as Moe begins to float away when Larry and Curly aren't looking, and they spend the next sizable chunk of the episode trying to get Moe down as he sobs. He eventually floats through an opening in the ceiling and into the sky. Moe crying makes it ten times funnier.
    • The Stooges are stuck in a crashing plane, with Moe and Curly holding on to each other firmly in terror. What follows is this exchange:
    Larry: Hey, you two going steady? (Moe slaps Larry)
  • The Running Gag in Horses Collars, where any time Curly sees a mouse, he goes batshit and clobbers everyone and everything around him while yelling "Moe! Larry! The cheese!" over and over. It comes to a head when he puts one arm into the sleeve of the villain's coat and repeatedly spins around punching the villain's sidekick, and then turning to let the villain catch his sidekick's retaliatory punches.
  • In Pop Goes The Easel, Moe stops a clay fight, and after everyone else in the room gathers around him he demands to know who started it. Larry says "YOU did!", Moe responds by angrily yelling "Oh YEAH?!", and then promptly spins around with his hand extended, slapping Larry, Curly and three or four other guys with one continuous slap.
    • The clay fight itself is one of the funniest "messy substance" fights of the Three Stooges, just because the clay looks so sticky and gross. The point where it hits a woman right in the behind is especially funny.
  • While Boobs in Arms is among their best shorts to begin with, the finale —starting with the Stooges accidentally bombing themselves with laughing gas and ending with them riding a speeding shell into the horizon while still madly cackling— is one of the most hysterically funny scenes of their entire filmography.
  • The Shemp short Punchy Cowpunchers is chock full of these but some of the highlights include: one of the stooges tries to throw a horses' saddle onto a horse but instead the saddle flies over the horse and hits the police sergeant instead; Shemp going to strike a horseshoe against an anvil only for the shoe to fly off the anvil and hit the sergeant, the sergeant then getting pissed and lunging at Shemp and Shemp shoving him against a pillar where the sergeant is hit with several more horsehoes.
  • The brief and inexplicably hilarious moment in Violent is the Word for Curly when Larry spaces out to the sound of birds chirping and Moe quickly slaps him back into reality.
  • The following exchange in a couple shorts where Shemp gets his head stuck in a fish bowl:
    Shemp: *indecipherable mumbling*
    Moe: What did he say?
  • A really funny one which also counts as a CMoA for Curly happens in Calling All Curs. It starts off with Moe giving orders via the intercom which Curly refuses to do.
    Moe: Oh, mutiny eh?
    Curly: Yeah mutiny, and it ain't on the bounty! (STICKS OUT TONGUE)
    Then Moe punches Curly through the intercom, in the face. Moe's head pokes out of the intercom, implying he went between the walls into it to hit Curly. However, Moe gets stuck there with his face still poking out of the intercom. Cue Curly plucking out Moe's eyebrows while saying "She loves me, she loves me not" over and over until the scene ends.
  • In "Hoi Polloi," a dance teacher is about to teach the boys some dance moves when a bee goes down her back, causing her to gyrate, trying to get the bee out. The boys, thinking this is the dance, do the same. They end up following her as she jumps out the window and into a fountain.
  • Curly's battle with the still-living oyster in his oyster soup, in the short "Dutiful But Dumb". Truly Curly at his best.
  • Disorder in the Court has plenty, but one of the funniest is this mix up:
    Judge: Take off your hat!
    Curly: *Takes off his hat and holds it in his right hand*
    Court Clerk: Raise your right hand!
    Curly: *Irritably puts his hat back on his head and raises his right hand, holding a cane in his left hand*
    Court Clerk: Now put your left hand here!
    Curly: *Puts his cane in his right hand, lowering it, and putting his left hand on the bible*
    Judge: Take off your hat!!
    *process repeats a couple more times until eventually Curly puts the hat on his cane and raises his right hand while holding the cane with it*
    • Eventually, the hat ends up on the Clerk's head, with Curly telling him "Now raise your right hand!"
  • In the short Idiots Deluxe, Moe is recovering from a nervous breakdown, guzzling medicine and pills and muttering "Oh my noives, oh my noives." A cat is seen quietly walking across the floor. Moe shouts "Quiet!! Quit stomping around!!" before throwing things at it.
    • Later in the episode Larry remarks that the place they chose to camp at is on good hunting grounds, because he saw a sign that said "Fine for Hunting".
    • In the same short is a scene where Larry and Curly are driving with an (unbeknownst to them) live bear in the back seat slapping them both in the back of the head repeatedly.
