Awesome / Shrek the Third

  • The assault on the castle, which is fully the princesses' time to shine. Of particular note is the beginning. Snow White hops out and starts singing happily and luring out a bunch of woodland creatures... then her happy trilling turns into the Immigrant Song, making the animals attack the guards.
  • Everyone showing up to back up Shrek on stage. Including Dragon & her kids flying in formation and the 3 pigs in martial art poses. Yes, Charming ruins it by calling in the villains, but still...
  • Artie's speech at the end, convincing the other villains that, yes they do have a choice. Fits well with the series idea of "There is always another ending".
  • When Artie gets picked on by the students, Donkey of all people (having been stuffed into a locker and having a "I sucketh" note planted on his butt) snaps at them "Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves!" Defied quickly when Lancelot says "That wasn't me." Still, a funny talking donkey standing up against the bullies is kinda cool.
  • Pinocchio gets a minor one when Prince Charming interrogates him; Pinocchio knows full well that if he tells the truth he'll expose Shrek and put him in danger. But he also knows that if he lies, his nose will give it away. So what does he do? He starts talking entirely in circular double negatives, so that nothing he's saying is true, but at the same time none of it is a lie, as well as confusing the HECK out of Charming.
  • Shrek managing to Take The Bullet when Charming tries to stab Arthur.
  • Arthur managing to guilt trip Merlin.
  • Before leaving with Shrek, Donkey, and Puss, Arthur gives a major "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his entire school and promising payback to Lancelot and his bullies.
  • The queen headbutting the prison walls open. She summarizes her amazing skills in one simple quote.
    Queen Lillian: "Well, you didn't actually think you got your fighting skills from your father, did you?"
  • The fact that Fiona escapes prison and leads the princesses on an attack against Charming to rescue Shrek while pregnant is pretty amazing.