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Awesome: Super Mario Bros. Z
  • Episode 3
    • Yoshi fighting Mecha Sonic. Sure, Yoshi loses, but he put up a pretty good fight.
  • Episode 6
    • The 3 way battle between the Koopa Brothers, Axem Rangers and the heroes.
  • Episode 7
    • Sonic vs Mecha Sonic
  • Episode 8
    • Blazing/Solar Sonic
    • Mario Vs Basilisx
  • The Clip of Episode 9:
    • Luigi breaking free of Basilix's stone gaze and getting off a Big Damn Heroes moment for Mario.
      • Made even better when you realize; THE APRIL FOOLS JOKE WAS EPIC FORSHADOWING.
  • Every single fight scene in the whole damn series.
  • A villainous one; Mecha Sonic merely SHOWING UP causes a mass Oh, Crap. THAT requires quite the nasty reputation!
  • Real Life
    • : Series creator Alvin-Earthworm somehow bypassed the 16K frame cap in Flash in the making of some of these episodes. To repeat, the later episodes of this series are more than 16,000 frames long!. For those of you who are not computer programmers, think fitting 20 cubic feet of stuff into a box that only holds 10.
    • Newgrounds raised the filesize limit on uploads just so he could submit Episode 8.
    • The "big four" (Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow) are depicted in sprites from the rather limited Game Boy Advance games; the former two from Superstar Saga (and only SS, not Partners In Time or Bowser's Inside Story) and the latter two from the GBA Sonic Advance games. Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, and Toadsworth have gotten sprite upgrades, but the big four are pure game sprites and fan edits. Hammmerbro!Mario and Tanooki!Luigi, for example, are in the style of SS but made whole-cloth. Not to mention Fire-Sonic and Basilisx...
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