Awesome / Shovel Knight

In-Game Moments

  • The final boss has Shield Knight fight alongside Shovel Knight once more.
    • The dialogue before the fight:
      Shield Knight: When the amulet shattered, the magic within it was released! It's already gathering. It will escape and wreak havoc on everything...
      Shovel Knight: Unless we stop it.
      Shield Knight: Unless we stop it! We can destroy it for good, here and now!
      Shovel Knight: But we're both weak from battle!
      Shield Knight: I've never been more ready. Come on, Shovel Knight, let's fight together, like old times. Now... stay close to me!
  • The duels with Black Knight are all awesome, but Yacht Club Games saved the best one for last. Black Knight, now revealed to be good, is forced by The Enchantress to fight via mind control. Eventually, Black Knight begins to sprout wings and rain meteors down on Shovel Knight. It's an exhilarating, amazingly epic conclusion to the rival fights.
  • Every boss fight is pretty awesome, but special mention goes to Tinker Knight's fight. It starts off very simple and embarrassingly easy. Then, after you completely deplete his health, the floor collapses and tiny little Tinker Knight leaps into a Humongous Mecha!
  • Shield Knight surviving her You Shall Not Pass! moment in the end. Also, she didn't need Shovel Knight to catch her. It's appreciated, but she can take a fall. She's not the Damsel in Distress, they're partners.
  • Fighting Shovel Knight as a boss in Plague of Shadows. He uses his relics against you (Flare Wand, Throwing Anchor, War Horn, Phase Locket, Chaos Spheres) and even recovers his health with an Ichor of Renewal. The fight is every bit as awesome and frenetic as you'd expect.
  • Plague Knight's final boss starts off fairly simply, but brilliantly with a shadow clone Mirror Match against the original Plague Knight boss fight. If you thought it was was frantic the first time.... Followed by the second phase: A giant, demonic bird version of Plague Knight, riding on some sort of alchemical machine that guards its weak point.
  • Remember when the Tower of Fate collapsed at the end of Shovel of Hope? That wasn't because of the amulet's destruction. That was because Mona and Plague Knight blew it up with the ultimate potion.
  • Specter of Torment has one where you fight SHIELD KNIGHT. DURING A FLASHBACK SEQUENCE. And it's actually tough, since she's the only character that can auto-block almost all your attacks.
  • Also, Specter Knight's final boss, Nightmare Reize, has Specter Knight grind on rails over a bottomless pit to even catch up to him, as he is constantly ahead of you. It's almost like a set piece from Sonic the Hedgehog in how fast pace it is. Oh, and of course the rails start falling as the boss gets lower health and you have to HOMING ATTACK across pits at high speed to make it over and finish him off. Did I mention you get a cool sounding reprise of Fighting With All Of Our Might during the whole thing?
  • This one is minor, but Specter Knight telling Black Knight to "Steel thy shovel!" before their second fight in Specter of Torment. Maybe that's where Black Knight got it from in the first place.
  • Obtaining the Judgement Orb in Specter Knight's campaign is a hell of a moment when you realize that it's the floating lunge attack he does as a boss.
  • If Specter Knight collects every single skull, Red implies that despite being under her control, Specter Knight is plotting against the Enchantress.

Out-of-Game and Meta Moments

  • Really now, the fact that Shovel Knight, one of the most successful indie game protagonists to date, can take on Kratos and the Battletoads, AAA-gaming mascots, is one.
    • The Battletoads appearing at all is an awesome moment in itself, since they hadn't been seen for a long time prior to their appearance.
  • The game had been subject to some severe schedule slip before finally reaching the target release on the end of June 2014. Why? Because they finished the Alpha build around January. And by Alpha build they mean THE GAME IS PLAYABLE FROM START TO FINISH! The devotion they have to making it perfect is astounding.
  • Shovel Knight not only has its own amiibo, but it's also both the first third-party amiibonote  and amiibo for an indie game.
  • Crossing the Million Copies Sold threshold.
  • Shovel Knight's appearance in his reveal trailer for Road Redemption. A bunch of biker thugs destroy police cars and plan on targeting an innocent civilian next, but guess who's not having any of that. Cue distinctive trumpet Fanfare, which apparently happens in-universe, as it causes the biker thugs to look behind themselves and see none other than Shovel Knight himself riding out of the smoke caused by their mayhem. He proceeds to No-Sell bullets and dispense shovel justice as a rock remix of "Plains of Passage" plays.
  • After being accused of Schedule Slip between Plague of Shadows and Specter Knight's campaign, we finally see why: Specter of Torment is so thoroughly changed from the base Shovel Knight, the levels are remixed, the mechanics are radically different, the bosses are completely changed, and the story shows massive production values, it's effectively an entirely new prequel game dressed up as free DLC.
  • A minor moment, but a moment nonetheless information provided about the game's Body Swap Mode shows that the changes made are rather tasteful. On top of that, the level of personalization to what gets swapped means that Shovel Knight may be one of the most LGBT friendly games out there. Crosses into Heartwarming a bit.
  • Shovel Knight got to face off against Scrooge McDuck in Screwattack's Death Battle on the second episode of Season 4. Sadly, Shovel Knight loses.