Funny: Carnival Phantasm

The entire series is one big Affectionate Parody, so expect a lot of entries on this page.

Running Gags
  • A few that are repeated on Episodes 1 and 9:
    • Rin grumbles about how ridiculous reducing the Holy Grail War into a game show is, and how she's going to manipulate and cheat her way to victory. What does she do when the camera pans in on her? Cute mode!
      • Reversed in episode 9: Cute mode first, then manipulative and cheating mode.
    Archer: In other words, we're doing things like usual...
    • Kotomine wants to keep collateral damage and casualties to a minimum. Not because of caring for the lives of the participants, but due to a budget shortfall and they can't afford to keep repairing the damage done to the city.
    Rin: Are you a middle-aged man complaining about his job?
    • And, in one sense, it's hilarious to find Saber utterly disappointed that the War will not be a full-blown battle between knights anymore.
  • Lancer is the butt of almost every joke this show can possibly throw at him. This includes dying in every episode except 2, worst being casually and for absolutely no reason thrown to Saber Lion as a snack. They love to hate the poor Servant.
    • However in Episode 11, he manages to dodge all his deaths from previous episodes...only to die at the revisit of episode 2 by a volleyball. Or did he...?
    • In episode 12, Kotomine complains to Grail-kun that Lancer is useless because he keeps dying. Grail-kun's solution is to give him a "Servant Strengthening Device".
    Grail-kun: You should just kill him and forge a contract with another Servant.
    Kotomine: (as he pulls the knife out of the floor) You're right.
    • Gets a Brick Joke in the HibiChika special where Lancer is revealed to have been killed by lots of Kotomine's Black Keys... and one "Servant Strengthening Device".
  • The fact that Arcueid always remains unfazed about all of the shenanigans around her is hilarious, both in Fate and Tsukihime sections.
  • Assassin's bind to the gate of the temple, forcing him to be replaced by a cardboard cutout in every single one of his appearances that doesn't involve the Ryudo Temple gate.

Episode 1
  • The Bait and Switch moment that redefines the entire Holy Grail War.
    • Bookended at the end of the episode with Shirou's Crowning Moment of Awesome in destroying the Grail gets cut short when an army of Neko Arcs stuffs him into a rocket that blasts off into the horizon. It really sets the tone of the whole series.
  • The tennis match, especially Berserker's expression when he gets disqualified.
    Ilya: "Berserker couldn't possibly compete in anything with rules!"
    • And Caster arrives in a mini-skirt and without an ominous aura, causing other masters to start asking who the heck is she supposed to be.
  • Gilgamesh showing up and pulling out a Game Breaker. They had already established that Noble Phantasms were against the rules, but he goes ahead and uses it, with hilarious results.
    • He pulls it off a second time during the later montage, only every weapon coming forth is a piko piko hammer.
    • And in what might be a shout-out to descriptions of Gilgamesh as 'the original BLANK' Caster calls him 'the oldest bully in human history' for stealing her phrase ("Rule Breaker").
  • During the later montage, we see Berserker standing in all of his glory... with a calvary battle balloon on his head.

Episode 2
  • Arc stepping on Neko Arc prior to the volleyball game is made that much funnier in the context of Neko Arc's line about the girlhood of humans being a fleeting moment.
  • The entire damn volleyball game, which includes such gems as:
    • Ciel getting repeatedly beaned in the face with a volleyball, both intentionally and accidentally.
    • Ciel going into Blood Heat to... save a plate of curry. "Gal Undo!"
    • The girls bringing out all their powers for the game, including Akiha's Vermillion mode, Ciel's Seventh Holy Scripture and Arima's martial arts. And then Arcueid drops the moon.
    • Listen closely while Sion and Akiha are talking during the above moment. At the same time, Hisui is serving the ball and is still saying "Potemkin."
    • Shirou desperately trying to repair his ship, only for the aforementioned powers to cause the volleyball to punch holes in it. As well as his brief meeting with Shiki later.
    Shirou: I couldn't fix the rocket.
    Shiki: Eh?
    • About that rocket? Shirou wasn't the only Fate/stay night character in that rocket. Lancer was taking a nap there and the volleyball manages to hit and KILL Lancer yet again.
    • And finally, during all of this, Len was making a sand castle. By the time they're done, it is a freaking sand mansion. She's literally on top of it.
    • When they have the notice for the prizes, the Team Award (year's supply of rice) is funny enough, and the MVP award is the entire reason all the above happens (a private room with Shiki for the night). But what takes the cake is the Nice Attack Prize: a T-34 tank.

Episode 3
  • Arcueid using "India!" as a greeting for Ciel, getting Shiki in on it too, then turning all of Ciel's earlier statements against her in an Ironic Echo fashion, complete with Scary Shiny Glasses (without glasses!). Ciel becomes so angry that she uses the name of a common curry ingredient, garam masala, as an expletive.
    • And right before that, there's something inherently funny about the way Shiki says "are you sleeping?!" in Gratuitous English.
  • Shiki asks Arcueid how she liked her first day of school. Her response: Holding up a letter of resignation and becoming a janitor instead.
  • Ilya and Rin fighting over who gets to wake Shirou up while Saber points out that Taiga remains completely unfazed.
    • Immediately before Saber stumbles upon Shirou, Ilya, and Taiga asleep on the futon and ponders what to do. When she decides to try to lay down right next to Shirou...
    Saber: *Looks up and down the hall before easing herself down* ...Quietly...
    Rin: *Directly behind her* And what might you be doing?
    Saber: *Squeaks and shoots up* Ri—!!
    Rin: Nope, stay quiet. *Saber shuts down and fumbles around for an explanation*
    • Rin's behavior once she lays down is not unlike a cat who just laid down in a sunbeam and began to rub their face up against the warm carpet. She even manages to sound almost cat-like.

Episode 4
  • The beginning of episode 4. We don't know what they have against Lancer, but they seem to be having a lot of fun.
    Commenter: A man in blue full-body tights was just caught in a series of car crashes with a trailer on a highway. He died.
    • That example counts as a Continuity Nod as Lancer got hit by the car in the previous episode's Phantasmoon segment. In the next Phantasmoon segment (also in episode 4), he's the one Akiha is feeding to the dog.
  • Rin + Blu-ray Recorder = Hilarity. It's made even better by Archer watching her trying to figure out how to work the machine.
    • Archer's comment near the end sealed the deal: he reminded Rin that Shirou had told her exactly what to do when he asked her to record a show, and that she was needlessly complicating things. She still manages to screw it up (mostly by pressing random buttons), although at least she ended up recording something.
      • Made even funnier when you remember Archer is a future version of Shirou so he probably knew from the beginning how this would end.
  • A bit of Fridge Funny mixed with Epic Fail - in the section between the Archer/Rin and Shirou/Shiki segment, we see the Necos getting a Bad End in Fate/stay Night, complaining about how hard it is. The bad end they got? The Tiger Dojo 13, aka the one that you have to actually try to get.
  • Shiki and Shirou's respective Zany Schemes for dating everyone in their harems in the same day.
    • Said schemes are attempted in the third season finale and go as well as you would expect, culminating with Shiki and Shirou getting punished by Arcueid and Saber.
    • And the website is actually real. Translation?

Episode 5
  • Nrvnqsr Chaos, Kuzuki Souichirou, and one table in a restaurant. Kuzuki is so Comically Serious that it's funny.
  • The entirety of Berserker's First Errand. Going to buy batteries could not be funnier. Or to put it this way: How to win the Holy Grail War by shopping for batteries.
    • The entire segment was hilarious, true. However, the absolutely funniest moment was when Berserker, who, after losing his axe-sword early onnote  started wielding Lancer like a club, ends up having him become his Noble Phantasm, complete with status screen.
      • One that deals extra damage to Archer, to boot. And during his errand, Berserker managed to defeat every other servant (with the exception of True Assassin, who probably doesn't even exist there) by pure accident (other than Lancer, who at least got the death he was so wishing for).
    • Assassin and Rider have some very memorable and downright hilarious screams when they get defeated.
    • The segment would have been pretty funny on its own, but it's the children's show-style narrator that really pushes it into over-the-top funny territory.
    • Leysritt's brief inclusion also counts as she remains hilariously deadpan as ever while both confronting Gilgamesh and being literally dragged home by Sella.
  • Phantasmoon's Why Don't You Just Shoot Him? solution to defeating the Mushroom Monster of the Week that was able to dodge her Marble Phantasm.