      Larry: What's the idea hittin' me in the head?
      Curly: I hit you because you hit me.
      Curly: I didn't hit you!
    • This little exchange near the end of the episode, after Curly and Larry thought Moe was dead, was brilliant:
    Curly: Poor Moe.
    Larry: Oh woe is Moe...
    Moe, coming at them with an ax: Oh woe is YOU!
    Larry: Woah, Moe!!
  • Pretty much all of You Nazty Spies!. There's this particular dialogue gem...
    Moe: *points at Larry* You, I shall give Mikey Finlen.
    Larry: If I take Mikey Finlen, I better be rushin'.
    Curly: Then quit stallin'.
  • In Ants in the Pantry the boys are called to the boss's desk for a job (they are exterminators. Larry has a bear trap.
    Moe: What's the idea of the bear trap?
    Larry: You never know, we might meet up with a bear.
    Moe: Yeah...Meet my bare hand! (slaps Larry)
    • Another funny part later in the episode occurs when someone tries to play the piano that the stooges had hidden several cats inside while secretly exterminating pests from a mansion (which they themselves infested). Hilarity ensues.
  • The climax of the "Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard" running gag in Men in Black.
  • In the short where they meet 'Peeping Tom', a haunted suit of plate mail who watched lady Godiva ride through Coventry (and that mauls them when they try to remove it), at one point the boys have to remove a chest. It's too heavy so they start taking it piecemeal... only to discover its occupant, 'Red'. As Shemp says, "Ohhhh... Red Skeleton! For that matter the two skeletons playing a chess game were pretty good too: "Go on! Make your move! Don't sit there like you're dead!"
  • The scene from Higher Than a Kite, where Moe's head gets stuck in a pipe and Larry and Curly try to get him out with a crowbar and by heating the pipe over a fire. Then they put the pipe in a vice and try to pull Moe out, but his neck just stretches like rubber. Finally they twist him out.
    • From the same short, Larry's Disguised in Drag act, where he says in a mock-girl voice "I am Moronica!" while giving himself Peeka Bangs. A Nazi officer immediately falls in love with him.
    • The Stooges fixing the officers car. He's happy at first since they got the annoying engine squeak out, but when he tries to drive away, the entire engine falls out in pieces. The Stooges quickly flee and hide in what they think is a sewer pipe. Its actually the casing for a bomb. They end up being dropped behind enemy lines, where they crush a nazi officer and steal his uniforms, except Larry who gets stuck with the womens clothes as noted above.
    • The Nazi colonel who shows up riding a ridiculous little scooter with a big swastika on it, and complains he isn't high ranked enough for anything more than an A Card.
      • Gets even better when you realize that Colonel's supposed to be Herman Goering.
    • Moe and Curly accidentally ruins the German war plans because they think its a checkers game, and completely screw up the plans.
    Officer: The infantry division in the Red Sea?!. The tanks at the North Pole?!
    • Curly barking at the photo of Adolf Hitler. Curly sticks that same photo on his backside later and uses it to escape the Germans; every time they see it they give the Nazi salute. However this bites Curly on the ass when he gets bitten on the rump by an American POW: a Marine Corps bulldog.
  • The "Maharaja" routine from Three Little Pirates.
    • Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Curly, as this had been filmed while his health was in its decline (and his screen performances varied from "not too bad, considering" to cringe-worthy awful), yet he still managed to perform it flawlessly. (It helped that this was a routine that they had performed since their vaudeville days, and thus a familiar chestnut that even an ill Curly, who more and more had trouble memorizing and enunciating new lines to the point that directors had in some shorts reassigned the bulk of Curly's dialogue to Larry, could still summon up with perfect timing and delivery.) It's a very bittersweet scene for a Stooges fan to watch, knowing that it is the last gasp of "classic Curly" ever filmed.
    • The bar brawl towards the end.
    • When the Spanish governor has the Stooges thrown in a cell awaiting execution, his fiancee tries to help them escape by giving them mining tools to tunnel out with, via the closet. Problem is, they picked the wrong wall and just end up tunneling back into the cell
  • Anytime Curly makes a wise crack, which Moe replies via physical force.
  • The "Niagara Falls" sketch in Gents Without Cents, especially with Curly's Oh, Crap! reactions.
  • In their Professional Wrestling based short Grips, Grunts, and Groans, the climax in which a berserk Curly knocks out Moe and Larry before laying waste to virtually the entire ring crew with the ring bell before knocking himself unconscious is sidesplitting. Vince McMahon wishes he could put on as good a show.
