Funny: Leisure Suit Larry

  • The scene in LSL 1 when Larry buys the condom at the Kwik-E-Mart, especially when suddenly lots of customers pop up where there haven't been any when Larry looked around.
  • Also from LSL 1, the censored sex scene with the hooker.
  • LSL 8: "Lesbian Nights" — a parody of "Summer Nights" from Grease where Larry and Ione sing the story of their date from earlier in the game and how it traumatized her into out-and-out lesbianism.
    • Earlier, when Ione starts chewing Larry out for what he did, he attempts to deflect her criticism by blurting out "I'm gay!" We then get an I Knew It reaction...from Larry's own crotch.
  • Also from LSL 8 the part of one of the Barbara Jo conversation where Larry uses puppets to try and calm Barbara down, especially if you get some of the wrong options.
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