Nightmare Fuel: Super Mario Bros. Z

  • Admit it, the scenes where Mecha Sonic murders Sonic's friends and him gazing at the destroyed Yoshi's Island made you cringe.
  • Episode 8 has a lovely scene where the viewer is treated to a closeup of a dying Rouge. Eeeep.
  • Hell, any scene that has to do with the events on Mobius could qualify, since they almost always involve graphic destruction and even more graphic death.
  • The end of Episode 8, made such with that damn Cliffhanger.
  • Minus World is historically referred to by the simple, cold moniker of "World 36" and is revealed to be a pocket dimension from which there is no escape. During an ancient war between the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopas, it was used as a method of execution by both sides, who would throw their prisoners down the warp pipe to starve to death; their corpses, as well as those of anyone unfortunate enough to stumble inside, litter the ground of the zone.