Awesome / The Three Stooges

  • The Three Stooges may have been a lowbrow act, but they still managed to create the first Anti-Nazi American comedy film and get it released months before Charlie Chaplin's controversial The Great Dictator.
    • One should bear in mind the guts it took at the time, because there was a lot of isolationist pressure still at that point from prominent individuals and politicians, and on top of that, getting it by the notorious Hays Code, which forbade most types of political satire from making it to theaters. On top of that, the Stooges were not the type of act that would normally be making a political statement and it could very well have damaged them irreparably. This is a personal CMOA for all involved.
  • In the short No Dough Boys, Curly is getting throttled by the head Nazi at one point. Moe comes diving onto said Nazi's back and makes it clear no one messes with his little brother. Well, except for him, of course.
  • In Real Life, when the boys heard about a dying child who loved watching them, and who was hospitalized in the city they'd just performed in. They took the time to go and visit him, giving a very ill child some laughs, and learned later that he died the very next morning. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment as well.
  • Some people may dislike Shemp and see him as a Replacement Scrappy, but Shemp had a very successful solo career (He was the star of his own shorts series and was a popular character player in movies featuring anyone from Abbott and Costello to John Wayne). After Curly's stroke, Shemp essentially gave up his own career to step in and make sure his brother and close friend weren't dropped by Columbia Studios after Harry Cohn (a notorious miser) told Moe "I ain't paying for Two Stooges". Shemp stepping in essentially saved the act and Moe and Larry's careers.
  • In Back To The Woods, the Stooges are pilgrims trying to hunt on native land. When a group of braves attack them, Curly takes out several with a truly astonishing eye poke/kangaroo kick/body splash combo. Acrofatic doesn't do it justice. Later on, Larry is kidnapped and about to be scalped, and Moe and Curly disguise themselves and join the native dance - with wooden clubs hidden behind their backs. In a matter of seconds they've knocked the whole group unconscious. Curly accidentally clobbers Moe as well, but that's to be expected.
  • Anytime the other Stooges manage to get some payback against Moe:
    • In The Sitter Downers, the Stooges are trying to build a house themselves, with the predictable chaos occurring. Moe is, of course, being his usual abusive self. At one point, his finger gets stuck in some plumbing. Larry asks to make sure that Moe really is stuck - and then begins whaling on him with a two-by-four. Sure, the beatdown lasts for only a minute and Moe soon gets free, but seeing agreeable, easy-going Larry getting a small amount of revenge is still a delight to see.
    • In Calling All Curs, after (somehow) managing to crawl though the intercom simply to hit Curly, Moe ends up getting stuck with only his face poking out. What does Curly do when learns this information? He plays the "She Loves Me..." game while gleefully plucking Moe's eyebrows one by one! It also serves as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • Here's another Curly example, from ''I'll Never Heil Again."
      Moe Hailstone: I vanquished them! I am the winner, the world belongs to me! (to Curly, who's holding a globe) Give it to me!
      Curly Herring: No, it's mine!
      Moe Hailstone: Gimme that world, Herring, or I'll marinate you. LET ME HAVE IT!!
    • Shemp even manages to get one on Moe in "Heavenly Daze." When he's a ghost trying to get the other Stooges to redeem themselves and catches Moe being his usual self around Larry, he slaps Moe in the face! And then when he blames Larry for that and is about to "moider" him, Shemp manages to save Larry and Moe ends up hitting his hand on the wall. Heck, Shemp's own speech to Moe is awesome as well. note 
      Shemp: You've been picking on that little guy long enough. It's about time you got a dose of your own medicine!
    • Shemp once got sweet revenge on not just Moe, but Larry as well in the short Husbands Beware. He found out they lied about his uncle dying and leaving him half a million dollars but only if he gets married to a ugly woman, just to get back at him for hooking them up with his mean-spirited sisters. Shemp does not take it well.
      Shemp: Why you no-good, double crossing rats! (Takes out a gun and shoots them both in the rear.)