Awesome: Super Mario Bros. Z

A double whammy; displaying awesome moments from the series and real life.

This is Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dragon Ball Z all rolled into one package. That alone sounds crazy awesome and hype inducing, but what's even more awesome is that it works. Let it never be said that Mark Haynes (a.k.a. Alvin Earthworm) doesn't know what he's doing with this series, making it one of the most popular web series known.
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     Original Run 
  • Episode 3
    • Yoshi fighting Mecha Sonic. Sure, Yoshi loses, but he put up a pretty good fight. Notably, Yoshi's egg defense at the start of the fight was very resilient; Mecha Sonic had to expend a ridiculous amount of effort just to break it! This fact alone essentially disqualifies the fight from being a one-sided one.
  • Episode 5
    • Yoshi shows up to save Mario and repel Thunderfoot with one kick.
    • The explosive collision between the heroes, the Koopa Bros., and the Axem Rangers... and the sheer maelstrom of attacks that follows.
    • Shadow trashing Axem Yellow.
    • Mario slams Axem Red and the red Koopa Bro through a mountain.
    • Luigi's lightning uppercut.
  • Continuing the three-way battle from the last episode, Episode 6 is considered by some fans to be the absolute pinnacle of the original run. And for good reason...
    • The 3 way battle between the Koopa Brothers, Axem Rangers and the heroes.
      • When Wario and Waluigi show up, they see the explosive effects of the battle from miles away.
      • Yellow splits the upper portion of a mountain!
      • Axem Red and the red Koopa Bro briefly gang up on Mario and overwhelm him. Then Mario grabs a Fire Flower and easily stomps both of them in a matter of seconds.
      • The sheer power of the Breaker Beam.
    • Mecha Sonic's arrival.
      • Armed with two chaos emeralds, Mecha Sonic pierces right through the Koopa Bros. special attack, and then he tanks the Breaker Beam and destroys the Blade! And then he had four...
      • Semi-Super Mecha Sonic horrifically and absolutely destroys the Axem Rangers. Red's secret weapon does absolutely nothing.
      • Aside from the Starman, Mario's initial fireball attack is the only thing that noticeably affects Semi-Super Mecha Sonic. Not a lot, but that's still quite a feat...
      • When Mecha goes Semi-Super, Shadow's the ONLY one who is able to FIGHT EVENLY WITH HIM. Sure, he was overpowered shortly after, but still...
      • "Chaos... BLAST!!!"
      • Mario and Sonic also get one after they utilize the power of a Starman. Mario becomes Invincible Mario and Sonic becomes Super Sonic. Cue "Open Your Heart" from Crush 40 blaring in glorious spades. Attacking at the same time knocked all four of the Chaos Emeralds Turbo Mecha Sonic had while in his semi super form. Super Sonic quickly gathered the four Chaos Emeralds and attempted to send his worst enemy straight to Hell with a powerful wave motion attack (it didn't last though). Now, look at Turbo Mecha Sonic's expression as Sonic does so: pure terror . This is literally the only time we ever see Turbo Mecha Sonic, a character arguably more badass than the entire cast who induces fear just with his name and presence, show outright fear. A wonderful demonstration of how powerful a Starman can make anyone, and it is also cathartic for those who wanted to see that evil bastard have the tables turned on him. Invincible Mario and Super Sonic are two forces that should not be messed with by anyone.
      • This goes to show that even a Knight of Cerebus can experience fear. This makes the moment all the more awesome.
  • Episode 7
    • Sonic vs Mecha Sonic
  • Episode 8
  • The Clip of Episode 9:
    • Luigi breaking free of Basilix's stone gaze and getting off a Big Damn Heroes moment for Mario.
      • Made even better when you realize; THE APRIL FOOLS JOKE WAS EPIC FORSHADOWING.
  • Every single fight scene in the whole damn series.
  • A villainous one; Mecha Sonic merely SHOWING UP causes a mass Oh Crap!. THAT requires quite the nasty reputation!
  • At the end of the intro, Mario looking thoroughly pissed off as he stares down Metallix.
  • Episode 1
    • The preview of the first episode. Asura's Wrath Template indeed.
    • Rawk Hawk making an appearance in the series is quite a pleasant surprise.
    • The rebooted fight between Mario and Bowser. Considering that fight in the original series was among his earliest works, and as such wasn't as flashy as his later ones, if he can reboot this fight to such an extent, one can only imagine how the later fights will come out now!
    • In the above mentioned fight, when Bowser is about to ready the finishing blow to an already-down Mario, Luigi steps in to protect his brother, well-aware that he stands no chance against Bowser's new metal form. Bowser even gives him a chance to run away, but Luigi stands his ground. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
      • Implied to be an Homage to Mumen Riders own Hold the Line moment for One-Punch Man, Right down to using a recreation the sorrowful version of the main theme for said series.
    • Kamek, of all people, gets one for calling Mario's bluff while holding Peach hostage! It takes gumption to hold your place while the hero bears down on your boss at mach one.
    • Sonic makes a Dynamic Entry by doing a Flash Step over and sending Kamek flying with one kick.
    • Earlier in the fight, Mario is about to be body-slammed by Bowser,so in order to get out of it, he throws a fireball down, so that the falling bowser ends up catching it in his eyes and is flung off. It's a nice little moment that shows there's more to Mario's fighting style than raw power and speed.
     Real Life 
  • Series creator Alvin-Earthworm somehow bypassed the 16K frame cap in Flash in the making of some of these episodes. To repeat, the later episodes of this series are more than 16,000 frames long!. For those of you who are not computer programmers, think fitting 20 cubic feet of stuff into a box that only holds 10.
  • Newgrounds raised the filesize limit on uploads just so he could submit Episode 8.
  • The "big four" (Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow) are depicted in sprites from the rather limited Game Boy Advance games; the former two from Superstar Saga (and only SS, not Partners In Time or Bowser's Inside Story) and the latter two from the GBA Sonic Advance games. Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, and Toadsworth have gotten sprite upgrades, but the big four are pure game sprites and fan edits. Hammmerbro!Mario and Tanooki!Luigi, for example, are in the style of SS but made whole-cloth. Not to mention Fire-Sonic and Basilisx...
    • The first episode of the reboot is apparently taking longer than Alvin expected because he has to MAKE the poses he needs for Wario and Waluigi. Who were already custom fan jobs.
  • Alvin recently set up a patreon account for the upcoming reboot, and as of this post, it has already reached $3,600 per episode. Both an awesome moment for Alvin showing how much people love his work and for the fandom for being so supportive.
    • Best part about this? He achieved this without releasing a single episode yet. That's how much people have been looking forward to his smash series' return.
    • The fanbase continues to impress after the first episode's official release. In only a couple of days, the donations have gone up to $5.5k at the time of this post. Now THAT'S support.
  • The people over at Newgrounds are clearly very excited to see this series return. When the first episode of the reboot was released, they gave it a prominent spot at the top of the front page with huge, bolded text that says "SMBZ REBOOTED!"