Fridge / Resident Evil

Fridge Brilliance
  • If you're one of those players that like to explore all the little details of the glorious mansion in the R Emake, you'll find that several photographs and pictures have been removed from their frames; one in praticular was removed after the glass was smashed. You wonder why this is the case and then once you realize who the traitor is, it makes perfect sense; Albert Wesker may have been in several of those photographs and just to keep his cover for as long as he could, removed them all. Magnificent Bastard indeed.
  • Barry brings a .44 Magnum revolver rather than the Samurai Edge other S.T.A.R.S members carry. Why bring such a powerful handgun when your teammates carry 9mm pistols? Wesker is blackmailing him and thus Barry knows about the creatures in the mansion. He wanted more powerful protection from them.
    • Barry was being blackmailed by Wesker, but only when the team went into the Mansion, not beforehand. It is unlikely a Big Good like Barry would've gone along with it had he had the time to think about his options. That, and he also turned on Wesker the first chance he got to help you. He just brought his trusty .44 Magnum because he's a gun enthusiast and particularly loves revolvers.
  • The original Resident Evil. Forrest of the BRAVO team has been pecked to death by crows. If you're playing as Jill he has a grenade launcher lying next to his corpse. This makes perfect sense (and not just because the crows in this game are vicious, overpowered bastards): have you ever tried to hit a crow with a grenade launcher? Assuming Forrest even bothered to try shooting them, he would have just missed time and time again. Of course, if you're playing as Chris he has a clip of handgun ammo next to him instead, but let's just ignore that little incongruity...
    • On reflection, it's actually just as interesting from Chris's perspective as it was from Jill's. Forrest has a clip full of handgun ammo - but no handgun. He was trying to attack these fast, agile enemies with his fists or his weak knife. Even if he managed to hit each crow repeatedly, it wouldn't have done him any good...
    • It's possible - likely, even - that Wesker, who is one step ahead of his team until the finale, removed the grenade launcher in Chris' scenario.
  • The game's infamous translation is actually a case of brilliance when you realize that it contributes to the whole B movie feel of the early games.
  • At first Barry's famously cheesy line of "It's a weapon! It's very powerful, especially against living things!" in reference to the acid grenades just seems like another case of bad translation. Until one stops and realizes that acid rounds are highly effective against enemies like hunters and Yawn, both of which are living things compared to the zombies that dominate the game early on.
  • Why is Enrico ready to aim his weapon at Chris but not Jill? He may only know the gender of The Mole.
  • Why does the mansion have so many typewriters? A quick glance at the dates for some of the files are dated from the 1960s, a time where typewriters were most likely quite common when the mansion was built. Even in 1998 (which is when the game takes place), typewriters were still in use, though they weren't as common thanks to PCs quickly becoming popular. Since the next two games also take place in the same year, it is also not unusual to see typewriters in places like the R.P.D station or the newspaper headquarters.
  • Barry's special brand of humor is so Narmy and off-mark that it's become legendary in the series. However, in-universe, there might be an explanation for Barry's awkward interactions with Jill Barry is being forced by Wesker into helping him destroy evidence, as Wesker is threatening harm on Barry's family. Barry's attempt at humor might be an awkward effort to hide his inner crisis from his teammates, but he fails at being convincing. If you think about it, Barry's awkwardness is a huge hint that something's wrong with him.
  • Why did Rebecca Chambers perform so poorly in this game compared to Resident Evil 0? Sleep deprivation as sleeping in a monster infested place on one's own is basically signing one's death warrant, and, depending on how much water she packed and whether or not she packed a meal, possible malnutrition.
  • It seems kind of strange at first glance that the game has only two difficulty levels; Easy or Hard. But it makes more sense when one understands that the character you choose to play as also determines difficulty (Jill as Easy, Chris as Hard). Thus, your difficult level is really determined by the combination; Jill on Easy is Very Easy, Chris on Hard is Very Hard, and Jill on Hard or Chris on Easy is Normal.