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Fridge: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Fridge Brilliance
  • In Episode 7, Fred believes that all guys are cold and heartless. He got that from his father.
  • The reason that people do criminal activities in costumes in Crystal Cove is because that they won't get caught by the police because they support the tourism.
  • The gang's relationship troubles seem to be dividing them. This would seem to imply that the gang is splitting up.
    • They did. And let's recall episode 11 and what Velma said: "I guess we're not a team anymore". Who was the one who caused the gang to drift apart in episodes 25 and 26?
  • It was baffling that the gang STILL can't figure out that the "monsters" are people in costumes (usually). After watching episode 11, realization came that they have these beliefs because the adults of the town also share the same ideas. There's also the fact the monsters in this series are the most realistic to date. The guys making suits in this one are frighteningly good at it.
    • Also, remember, Crystal Cove is cursed and dubbed "the most haunted place on Earth". Not only does this give a good reason why so many criminals would use a monster angle for their crimes in Crystal Cove, it also explains why the general populace would so readily believe that it's an actual case of a monster / haunting.
  • The criminal's identity in "The Mystery Solvers Club State Finals" being The Funky Phantom makes so much sense in hindsight. After all, usually the criminal is someone pretending to be a ghost.
  • Averted in episode 17: the perp in the episode was neither ghost nor monster. Just the deranged survivor of a long forgotten family.
  • Episode 20 had the mermaid being a professional swimmer. It seems so far-fetched but then you have to realize that swimmers have to be really good at holding their breaths and have lots of upper body strength. Notice that the mermaid was able to climb the ladder so well; she had the upper body strength to pull herself up.
  • Episode 20 shows Fred and Daphne discussing Flim-Flam, with Fred mentioning he was away that summer, referencing The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo. If that series is included in the continuity of Mystery Inc, that explains why the gang is always afraid of the bad guys despite the fact it's always a guy in a mask - they've encountered real ghosts before.
  • Why is Sheriff so weepy about The Mayor being the Freak? Not only has he done very heinous crimes, but Sheriff has to arrest his own boss. Since the Mayor took the kid away for 17 years, then the Mayor won't likely be let off so easily. Sheriff's gonna have to live with the fact that he arrested the man that gave him his job!
    • Frank Welker voices the Freak of Crystal Cove, the Monster turns out to be Fred Jones Senior.
    • Fred and his dad look nothing alike. This hints at the fact that Mayor Jones is not Fred's real father.
    • When the Freak saves Fred's life, he just pauses and stands there for a second before turning to run, almost as if he didn't quite know what he was doing. He didn't. Mayor Jones' subconscious "better side" in the Sitting Room acted up when he heard his son's cries for help.
  • The plot point that there were many previous incarnations of Mystery Inc., many of which contain two men, two women and a talking animal mascot, is most likely a meta reference to the number of similar Scooby Doo-type shows Hanna-Barbera pumped out in the wake of Scooby Doo's success, not to mention the many incarnations of the show itself.
  • Of course it's the Trope Namer for Let's Split Up, Gang who declares that Mystery Inc. is dead in the season one finale.
  • After Scooby's All Just a Dream episode, Pebbles and Bam-Bam (somehow) making a cameo in the Man-Crab episode, the Johnny Quest gang making a few small appearances, and finally Blue Falcon And Dynomutt guest-staring, this trooper realized something: this show isn't just a modernized reboot of the Scooby-Doo franchise, it's a modernized reboot of Hanna-Barbera itself!
  • Blue Falcon acts like the dark and gritty The Dark Knight Returns Batman, who had been retired for years before going back into action. How long has it been since we've seen Blue Falcon in anything?
    • Does "Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law" count? But to be fair he was Birdman's rival and not a superhero that time.
  • Why does the corruption always start with the animal? Episode 46 reveals that in this world, a Talking Animal (like Scooby and Pericles) is descended from the animals the Annunaki used as hosts during Nibiru, when the worlds are closest, and that the evil locked away with the treasure is the most evil Annunaki in the world. The curse affects the animal first because they're easier to corrupt due to their ancestry!
  • Grim Judgement: There's a crack in Hebidiah Grim's facade of G-rated Slut Shaming. While he attacks girls because of their necklines, make-up, and Leg exposure, he doesn't attack Velma and declares her to be un-tempting. If he was a crazed Puritan Judge attacking people for those reasons, he would have gone after her for exposing her legs. The reason he didn't was because Gary and Ethan don't find her attractive.
