Funny / Resident Evil

This page is for the first game and movie only.
  • Virtually every single piece of Barry Burton's lines qualify.
    • Firstly, the infamous, inappropriate line he uses after he saves Jill from a slowly descending ceiling.
      Barry: That was too close! You were almost a Jill Sandwich!
      • For extra Narm, an astute listener might think he's saying "Jibble" Sandwich.
      • It doesn't help that even Jill's actress was about to laugh when saying "You're right!".
    • This gem when you find your deceased comrade Forest Speyer from Bravo Team
      Barry: Just TAKE. A. LOOK. AT. THIS! (looking at the forest surrounding the mansion and blocking the player's view of Forest, their teammate) It's Forest! OH MY COD!!!
      Jill: It's awful.
      Barry: I'm gonna look into what caused Forest's death; it looks like he was killed by a CROW, or something!
    • Another infamous scene.
      Jill: Barry!
      Barry: Jill! What's going on. Any clues?
      Jill: No. But something's wrong with this house.
      Barry: WHOA, THIS HALL IS DANGEROUS (speaking about the calm, secure main hallway of the mansion). Maybe it's better to secure our escape route first. There must be a BACK DOOR somewhere. Let's try to find IT first, shall we?
      Jill: Okay. Let's seperate again!
      Barry: JUST A MOMENT! I found something
      Jill: What is it?!
      Barry: It's a weapon! It's really powerful, especially against living things! (Even better than this... he's talking about ammunition. Acid grenade rounds, which are indeed better against "living things" than the zombies.)
  • There's a part of the game where you have to defeat Neptune. How do you defeat it? Drain the room and it flops around helplessly. To make an even more of an Anticlimax Boss, it can die in one knife swipe.
  • Immediately after Chris and Rebecca defeat the Man-Eating Plant by poisoning its roots:
    Chris: We got to the ROOT of the problem!
    Rebecca: (dead silence)
  • The flatly nonchalant way Chris brushes off Jill's news that Wesker is a bad guy if you rescue her without visiting her cell beforehand.
    Jill: Captain Wesker, he's...
    Chris: Oh. I know. Anyway, let's get out of here!
  • The reveal that Wesker is a bad guy before you find him outside the Tyrant lab; you can find a photograph of a group of Umbrella researchers, and one of them is Wesker himself; But he looks near exactly like he does in game, with a pair of dark sunglasses. Whilst wearing his lab gear. No room for subtlety?
  • Crosses over with Narm. Just TRY to listen to this without laughing. As a bonus, read the comment section and take a shot every time you bust out laughing.
    • Some of the best?
    Tyrant: Sounds like the adults from Peanuts are having an orgy
    Evan Bernardi: Even the Zombie on the cover is all like "The hell is that...?"
    Ruler3995: I like how the first note tries to set up the atmosphere, then the song degenerates into a man dying of flatulence with an out of tune trumpet glued to his ass.
    Ryou Takeshi: Someone at Capcom listened to this and said "Yes, this is good, let's release it like that."
  • Jill's visceral reaction after she stomps on the bathtub zombie's head in the remake.
  • In the original version, Rebecca enters the room Chris is in and says "It's me, Chris." We should emphasize that this room is very well-lit, that Rebecca is standing right in front of Chris, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Chris' vision or hearing. Despite all of this, Chris responds thusly:
    Chris: Is that you Rebecca?
  • The infamous scene in which Jill finds a very badly wounded Richard Aiken:
    Richard: Oh Jill. This house... is... dangerous! There are... terrible demons. (wound spurts blood) OOOUCH!
    Jill: (keep in mind that Richard is lying on the floor, covered in blood, and with a huge bite mark on him) You're wounded! What kind of demon attacked you!?
    Richard: It was a huge... snake. And also... poisonous!
    Jill: Poisonous? Oh, no... Richard, hold on!
    Richard: There is serum! ...oh no. I should have brought some with me.
    Jill: No problem. I'll go and get it!
    Richard: Thaaanks!
  • One of the portraits in the mansion in the remake looks like Daffy Duck.
  • In Chris' playthrough, when Wesker shows him the Tyrant, boasting that it's "the ultimate lifeform", only for Chris to laugh. Wesker then comes across like a little kid who's showing off his new toy and then getting mad because his friend doesn't think it's cool.
    Chris: (starts laughing)
    Wesker: (confused) Chris...?
    Chris: (keeps laughing)
    Wesker: (annoyed) Stop it!
    Chris: Wesker... you're pitiful! This is your savior? You say this FAILURE... is your SAVIOR?
    • It's not exactly better in the remake when, instead of laughing at Wesker, Chris says:
      Chris: Wesker, you've become senile!
  • As Roahm Mythril discovered during his playthrough, it's entirely possible to get your character stuck between two acid-vomiting zombies without taking damage from either.
  • Depending on how quickly Jill checks the hole in the room she kills Yawn in, Barry can arrive, walk over the giant snake's dissolving body, and ask Jill if she's found anything interesting, with no mention of the snake whatsoever in the whole conversation - both Jill and Barry finding the hole more interesting.