Episode 6
  • Phantasmoon Season 2's preview: Akiha Vermillion's final message written in blood after she's stabbed in the back. What clue does she give to everyone in order to identify her murderer? "Giant boobs."
    • The introduction of Season 2's rivals: Kaleido Ruby standing atop a ferris wheel, Magical Caren standing atop a roller coaster car, and Magical Amber standing atop... the spinning coffee cup ride (and is yet hilariously appropriate for Kohaku).
  • Rider's various methods at keeping Shinji from further abusing Sakura by "accidentally" hurting him, along with some of her excuses such as having an "Airhead" skill.
  • Sakura's Stop Helping Me! moments towards Rider are an example, especially when she laments that Rider constantly scores higher than her in popularity polls.
  • In Sharing Table segment, Archer is sitting with Nanako who both later starts badmouthing their masters Ciel and Tohsaka. The ending ends where Neko greets another guests and the ending shows the 'carnage' of the table. I'm pretty sure you might guess what happened from that picture.

Episode 7
  • There's a Funny Background Event while Shiki is explaining okonomiyaki - he describes mixing up squid and pork, and Arcueid imagines a squid wrapped around a pig, cooked while sitting on top of a giant hot iron plate. Her response?
    Arcueid: That sounds really delicious!
  • Arcueid needs a pig to prepare her okonomiyaki. Her solution? Mugging Nrvnqsr Chaos for the pig among his beasts.
  • Caster gives a magic charm to Souichirou that gives good luck. The charm constantly gives off erotic moans when it is shown.
  • Assassin continues to tease Caster even after she threatens to tear his ribcage open. What does she do after he goes a little too far? Chase him around while swinging a broom!
  • Issei throws the door to Caster's room open while she's in the middle of making a Saber figure. Her response: Immediate Battle Aura. Kuzuki then steps in. Her response: Wounded Gazelle Gambit.
  • The culmination of the Caster/Souichirou segment when Issei tries to talk Souichirou out of his marriage proposal and Caster hits him from clear across the room to shut him up.
    • With Souichirou's strike no less.
    • Pretty impressive, considering that she's supposed to be a Squishy Wizard.

Episode 8
  • Saber's Rank B Charisma affecting everyone in the cafe, including intimidating Rin into ordering more food than she could possibly eat in one sitting.
  • Saber removing her ahoge and the consequences that result.
  • This Badass Boast:
    Saber Alter: I'm a cute gothic-lolita maid-waitress, sir!
    Gilgamesh (completely cowed by her exercise of forcefully charismatic authority): Uh... I'm sorry.
  • It's a perfectly funny Out-of-Character Moment for Gilgamesh of all people to be saying the words, "What? Are you my mom or something?!"
  • From The Cameo:
    Saber Extra: Fool, it's not see-through. I'm letting them see.

Episode 9
  • Saber's expression when she sees exactly what kind of vehicle she and Shirou will be using. She couldn't be happier.
  • How does Assassin participate in the race? By hauling the Ryudo Temple gate along with him in his semi!
    • He also stays in first place for a good while until the only thing powerful enough to force him out is employed: a cannon shot from Berser-Car!
    • Which used both in a Tear Jerker and funny while Assassin calls out to his "partner", his cassette tape plays by itself all the way to the semi crashing. Then Rin sarcastically says how sad it is.
  • Gilgamesh doesn't have a set Riding ability, so how did he get so good at riding his cool bike? Reading magazines, playing racing games and building models!
    • Gil isn't happy that Kotomine didn't invite him to participate because, according to Kirei, "He can't be trusted to follow the rules."
  • Rider proving that she's a viable competitor even on a "granny bike" and pedaling so fast that Shinji feels G-force winds against his face.
    • Episode 8's Tiger Dojo ends with Taiga shouting, "Fly for the moon!" Guess what happens when Rider ends up pedaling a little too fast.
      • The last one doubles as an E.T. reference. Complete with "Shinji... Phone home."
      • Also funny with a side of awesome because it's also a nod to both Hollow Ataraxia, where Rider kept trying to borrow Shirou's racing bicycle to no avail, and supplemental materials that point out that Rider really is that big a bicycle fan who has a bad habit of riding bikes at high speeds until they break. And by "High Speeds", we mean "100 miles an hour".
  • What do Shirou and Saber wish for after winning the race? All of the money that they lost to win back.
    • An extra fun bit: When Shirou and Saber are finally catching up to the race leaders, Shirou is pumping in coins like mad into Lion-Unit, but when they're viewed from the front, he appears to be doing something else to Saber (as pointed out by some YouTube commenters).
    • Extra extra fun bit: Shirou and Saber won against Gilgamesh, whose character is built around his divine inherited wealth, with money from Shirou's part time wage. The couple won by COINS, as in the smallest monetary units. Irony much.

