Heartwarming / Resident Evil

Please only use this page for heartwarming moments from the first game. Put other heartwarming moments on their own pages.
  • The Sleep Cute moment during the good ending, when Jill rests her head on Chris' shoulder. Chris' scenario has extra cuteness, with the camera going over to Rebecca, who is also sleeping cutely.
  • When Barry saves Jill in The Tyrant Lab from Wesker
    Barry: "Forgive me. Even if it meant my family, I couldnt bear turning back on my friends again"
    • Even more so in that Jill is quick to forgive Barry, considering that earlier throughout the game, she likely suspected Barry of betraying her out of malicious intent.
  • When your teammates leave you supplies inside and near the first saferoom and fixing the door.
    • It's rather odd yet there is something heartwarming about Wesker leaving you supplies and helping you while it might be intentional or he is being generous.
      • His motives for doing this are far from altruistic, however, as he needs to help you survive long enough to gather as much combat data as possible.