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I don't want to go on a rant here, but the U.S. foreign policy makes about as much sense as Robert Fulton having sex with Beowulf at the First Battle of Antietam. I mean, when a neo-conservative defenestrates, it's like Rovslofski filibustered deoxymonohydroxinate.

Dennis Miller is a comedian who was Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live from 1985note  to 1991, making him the first long-running Weekend Update anchornote  and the first SNL cast member to stay on the show for longer than five years. Prior to that, most cast members either were dropped after one or two years or stayed on until their fourth or fifth year (often leaving to star in feature films or other television shows). Miller opened the door for other long-running cast members like Darrell Hammond, Phil Hartman, Tim Meadows, Kenan Thompson, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and fellow Weekend Update anchors Tina Fey and Seth Meyers (the only other Weekend Update anchors to stay on past the fifth-year mark).

Though Miller acknowledged that he wasn't good at acting in sketches and felt at home as a Weekend Update anchor (as it was an opportunity for him to do his stand-up), there were rare times where he was in sketches. His recurring characters were Koko, a forest sprite from the short-lived recurring sketch "Miss Connie's Fable Nook" and Steve, a sarcastic observational stand-up comic (seen on a season 11 sketch on the episode hosted by Jay Leno and a season 13 sketch on the episode hosted by Tom Hanks). His celebrity impressions include Nathaniel Crosby (Bing Crosby's son), Senator Gary Hart, and George Harrison from The Beatles.

After his stint on SNL, Miller hosted a short-lived late night talk show The Dennis Miller Show which he parlayed into a successful HBO talk show Dennis Miller Live, running from 1994-2002. He was also a color commentator on Monday Night Football from 2000 to 2001. Since 2007 he's hosted his own radio show called The Dennis Miller Show.

His comedy is very snarky and includes lots of obscure references and big words. Early in the Turn of the Millennium his political views, previously considered to be mostly to the left, shifted significantly more to the conservative side of the spectrum.note 

Tropes associated with Dennis Miller include: