Funny / Resident Evil

This page is for the first game and movie only.
  • Virtually every single piece of Barry Burton's lines qualify.
    • Firstly, the infamous, inappropriate line he uses after he saves Jill from a slowly descending ceiling.
      Barry: That was too close, you were almost a Jill Sandwich
      • For extra Narm, an astute listener might think he's saying "Jibble" Sandwich.
    • This gem when you find your deceased comrade Forest Speyer from Bravo Team
      Barry: Just TAKE. A. LOOK. AT. THIS! (looking at the forest surrounding the mansion and blocking the player's view of Forest their teammate) It's Forest! OH MY COD!!!
      Barry: I'm gonna look into what caused Forest's death; it looks like he was killed by a crow or something!
    • Another infamous scene.
      Barry: You okay Jill?
      Jill: I'm fine, but there's something wrong with this house
      Barry: WHOA, THIS HALL IS DANGEROUS (speaking about the calm, secure main hallway of the mansion)
    • This instance not even happening a minute after this conversation
      Barry: JUST A MOMENT! I found something
      Jill: What is it?!
      Barry: It's a weapon! It's really powerful, especially against living things!
  • Resident Evil, immediately after Chris and Rebecca defeat the Man-Eating Plant by poisoning its roots.
    Chris: "We got to the ROOT of the problem!"
    Rebecca: *dead silence*
  • The flatly nonchalant way Chris brushes off Jill's news that Wesker is a bad guy if you rescue her without visiting her cell beforehand.
    Jill: "Captain Wesker, he's..."
    Chris: "Oh. I know. Anyway, let's get out of here!"
  • The reveal that Wesker is a bad guy before you find him out side the Tyrant lab; You can find a photograph of a group of Umbrella researchers, and one of them is Wesker himself; But he looks near exactly like he does in game, with a pair of dark sunglasses. Whilst wearing his lab gear. No room for subtlety?
  • Crosses over with Narm. Just TRY to listen to this without laughing. As a bonus, read the comment section and take a shot every time you bust out laughing.
    • One of the best? "Sounds like the adults from Peanuts are having an orgy" by Tyrant
  • Jill's visceral reaction after she stomps on the bath tub zombie's head in the R Emake.
  • Rebecca enters the room Chris is in and says "It's me, Chris." We should emphasize that this room is very well-lit, that Rebecca is standing right in front of Chris, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Chris' vision or hearing. Despite all of this, Chris responds thusly:
    Chris: Is that you Rebecca?
  • The infamous scene in which Jill finds a very badly wounded Richard Aiken:
    Richard: Oh Jill. This house... is... dangerous! There are... terrible demons. *wound spurts blood* OOOUCH!
    Jill: (keep in mind that Richard is lying on the floor, covered in blood, and with a huge bite mark on him) You're wounded! What kind of demon attacked you!?
    Richard: It was a huge... snake. And also... poisonous!
    Jill: Poisonous? Oh, no... Richard, hold on!
    Richard: There is serum! ...oh no. I should have brought some with me.
    Jill: No problem. I'll go and get it!
    Richard: Thaaanks!
  • One of the portraits in the mansion in the remake looks like Daffy Duck.