Funny: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

  • Link's face when obtaining a Rupoor. If you don't want to spoil it, try getting one from shooting the black crystals, or playing expert in the digging up Rupees game, or dumping Mushroom Spores on a normal Rupee.
    • The accompanying description's pretty damn amusing too.
    You picked up a Rupoor!
    That means you've lost 10 rupees.
  • When you don't want to listen to a Sheikah Stone's advice a second time, it says the following quote:
    Stone: Rumor has it you're some kind of genius that remembers things perfectly the first time you hear them...
    • Speaking of Sheikah Stones, try setting off a bomb near one. It randomly flies into the air like a rocket and explodes, then a new one grows out of the ground in its place.
  • The moment when Link learns the final part of the Song of The Hero. He's about to claim the harp and celebrate his victory when the music cuts off. Link's expression is totally worth it.
  • The scene after completing the Lanayru Mining Facility. Impa is fending off Ghirahim, and Zelda sends over the Goddess' Harp to Link. Suddenly one hears the Item Get theme as Link receives the Harp. Link's silly expression on his face probably helps as well.
  • Groose skydiving towards Link at a very fast pace. Link's facial expression says it all.
    • Later, he suggests they name the surface world Grooseland. Even the music thinks it's stupid.
      • Legend of Groose. Even he admits it was a joke.
    • Groose's reaction to the Surface, especially the 'tiny birds' which are later in the cutscene seen landing on him, with one even on his hair.
      • In the Italian translation, he addresses them as 'lilliputian Loftwings'.
  • Try and walk out of Beedle's shop without buying anything after looking at his wares. Go ahead, try. He opens a trap door beneath you, causing you to fall face first to the ground.
    • Made even funnier if you talked to him beforehand.
    • Strangely, if you sleep in his bed, he won't dump you on the ground for not buying anything. Also, he talks very... differently at night.
  • A pair of Mogmas plot to get into the Earth Temple like a Heist movie, but then they ditch that when they remember that they could just dig underground to get to the temple.
  • Ghirahim's little "That Makes Me Feel Angry" tirade during your first meeting with him.
    • Much of Ghirahim's dialogue in your meeting with him in the Fire Sanctuary is hilarious, just up until the part he puts on a Kubrick Stare and becomes Nightmare Fuel.
    • "This news positively FILLS my heart with RAINBOWS!"
    • Ghirahim's little victory dance just before he starts the ritual to sacrifice Zelda's soul. He's just so giddy.
      • He's also humming his own theme song while dancing.
    • If you don't fend off Ghirahim with your sword during the first and second fights, he attacks by pimp-slapping Link across the face.
  • How Zelda's Loftwing delivers her letter to Link: by spitting it at him!
    • After waking him up by screeching at him and causing him to fall out of bed.
  • And of course, the fact that Kleptomaniac Hero, among many, many other adventure-game tropes are subverted throughout the course of the game.
  • One of the Gratitude Crystal sidequests also counts. It's a Mythology Gag centered around one of the weirdest Big Lipped Alligator Moments from Majora's Mask. To wit: you discover somebody in the Knight's Academy's bathroom in the middle of the night, crying out for paper ("any paper!"). When you find paper, she lets you into the bathroom... to reveal that it's a disembodied hand that appears from inside the toilet. The only thing that could make this better is the fact that the paper is actually a love letter. It's truly a thing of wonder.
    • If you analyze the hand, Fi assures you to "Cease being scared and talk to her".
  • The Cursed Bokoblins. Some find them scary, others find them hilarious. Even if the first time you're faced with a horde of undead, leopard-print underwear-wearing monsters doesn't phase you, there are other moments. They're like the Butt Monkeys of monsters.
    • One example is the first time you're exiting the basement floor via rope. Out of nowhere, the Cursed Bokoblins pop up and chase you up the rope and, if they catch you, you get to shake them off. It's hard to run away through the laughter.
    • According to Fi, the whole reason they cling to life is the attachment to their odd underwear.
    • Another moment from the Cistern basement is when you finally get the idol. A mob of Bokoblins springs from the ground and the statue above you begins to drop down from the ceiling/where it used to be the ceiling. You could probably stay to fight them all off, but it's infinitely more satisfying to sprint out of the way and watch the cinematic of them being squashed. And just for those budding PETM members: it's alright. They're already dead.
    • Bokoblins in general are Butt Monkeys in the Zelda series, but nowhere else is it more apparent than in this game.
    • Knocking them off ledges and watching them roll down the hills in Eldin, shaking them off the tightrope, stealing their monster horns with the whip and watching them pitch a mini temper tantrum over it, and all other forms of tormenting them are sadistically funny.
  • The cinematic after you insert the Stone of Trials. Link's blank expression practically screams "What."
    • This is likely a Call Back (or Call Forward) to a similar scene in The Wind Waker, where Link had a similar reaction to a very similar statue doing a very similar thing. Just that in The Wind Waker, Link went on to examine the statue closer in order to see if it's broken — only to have it blow up in his face.
  • When you start searching for Zelda in Faron Woods and come across a kikwi with her aura around it, answering "Zelda?" results in Fi giving an overly long analysis of the kikwi that confirms, with 95% accuracy, that the kikwi is not, in fact, Zelda. You know you've said something stupid when your sword starts snarking at you.
    • Likewise, after the 2 Mogmas mentioned earlier on the page mention how a girl fitting Zelda's physical description to the letter was taken into the Earth Temple, you can suggest to Fi that it was actually Impa that they saw. By her calculations, the chances of that being true are '10%. Rounded up.'
    • If you repeatedly fail a Silent Realm trial, Fi eventually states that "the chances of you not being the chosen hero are increasing..."
    • When Fi assesses a fairy, she'll admit that there's a 10% chance it's actually an unknown species of insect.
  • Some monsters flee in terror at the sight of the beetle.
    • Which is actually smart of them on some level, such as with the boulder-tossing bokoblins on Eldin Volcano. It makes trying to get them to crush themselves with their own boulders a lot harder.
    • Drop a wasp hive on a monster. Laugh as they run around in circles swatting uselessly at their heads to try and stop the stinging.
  • Groose's hair, which the player can choose to mock.
  • Link's Item Get text when he receives the Sailcloth from Zelda and her subsequent reaction to either the pose or his fine print.
    "... it smells nice too."
  • The very Ship Tease-ish scene with Link and Zelda on the Goddess statue during the ceremony. After she's done with her part, Zelda tells Link there's one final step to it, shyly asks him if he knows what that is (Link's answers are... nervously ambiguous), and then leans in extremely close to the point where she and Link's faces are mere inches apart... and then Zelda turns him around and pushes him off the statue.
    • Also note that this is the second time she pushed Link off from a dangerous height. On the same day. Makes you wonder if this is a regular thing between the two of them.
    • Word of God is that the developers originally planned to have Zelda push Link three times, but Miyamoto decided it was a little excessive.
  • If you go into the Lumpy Pumpkin and break the chandelier for the Heart Piece nestled on it, the owner's reaction is priceless:
    • It helps that the music also goes dead silent after you break the chandelier, as if to emphasize how badly you just messed up.
    • Kina: "Oh, look! It's the brave knight who slayed the chandelier!"
    • Afterward, you have to work for the owner to pay off the damages, but you can be a stubborn asshat about it every step of the way; trying to leave without even talking, refusing to do any work whenever he or Kina give you a job, drinking the Pumpkin Soup you're supposed to be delivering, deliberately playing the harp badly... All just to piss him off further.
    • Even the official strategy guide gets in on this one. "You know what you must do".
  • Faron. From when Link first meets her wrapped up in her basin to her decision to FLOOD THE FOREST to get rid of the monsters.
  • If you get spotted in the stealth section of Eldin Volcano, a boulder will be launched on top of Link courtesy of some Bokoblins with a catapult, with the screen going black right before it hits him and a squishing noise.
  • If your sense of humor is dark enough, the boss fight with Koloktos — where you repeatedly chop its limbs off with its own sword and whale on its weak spot while it sits helplessly — can be Bloody Hilarious.
  • When you first fix Scrapper, he acts like a complete jerk. Then Fi comes out and he starts flirting with her.note  She's rendered speechless.
    Scrapper: Helping young people like yourself is very low on my list of priorities.
    [Fi pops out]
    Scrapper: Oh! Hey! What was your name? Fi? Would it be alright if I called you Mistress Fi? If it's for Mistress Fi, I'm ready to carry any weight.
    Fi: [extremely long pause] ...Master, I believe we now have a way to retrieve that item.
    • Scrapper then nicknames Link "Master Shortpants".
  • At one point in the game, you need to learn the lyrics to the song Zelda was singing on the day of the ceremony. Headmaster Gaebora knows it, but states he'll just speak the lyrics rather than try to sing them. You can insist that he sing it, much to his sheepishness.
  • Falling in lava. It's like something out of a Mario game, complete with the hilarious yelling.
  • "This is Peatrice, a sweet girl whose occupation of storing items provides little intellectual stimulation. You can store items with her at the bazaar. Master, your interest in this young woman is clear. I can see your aura shining brightly with joy in her presence. ...I strongly recommend that you do not mention this when you next encounter Zelda."
  • After the second Moldarach boss fight happens while you are searching for Skipper's ship, if you continue to search long enough, Fi will tell you that there is a 0% chance that the ship is there and that you should leave.
  • "Ah yes, the oral tradition. One of the least reliable methods of passing down information." Fi is just so hilariously matter-of-fact about how wrong Gaepora has gotten the prophecy.
  • The reaction the Stalfos have to getting caught in a bomb explosion. Their arms come off and they jerkily look left and right, as if they're incredulous about the whole situation.
  • If you throw a bomb at a Bokoblin, it'll run away. Do this with a Technoblin, and it may run right out of the Timeshift zone and turn into a pile of bones.
  • During the first fight with him, Ghirahim introduces himself saying that he prefers "his full title... LORD Ghirahim. But I'm not fussy." Link just sneers and waggles his head like "whoop-dee doo, aren't you special?"
  • The Guays/crows in the forest will sometimes poop on your shoulder. Link makes a horrified/disgusted face as he runs around with an adorable stylized poo on him.
    • Scanning them with Fi has her state that getting pooped on has a 100% chance of aggravation.
      • There's also something funny about how the poo drains your stamina gauge if left unchecked.
  • While battling Demise, Link can whip out his bug-catching net. Demise will actually pause to stare at it.