    • Also, why would these two pick a crazed judge as their fake monster? Because it embodies the way they unfairly judge women.
  • Why was Fred able to tell he was in a fake future right away from two simple clues when he's usually not good at clues? Simple! He was caught in a trap! And if there's one thing Fred would recognize right away, it's a trap!
  • The reveal that the current gang is the purest since the original makes sense when you think about the animal companions we've seen: a skunk, a bull, Professor Pericles the Parrot, an orangutan, a donkey and Scooby (I might have missed 1 or 2 but that's neither here nor there for this). Bulls and donkeys are known in media for being stubborn and singleminded. Orangutans and parrots are known for being smart and skunks I believe are known being hot-tempered. All of these species traits were taken by the entity, made all the animal was about and then twisted beyond recognition. Then the twisting was used as fuel to corrupt the other members of the group. Scooby on the other hand is a dog and what are dogs known for? Loyalty, the first trait in an animal companion that the entity couldn't twist (not quite sure how but that's my theory) and because of the untwistable nature of the animal companion, purity of heart was passed along to the rest of the current team. Oh and my theory for the jaguar being pure as well: it's an animal sacred to at least one god of the time so that likely meant it had been chosen by a benevolent Annunaki.
  • Ricky Owens probably has all that excess weight due to the fact that he eats so much, being the Shaggy of the original Mystery Inc. The new timeline in "Come Undone" has him in better physical condition, because he married Cassidy in that universe, so she probably reigned him in.
  • In the last episode, who are the ones that run the longest before getting caught? Shaggy and Scooby, the two that run the most.
  • In the new timeline that emerges in the final episode, the gang go off to it is heavily implied, live the lives and adventures of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. One of that series' great mysteries was how in blazes the kids rode around with no concerns about money for food and gas. This new timeline, with even wealthier parents and multiple contest winnings for all of them, finally puts that to rest.
    • And a big question for why they aren't able to solve the same mysteries despite having the previous timeline's knowledge? Some of the new timeline's facts probably don't match up with the old one.
    • They almost can't match up. The parade of losers in masks based their crimes/scams around Crystal Cove, its locations and history. With the new timeline, they are in different locales with different haunting legends. The entity pulled these losers to Crystal Cove, but it didn't create all of them.
    • Jossed remember, the Evil Entity's Weirdness Magnet aspect was what CREATED the mysteries in Crystal Cove, and they didn't travel through time, just between timelines (that is, it's still the present, just a new universe).
  • This.
  • The series finale finally gives a justification for why the Gang was Walking the Earth. They were on their way to meet up with Mr. E and were simply solving the mysteries they've come across.
  • Did anyone else notice the physical similarities between the Nibiru Entity-possessed Professor Pericles and Char Gar Gothakon? Considering Harlan Ellison apparently developed supernatural powers from years of writing fiction, perhaps the idea that H.P. Hatecraft could see creatures from other dimensions isn't as far-fetched as it seems. Extra fridge bonus when you remember that the Nibiru Entity's real name was never revealed. Now what was the name of Hatecraft's book, again? Char Gar Gothakon: The Beast with No Name.
    • Even better? Ellison decides to team up with Hatecraft to write even more books. Perhaps he wants to see whether or not Hatecraft will also gain similar powers!

Fridge Horror
  • Don't know if this could count as much, but in the pilot episode, we see a museum showing the costumes of some of Mystery Inc's Rogues Gallery, including Charlie the Funland Robot. Unlike the other villains, Charlie wasn't a man in a costume, he was an actual android. At the end of his debut episode, he gets reprogrammed to act more friendly. This implies that even after his redemption, his creator, the caretaker, eventually shut him down for good and sold him to a museum. Of course, Charlie later comes out of retirement...
  • Though the Gator family were probably saying it to deliberately frighten the gang, Gretta says something along the lines of "or anything that sounds like a body being dragged across a hard wood floor..." about reasons to not leave the rooms, again, probably trying to deliberately scare them, but given how utterly messed up they are...
  • When Alice May was dressed as the prom ghost, she got awfully touchy-feely with her date before she kidnapped him. Now, since nobody was around to see it, that's not even part of the prom ghost charade—it's just Alice May herself. Considering the later revelation that she kept him captive and tied up for days...what do you think she was doing to him in that time?
  • If the vampire hadn't unmasked herself at the end of episode 11, Daphne would've unintentionally committed murder.
