Funny: Super Mario Bros. Z

  • Here's a montage of all the funny moments in-series.
  • "And we are... THE SPIRIT SQUAD!"
    • Also Luigi's facial expression after witnessing Mecha Sonic's power.
  • In episode 7, At 53:10, Luigi manages to work up the courage to rescue his brother from minus world. His courage is... Not rewarded.
    • Speaking of Luigi, he seems to be constant fodder for Slapstick jokes - to try listing them all would be an exercise in futility
  • What, no say on Axem Red's reaction when his BFG doesn't work on Mecha Sonic?
  • Airplane Slingshot... That will always make me laugh.
  • The characters are heading to Pipe Land... and on the way there Luigi breaks into a house and takes a nap. Mario isn't amused. Cue him tying up Luigi and dragging him along.
  • How come no ones has mention Wario and Waluigi? especially in Episode 6!
    • Even more so in Episode 7
    • Their first appearance wasn't too shabby either.
  • At the end of episode 6, Shadow uses Chaos Control to warp everyone on Yoshi Island (including a quickly-falling Mario and Sonic) to the nearest continent. Then while Chaos Control is still active, he casually walks out of the way... just before Mario and Sonic resume falling and slam into the ground.
  • Jeff and Hal's cameo in Episode 7.
  • The Peanut Butter Jelly Time banana who appears in episodes 1 and 7.
    Banana: "I LIKE CEREAL!"