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Funny: Shrek the Third
  • Fiona and her friends' first attempt at an escape. It's quite a prolonged joke, rather than the genuine escape later, which is more of a Crowning Action Sequence.
    1: First, Fiona pushes the statue to open a secret passage. Look at where the statue of the Frog King Harold ends up - kissing the statue of the horse's butt.
    2: Then Prince Charming runs in on Big Bad Wolf, the Three Little Pigs, Gingy, and Pinnochio all sitting there casually eating tea and crumpets together like they're all nice and friendly and absolutely nothing's going on. Contrast this to the fact that you saw Fiona and her friends doing this a few seconds ago.
    3: Once Captain Hook begins interrogating Gingerbread Man, his life starts flashing before his eyes, and he ends up in a trance.
    4 Then the complicated scene where Prince Charming goes to Pinochio and demands he tell him where the princesses have gone because he can't lie. He desperately tries to worm his way out of it with convoluted excuses, until he frustrates the Three Little Pigs so much that one of them simply blurts it out.
  • Prince Charming: (addressing Shrek) "You are about to enter a world of pain with which you are not familia-a-a-a-a-a-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!" (cue a pair of glasses and a pearl string in the audience breaking to pieces)
  • The scene where the nerds are laughing at Shrek and one suddenly gets a nosebleed. Just the way his expression changes.
  • How Pinocchio gets around Prince Charming's interrogation trap: "On the contrary, I’m possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that in no way with any amount of uncertainty that I undeniably do or do not know where he shouldn’t probably be, if that indeed wasn’t where he isn’t. Even if he wasn’t at where I knew he was..."
  • Everything with Puss and Donkey switching bodies.
  • Shrek and Artie fighting over the ship's steering wheel, ending with them crashing onto the shore of an island.
    Captain: (after the crash) LAND HO!
  • After Shrek and Artie fight, Puss and Donkey urge Shrek to try to relate to Artie. Shrek goes for this by giving a god awful stab at outdated teenage lingo. Artie finally gets fed up, whacks Shrek with a tree branch, and runs away screaming "HELP! I'M BEING KIDNAPPED BY A MONSTER THAT'S TRYING TO RELATE TO ME!"
  • Everything Shrek says to mock Prince Charming in his "moment of triumph".
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