  • In one of the shorts where the boys portray plumbers, Moe and Larry are working in the basement with the pipes. Without turning around, Moe tells Curly to "Give me the torch!" Curly innocently turns around with it, ignoring that fact that it's turned on, and accidentally fries Moe's posterior.
    • From the same episodes, the boys find a pipe full of electrical wiring and yank it out before hooking it up to a water pipe. Hilarity Ensues.
    Curly: No wonder the water dont woik, this pipe is full of wires!
    Moe: Some place to put wires!
    • At the start of the episode, the Stooges are on trial for stealing from a chicken coop, but are released due to lack of evidence. As they leave, Curly pulls out his cap from his pocket, only to release a cloud of feathers, which he claims is dandruff
    • Larry ruins the garden by digging around looking for the main water line.
    • "A Plumbing We Will Go" is widely regarded as possibly the greatest short they ever made. From the classic image of Curly having trapped himself in a series of pipes to Dudley Dickerson's battle with water-spraying appliances in the kitchen ("Dis house sho' gone crazy!"), it quite deserves the reputation.
  • There are two uproarious moments in The Tooth Will Out, in which the boys train to become dentists with the expected results. See here as they try making a set of dentures and produce something that looks like spare choppers for Frankenstein. And then they go west and we see the most comically gruesome dentist's appointment of all time. Not one to show someone with a phobia of dentists!
  • One great one for Shemp was in the short Who Done It? Shemp and villainess Christine McIntyre go through a very funny sequence where she attempts to poison him and Shemp, showing some Genre Savvy actually switches the poison back a few times before she gets the best of him. Shemp, now poisoned, goes through the most hilarious convulsions and ends up flailing all over the floor until Moe and Larry finally help him.
    • Christine is visibly fighting not to laugh during the first part of Shemp's reaction.
    • Shemp was in top form in Who Done It? It's one of the best showcases for his ad-libbed One Liners.
  • Another one from Shemp in Brideless Groom. He and Moe are tangled in phone wires and one of the shots comes up to see Moe's feet in Shemp's face.
    Shemp: Moe! Where's your hat?!
    • The entirety of the phone booth scene, really. Both from Moe and Shemp's antic inside the booth and Larry outside.
      Larry: (hailing a woman passing by) Hey, would you like to get married?
      Woman: Married? Well, I don't know. You are kind of cute at that.
      Larry: Oh not me, I'm talking about him! (points to Shemp in the phone booth)
      (Shemp's contorted ugly mug is being pressed face-first against the side of the phone booth with the phone cord in his mouth)
      Woman: (screams, slaps Larry, and walks away)
  • In one of the better Three Stooges movies, The Three Stooges in Orbit, the boys are hired by good-guy Mad Scientist Emil Sitka to provide security for his new invention, a sub/tank/helicopter that can fly in space which he calls an airborne what in Hel-- Oops.
  • A hilarious offscreen moment: while shooting the short You Nazty Spy!, Moe Howard discovered he was late for his daughter's birthday, so he hurriedly left the studio while still wearing his Hitler makeup. The LAPD got calls from motorists telling them they saw Hitler speeding down the freeway.
  • There's the episode where the boys decide to Get Rich Quick by having Curly pretend to be Barking Mad, literally (he acts like he thinks he's a dog). At one point to convince the examining doctor he bites through a wooden table leg. It works very well and ends with Curly dragged off for a dangerous operation with these words to Moe and Larry:
    Doctor: "If the operation is a success, you can see him. If not, you can claim the body."
  • Their very first physical comedy scene in ''Woman Haters", already sidesplitting on its own, becomes even more funny when you realize that they were probably improvising the whole thing.
  • In the movie Moe ends up trying to help the others rescue a child and is blocked by a large woman only address her in a way the Original Moe would.
    ''Moe: "Hey Jumbotron! Outta the way."
  • The failed TV pilot (known as Jerks Of All Trades):
    • The Stooges constantly mis-naming their first client, Mr. Pennyfeather.
    • "Well, ain't that quaint!" "'Ain't'? You mean 'isn't'." "Yeah, isn't that quisn't!" (smack!)
    • The entire scene with the eccentric slow-cooker salesman, which escalates into Duck Season, Rabbit Season and the stooges managing to sell the salesman his own slow-cooker.
      Moe: We seem to attract some of the oddest people!
  • In What's the Matador, Curly, in a fit of anger, headbutts a charging bull head-on...causing the bull to crumple and instantly fall unconscious.