  • The way the Cicada Monster attacks with hundreds of bugs covering your body... And she was about to do it to her own husband!
  • Episode 21 has Mr. E and Angel Dynamite talking about the old Mystery Inc. Mr. E notes that they won't be able to save them as long as Fred is around. And in episode 10, Professor Pericles warns Fred to watch out for his dad. Now Fred's Dad in episode 21 has been found Searching on a map and rummaging through his son's room. I just have a very very VERY bad suspicion that, well...Fred is somehow gonna die cause he's somehow connected to this.
    • One of the main characters dying? Dunno about would bring a virtual end to the franchise as we know it. It may indicate why Mayor Jones was so keen on his son being devoured by a swarm of cicadas—Fred is the only person standing in the way of him and the Haunted Treasure.
    • Except what is Fred's full name? Fred Jones JR, so who's to say Mr. E is referring to the younger Fred?
    • And now we can officially stated that the Mayor has done evil deeds. He took Fred away from his parents when he was a baby. Realize what the Mayor has done and now know he is probably irredeemable at this point!
  • Episode 21 also has Mr. E discovering who has the piece from episode 17. Fred gave it to Shaggy and Scooby cause they were the last people who'd have it. and thus this gives Mr. E the chance to manipulate Scooby and states that he won't betray him like Pericles did. Something tells me that things won't end well.
  • In "Grim Judgment" one of Hebediah Grim's targets is Mayor Nettles, an adult. Hebediah Grim is two teenage boys.
  • Episode 26 has Shaggy's mom telling her son that they're taking Scooby to a farm while He goes to military school. The question is, is it really a farm with cute animals? Or is she implying that Scooby is going to be put to sleep? Okay yeah, they aren't going to kill off the star of the franchise, but even to suggest it will happen is pretty crazy.
    • It's confirmed in the next season opener that yes, they sent him to the dog pound.
      • Then again, that means that in this universe it is legal to completely uproot a creature with human intelligence (who can even talk), possibly never seeing their loved ones again, simply because you don't want them anymore. One wonders how they would treat the mentally ill...
  • In the Saw-inspired episode, Fred uses a heavy rock to break the chains that are restraining Daphne. Now think of how she reacted when she saw him lift a very heavy rock up and bring it down. She thought he was going to kill her.
  • In the haunted mansion episode, the youngest and only surviving member of the Darrow family lived alone for years, claiming his family died over time. What happened to the bodies? Did they really die over time? or was it that they all died at the same time and his memories blocked it out?
  • Before The Reveal in Episode 26, particularly observant fans noted that Mayor Jones is a little TOO cold to Fred. Even pushing selfishness Up to Eleven, he shows less concern for Fred than a biological parent should be capable of. This led several to speculate that Fred wasn't really his son long before the episode aired. Guess what - they were right.
    • By the end of the series, one realizes Mayor Jones' lack of concern for Fred was likely fueled by the hope that Fred would get killed. Why? Because Mayor Jones' entire dominant personality is corrupted by the curse and his good side is literally trapped in his subconscious. But raising Fred made the good side respond and grow to love Fred. The evil personality in control of Mayor Jones thus fights against his inner goodness by actively trying to place Fred in harm's way and hopefully remove Fred from the equation altogether, since he KNOWS that his good side's care for Fred will be his undoing. And in the end, this is absolutely true, as the only reason Mayor Jones gets caught is because he stops to save Fred's life.
  • During "The Evil Heart" they take out all of the goons with Blue Falcon (long story). Then a few minutes after all of the exciting stuff the island is blown up. The gang escape on Dynomutt and the villains escape on jetpacks and you see the island explode. The mooks were knocked out when this happened. They are implied to be dead.
  • In Theater of the Doomed, the ghost of Friar Seras warns the Gang that "the Dog Dies", while pointing accusingly at Scooby. The animal companion of the team is always the first to be corrupted by the Planespheric Disk, so the dog must either turn evil or die. Now, of course, there's not a chance, in-universe or otherwise, that the main character of the franchise will turn evil or be corrupted. However, in The Horrible Herd, you remember that there's not just one dog on the team anymore...right as Nova falls out of a helicopter and into a stampede of rampaging mutant cattle. As of the last minute of the episode (with the Gang rushing to get her to a hospital), she's still alive and uncorrupted. For now.
