Trivia / Shovel Knight

  • Colbert Bump: During the last few days of the Kickstarter campaign, a prerelease build of the game was sent to several prominent YouTubers, including Two Best Friends Play and Game Grumps, for greater public exposure.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Banana Knight" for Specter Knight before he was revealed.
    • "Big Daddy Knight" for Treasure Knight.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • Those who paid for it through the game's crowd-funding campaign were put into the game in sprite form. A small few people also paid for the opportunity to become director of the studio for one day. Winners of the fan art contest that created original material have it featured in the game in some fashion.
    • The Baz appears as a secret boss, as do Reize Seatlan, Phantom Striker, and Mr. Hat. The fifth director for a day designed the Liquid Samurai, a standard enemy that appears late in the game.
    • Although not from any one source, multiple game mechanics were either suggested or altered due to fan input through the design hang-outs, which were exclusive to anyone who donated $75 or above.
  • Regional Bonus: When bringing the game over to Japan, they did what they called a 'reverse-localization', in which they made changes as if it had already launched on the Famicom, while keeping most-everything from the original. The one big omission was the lack of the Plague of Shadows campaign, which is only because it hadn't been translated at the time (rectified as of the September 2nd patch).
  • Schedule Slip: Word of God is that they were hoping to finish the game by the end of 2016, but plans changed as Specter Knight's update, Specter of Torment, became a tentative "Spring 2017". A lot of it probably has to do with them going "overboard" with the content, and the amount of iterating the updates go through.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original idea for the checkpoints would be to have them only work if the player had a certain amount of gold on them when they first touched them. It was canned because the developers decided that it would punish less skilled players unfairly.
    • Plague Knight's campaign was to have a crafting system through which most if not all items and upgrades would have been obtained. This was ditched in favor of the simpler cipher coin and relic trading systems.
    • Any of the Order of No Quarter Knights could have had their own campaign and individual game mechanics, but the fan votes decided on three: Plague Knight, King Knight, and Specter Knight. The developers teased that Propeller Knight, had he won a spot, would have probably been a Glass Cannon with short-range flight. The Dig The Vote page gives some more details regarding them.
    • The Japanese release originally replaced the gold treasure (worth 20G) with a koban-style Japanese coin (i.e. the kind seen on Meowth), but this was rectified prior to launch. They do, however, show up in the Japanese equivalent of Butt Mode.
    • Shield Knight was originally supposed to be a princess, as part of the throwback to old NES games (and was called "Princess MacGuffin" in the concept stage), but was turned into a knight so that the player could feel a stronger connection with her. Additionally, in the endgame, her Heroic Sacrifice was supposed to be legitimate, and Shovel Knight would have buried her. It was changed since they didn't feel the characters were developed enough yet, "cheating" the players, and coming off the heels of a generally funny and lighthearted ending. The devs also considered making her a playable character in a possible co-op mode, but she wasn't reworked into her current form until halfway through development.

General Trivia

  • In Tales of Alethrion, Shovel Knight makes a cameo for a few seconds in "The First Hero," where he appears to be telling tales of his grand adventures to other heroes before apparently being killed.
  • Manami Matsumae of Mega Man fame composed the music for the Explodatorium and the Iron Whale.