Funny: MADtv

  • O.J. Simpson: The Interview: Bloopers, Blunders, & Boners.
  • Their parody of the Ashlee Simpson lip-syncing incident (which happened on their rival show, Saturday Night Live)
  • Their parody of The View with all the panelists as hens.
  • The censored version of The Sopranos (which would come true years later, only The Sopranos would be syndicated on A&E, not the now-defunct PAX Network, and would be edited a tad better than what was depicted in the sketch: strip club scenes are redone as Bikini Bar scenes, violent scenes are replaced with less violent alternate takes, and offensive language has been redubbed).
  • The Omni Bowl!
  • John Madden with the Quick Pop Popcorn Popper
  • Kenny Rogers' Jackass!
    • Also, the version of Jackass with Oprah Winfrey (Debra Wilson) getting pranked by Steadman (Aries Spears).
    • Hell, make it Kenny Rogers' anything.
  • Their fake commercial for Scrabble, starring Bill Cosby, Little Richard, Evander Holyfield and Don King — all played by Aries Spears.
  • Similarly, Bill Cosby's (played by Orlando Jones) attempt at lampooning Modern Minstrelsy with "The New Cosby Show"... only to have it be a critical and popular hit and get picked up for 8 more seasons.
  • Nice White Lady, the funniest "Teacher inspires inner-city classroom" parody ever, and something that single-handedly makes it impossible to take Freedom Writers (or any movie about a white teacher trying to reform a class full of ethnically diverse teenagers who live in the ghetto and think the dangerous street life is the only way to live) seriously.
  • This parody of The Calling's "Where You Will Be" music video, featuring Taran Killam in his pre-SNL days as the lead singer of The Calling (Alex Band), Will Sasso as Scott Stapp from Creed, Michael McDonald as Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam and a surprise appearance by Aries Spears as Ray Charles.
  • This sketch about two guys (Ike Barinholtz and Josh Meyers) who question their sexuality while watching football. Doubly funny when you realize Josh's older brother Seth did something similar on SNL with Bill Hader's Stefon character, and, unlike this sketch, it was a recurring bit on Weekend Update and it had a happier, yet more bizarre ending.
  • A lot of the music video parodies they had were hilarious, such as "I'm Sorry, Mrs. Jackson," "My Slumps," "What's On TV?", "It's A Vancome Life," and "Syphilis Girl."
  • An opening sketch involving Will Sasso, Moe Collins, and Debra Wilson where they tell Will he was funny when he was The Fat Guy. Rather than take it sad, he goes on a quest before showtime to regain all his weight. In said quest, he stuffs his face at the craft services table, eats dangerous amounts of butter, steals Girl Scout cookies, is thought to have microwaved a dog (but actually microwaved some ribs and told the dog he can't have any), and assaults a woman trying to drink her breast milk. Between those scenes, he punches a stage hand out three times and steals his sandwich. The result makes him more fatter than he ever was and even falling through the floor lights.
  • The Son of Dolemite Meets Blackbelt Jones
    Eight o'clock! In Pasadena!
  • The skit where Arnold Schwarzenegger (played hilariously by Will Sasso) gives viewers a sneak peek at his new movie Stolen Identity 3 (so named because "sequels make millions of dollars at the box office!"). The movie itself is pretty much a parody of just about every movie Arnie's ever done (specifically The 6th Day, Terminator, End of Days, and even Junior).
    • One of the best bits is when Arnold's character meets two of his clones, one of whom is dressed exactly like the Terminator and says he (Arnold's character) must die because he knows the secret, then asks "Which one are you?" Cue confused grunting and gibberish from all three characters.
  • "Arnold's Bedtime," which has Arnold and Maria Shriver in bed going over a script and Maria complaining to Arnold about how he's getting too old to be in action movies. Arnold isn't amused.
  • Gump Fiction
  • Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in an ice cream parlor.
    Al Pacino: Perfect day—RUINED!!!
  • Mexican Star Trek. All of the actors speak Spanish.
  • Swan: The Movie, with Dennis Hopper playing the inspector who questions Miss Swan (played in the movie by Susan Sarandon), whose moronic answer ("He look-a like-a man") drives him up the wall.
    • AND then the actual Miss Swan enters the shoot, and Hopper screams "GET OUT OF THE SHOT, LADY!"
  • There's Something About Monica
    • The ending of the sketch has Hillary Clinton, acting like a violent dog, biting Bill's crotch and, moments after that, she leaps at Bill, who ducks out the way, causing Hillary to go flying out the window much like in the original movie.
  • The Liar Liar parody where Chelsea Clinton wishes her father would tell the truth which, as a politician, can be very dangerous.
  • The Sopranos on Family Feud
  • Suddenly Millennium
    • Pay close attention to the laugh track during this sketch. It's used over and over.
  • "Gangstashop Quartet"
  • Is it wrong to add the sketch where an artist wants a government grant from a Senator but when the Senator (who lets out Freudian slips that he's a pedophile) looks at the art, he claims he keeps seeing "Young Naked Boys."
    Mr. Leo Squid: That one's called "Puppies, Puppies and more Puppies."
    Senator Hodgekins: Why you don't just say it as it is? "Naked Boys! Naked Boys! And more sweaty, glistening Naked Boys!"
  • Gus the Custodian, as played by David Herman.
  • Howard Stern on Talkin' America. The sketch ends with one of the hosts (played by Aries Spears) running off-camera after Howard, followed by the sounds of him beating the shit out of him.
  • One episode of "Real Mother*** Talk" had a guest commentator say the "N word" before realizing his mistake, followed by a Stunned Silence and angry glares from his black co-commentators. Finally, Dollar Bill Montgomery tells him, "Look here, man. We not gonna kill you; you just gonna turn up missing."
  • Jack Nicholson (Pat Kilbane), Steven Seagal (Will Sasso), and Prince (Phil LaMarr) having a pajama party, and getting interrupted by Eddie Murphy (Aries Spears).
  • The Keanu Reeves School of Acting
  • One True Impact with Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  • The Riverboy. Basically? Adam Sandler's character from The Waterboy does Riverdance.
  • "The Mike Tyson Grill," a parody of infomercials for the George Foreman Grill. At one point, the guy playing Mike Tyson tells us "just listen these testimonials from people I don't even know" and then proceeds to appear as various people supposedly shilling the grill, when in fact it's just him in bad disguises. "Hi! I'm a grandmother now. I mean, I'm a grandmother."
  • The skit where The Terminator is sent back in time in order to protect Jesus. Yes, it is as absurd as it sounds.