Awesome / You Nazty Spy

  • Moe personally was proud of the fact that You Nazty Spy was the first Hollywood film to mock Hitler and the Nazis (they beat Chaplin's The Great Dictator by nine months).
  • That the film was even made in the first place. You Nazty Spy was made in 1940, at a time when the deck was stacked against cinematic lampoons of Hitler:
    • First off, such lampoons of public figures were technically banned by The Hayes Code (though in practice, shorts were often overlooked for all but the most egregious of violations)
    • Second, as Germany and the US were not at war, there may have been fears by Columbia about Germany banning all their output due to the slight (a year earlier, Warner Bros. had all its movies banned in Germany due to the release of Confessions of a Nazi Spy, and even during the war, Warner Bros had to change the famed "dueling songs" scene in Casablanca to avoid the Nazis pursuing copyright complaints in neutral countries where the film might be shown note )