Funny: Shovel Knight

  • Jokes from the developer streams:
    • The $350,000 stretch goal, butt mode.
      • With the unveiling of over 321 cheats, Butt Mode was found. It's as hilarious as it sounds, and replaces certain words with 'butt.' (Enter WSWWAEAW or X&BUTT at the name entry screen to unlock it.)
    • The playable version of King Knight having a Swagger meter that he fills by strutting.
    • The accompanying series, Shovel High, about the characters from the game going to high school. Polar Knight is a jock, Mole Knight is a fat kid with a beautiful voice, and Plague Knight pushes drugs.
  • If you spend some time around Armor Outpost, you can find a rare NPC that looks exactly like Shovel Knight without his helmet. He has a fish head!
  • After the Boss Rush, King Knight laments his loss.
    King Knight: My castle... my luxury... my fiefdoms! My... chandeliers! Curse you, Shovel Knight!
    • Even funnier when you remember that said dropping chandeliers were a trap that King Knight himself probably set up.
    • And if you're wearing the Ornate Armor, he pulls a complete 180 and compliments your armor choice, pleased that his style is obviously rubbing off on you.
      King Knight: ... Although I must say, your armor is resplendent. I can see you've picked up on my style!
      • And King Knight in the ending? He is forced to scrub Pridemoor halls as punishment; he then throws the cloth he's using to clean on the ground and raises his fist clenching it. You can almost hear him say "Curse you, Shovel Knight!"
    • After the aforementioned Boss Rush, Mole Knight says Shovel Knight should exchange digging notes with him.
    • The set-up of the Boss Rush is hilarious, as well. You unexpectedly drop in on the Order of No Quarter having dinner. The battles take place on top of the dinner table and they are just as hectic as they were before, such as Specter Knight turning off the lights, Tinker Knight's use of the Tinker Tank, and Plague Knight flinging explosive chemicals all over the place, yet watch as your opponent's fellow knights just sit at the table as usual, undisturbed. It's taken Up to Eleven with Treasure Knight, who fills up the room with water, yet the other knights are still sitting around as usual.
  • Want to know a quicker way to defeat the pathetically easy Tinker Knight? Ride the Mobile Gear right into him, causing him to go down in one hit.
  • Tinker Knight's first form in general. His "attacks" consist of him running around panicking, and tripping over. Even the music is hilarious.
  • In the first town, you can find a frog named Croaker who does nothing but spout awful jokes and puns. You even get an achievement for listening to them all. Later on, in another town, you can encounter a grouchy toad named Toader. Talking to Toader makes Shovel Knight attempt to cheer him up with his own repertoire of terrible jokes.
  • The Troupple King's dance when you first get ichor from him.
  • Shovel Knight calling Propeller Knight a "Gyroscopic Jester" sounds like something out of the 60's Batman show.
    • He also calls King Knight a "Decadent Dandy". It's such an old folksy way to insult someone. Said insult is also the name of King Knight's boss battle theme.
  • Facing off against The Baz and then making him cry when you beat him.
    • Feeling a bit cruel and want to Kick the Dog without any karma? Hit Baz after you defeat him; he will cry even harder and the game will reward you with some gems.
  • The bard says The Enchantress gave him a pretty amulet for music sheet no. 43. However, his description of No. 44 shows that didn't turn out well.
    Bard: So, helpful tip for my fellow bards: never accept amulets as payment. Trust me. Don't.
  • One of the rewards of the kickstart: Official Shovel Knight Dirt Signed by The Yacht Club. Subtext: This is the best product photo ever, bwahaha!
  • According to his official profile, Black Knight has a squeaky voice.