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Funny: Super Mario Bros. Z
  • Here's a montage of all the funny moments in-series.
  • "And we are... THE SPIRIT SQUAD!"
    • Also Luigi's facial expression after witnessing Mecha Sonic's power.
  • In episode 7, At 53:10, Luigi manages to work up the courage to rescue his brother from minus world. His courage is... Not rewarded.
    • Speaking of Luigi, he seems to be constant fodder for Slapstick jokes - to try listing them all would be an exercise in futility
  • What, no say on Axem Red's reaction when his BFG doesn't work on Mecha Sonic?
  • Airplane Slingshot... That will always make me laugh.
  • The characters are heading to Pipe Land... and on the way there Luigi breaks into a house and takes a nap. Mario isn't amused. Cue him tying up Luigi and dragging him along.
  • How come no ones has mention Wario and Waluigi? especially in Episode 6!
    • Even more so in Episode 7
    • Their first appearance wasn't too shabby either.
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