Episode 10
  • Kohaku being... well, Kohaku, and Shiki immediately pointing out that she's acting a little too suspiciously.
  • Satsuki can't decide if she's thankful for or traumatized by the situation she gets put in when having to briefly babysit a mentally age-regressed Akiha.
  • Shiki putting his foot in his mouth and triggering Akiha's Berserk Button.
  • The entire Brain Detective Hisui segment with Kohaku's overly-energetic, nonsensical descriptions and Hisui's completely deadpan reactions to each one.

Episode 11
  • Lancer protecting himself from Rider's attack in episode 11 by throwing Shinji into the air, causing Rider to turn and charge at Shinji instead (since she was always aiming at him to begin with).
  • Arcueid gets another one just by being herself: There she is, sitting next to Eldritch Abomination Grail-kun... munching on her snacks like normal and watching it while it talks whereas anyone else would have been running away, screaming in terror.

Episode 12
  • The entirety of the episode as Shirou and Shiki try out their Zany Schemes. Epic Fail doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • Read the details of the plan carefully. There's one note on there that reads, "I can't do it! Help me, Shirou!"
    • The movie Arcueid and Shiki are watching has someone doing the exact "take her to a theatre and leave her there" plan that Shiki is attempting
      Arcueid: What an asshole! He's going to get killed for sure! Right Shiki?
      Shiki: Y-Yeah.
    • It culminates at the very end when Hisui, who is still fixing the roof, hits the board with her hammer at the exact same time Arcueid and Saber's combined Fantastic Nuke goes off across town. She completely ignores the explosion and looks quizzically at her hammer for a moment before resuming the repairs.

Ilya's Castle Special
  • Everything about it...
    • Saber's constant OOC moments whenever food's involved.
    Ilya: I won't lose to the King of Hungry!
    • Saber sobbing whenever each segment ended and Shirou denied her food because she didn't get the first place. (which is always accompanied beforehand with Shirou yelling "SABEEERRRR!!!")
    • Ilya and Caster arguing about the value of mature and sexy women.
    Ilya: Mature women have no value these days!
    Caster: What did you say!? You just don't understand the charm of mature and sexy women, you lolicon doll!
    Ilya: Shut up! All Japanese are lolicons!
    • During the final boss battle, Saber attempts to calm Ilya down by telling her that she is not an Eizbern doll, her parents loved her and that she is free to choose her own path. It appears to work but then a Japanese manual of assassination pops out of nowhere convincing Ilya that Saber is just trying to trick her and resumes fighting.
    • Lancer's joy of a happy ending thrashed with the fact that they have to run away from the blowing castle after the interrupted credits. The usual "Lancer died!" Running Gag is compounded by the fact that when everyone's running and Lancer's showing off his plight, Rider and Caster are completely apathetic of his survival.

EX Episode
  • Caren utilizing her Cloth in a Mundane Made Awesome manner to quickly earn a lot of money.
    • She quickly finds out that she enjoys hitting Lancer with large wads of bills just a little too much.
    Lancer and Ko-Gil: "Someone stop her! Somebody stop our Master!"
    • She then offers said money to Shirou, Saber, Rin, Ilya and Taiga. Shirou is hesitant, and says they don't need or want money. The girls disagree.
    • Lancer and Bazett's delayed reaction upon encountering each other at an embarrassing time (for Bazett anyway).
  • The entire Five Len Cats segment, beginning with Shiki's reaction to Spotted Len.
  • Giant Neko Arc Phantasmoon!
  • Nrvnqsr is involved with two: First where he and Roa are portrayed as The Woobie and second when he's completely stumped after being asked to spell his name.
  • "Sensei just might be the sixth heroine."
    • "Things just might get messy if she appeared in fandisks and fighting games."

HibiChika Special
  • The whole Koha-Ace anime.
    • Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome when Kohaku charges Iskandarīs Ionian Hetairoi with Ea.
    • Cue Kohaku facing obstacles like Invisible Coin Blocks, replaying fighting scenes from Tsukihime, Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Zero, to tell Akiha that Koha-Ace is animated only to realize that she used up all the budget in the action scenes and Saber's fee just now.
    • Saber being called Type-Moon's cash cow.
    • Akiha and Kohaku being upset that the Tsukihime remake takes so long and blaming Nasu for slacking.
    • If Kohaku had known how much Saber costs, she would have invited Saber Extra instead. She does it anyway.
    • Neko-Arc's reaction to this whole thing.
    Neko-Arc " I didn't think they'd make an anime with characters even more half-assed than us."
  • Caren tries to bribe Hibiki and Chikagi in order to keep Lancer's death of the episode secret. When that doesn't work, she leaves a literal mountain of cash that's bigger than everyone in the cafe combined.