  • In "Nightmare in Red" the remaining soul / good side / spirit / who-knows-what of El Aguirre tries to stop the gang from getting out and destroying the Nibiru entity because he believes that for what he did under the influence of the entity he deserves that nightmare place. The guilt ridden soldier doesn't even realize how his blind guilt endangers more innocents (the gang, the next gangs till the cycle repeats, who knows how many people if the entity ever gets out etc.). He is still controlled, just the method changed. Again: The Nibiru entity can make even good people to do its bidding, and make them think it's their idea.
    • In the same episode, the Gang have an in-universe bout of Fridge Horror when they wonder whether the only reason they are even friends in the first place is because of the entity manipulating them.
  • The Horrible Herd was released into the sea. The implications are referenced in show... But then you remember that Tom and Tubb, two children, often visit the ocean with their pet seal Scooby and their ship Moby. And the Horrible Herd are established to be nearly unbeatable.
    • Fridge Brilliance when you realize the whole reason that ending happened was because the writers realized that ultimately any damage to the 'verse would be undone by the finale.
  • In the final episode, what happened to the not-Mystery Inc. kids who the gang replaced?
    • Probably the same thing that happened to Marty in Back to the Future: they got 'replaced' by doubles who remember the past differently. This makes the end a bit of a downer after all; I mean, the Kids are still the upbeat fivesome they always have been but they're trapped in an alien world of their own creation.
      • So in other words, there are two versions of the gang? One from the old timeline and the new one in this timeline?
  • When the Evil Entity takes control of Professor Pericles and begins to violently reconstruct his body Mr. E is shown to cover his eyes not being able to look. After a few seconds, he peeks through his fingers and weakly calls his name. Out of all the people there it's odd that he, being the one that Pericles has been torturing, would have the strongest reaction until you realize that Ricky Owens just watched his former pet and best friend be viciously murdered. Murderous, insane and vicious parrot or not, Mr. E couldn't bear to watch him die.
  • At first, it seems like a pretty innocent detail that Fred's full name is "Fred Jones Jr." in this incarnation, instead of just "Fred Jones". That is, until the big twist at the end of Season 1 comes out. In hindsight, that little detail seems to suggest that Fred Jones Sr. named Brad and Judy's baby after himself because he wanted to avoid bonding with him, and knew that he would develop an emotional connection to the child if he gave him a name of his own. As early as the first episode, Fred's full name serves as a subtle hint that his "father" never really loved him.

Fridge Logic
  • The whole "police won't catch monsters because it's good for tourism." In the original cartoon, the whole purpose of the criminals dressing up as monsters was to scare people away so they could engage in their activities without intervention. And since Crystal Cove thrives on haunted tourism, it really doesn't make sense to use a tactic that is bound to bring mass attention onto themselves. When one further considers that the monster's activities were things that should scare away tourists (IE-people at a Renaissance Fair being assaulted and paralyzed by the gnome, two rampaging behemoths wrecking a popular night club), it only makes the show's constant hand waving through the Adults Are Useless theme even more frustrating of an Ass Pull.
  • Notable because it was intentional. When Alice May was caught, she revealed that she was the daughter of the Creeper from the original series, and is trying to avenge him. In her flashback, it shows her as a young girl when the gang caught her father, when she is the same age as they are. It is revealed that the whole story is fabricated as she is employed by Mr. E. They expected the gang to realize the Fridge Logic in a few days. Ironically, they don't, and still refer to her as the Creeper's daughter when they see her again. It must have taken all Alice May had not to laugh at them there and then.
  • Episode 13 — Why was Scooby in the classroom, anyway? Even the teacher wondered about this!
    • Well the series ends with the entire gang being enroled into Miskatonic University, and yes, Scooby was specifically mentioned. Apparently talking animals can go to school with people.
  • Episode 26 has Mayor Jones stare sadly at a picture of his wife/Fred's mom. We later find out that she's from a magazine and Mayor Jones was never married. Fred was stolen from Brad and Judy from the original Myster Inc. So why is he staring so lovingly Perverse Sexual Lust?
    • It could be just 'What am I doing?' because he's using that picture as a lie to hide what he's done. It's up to interpretation but that could've been foreshadowing that he really did 'care' about his 'son's safety.
    • If he IS listening to an inner conscience, then it gets shut up pretty quickly. He dons The Freak costume minutes later to protect his secrets.
  • In episode 26, we learn that the first piece of the Planispheric Disk is recovered by the original Mystery Inc. some 20 years prior in the caverns beneath Crystal Cove. However, Pericles is later said to have acquired the coordinates that lead them underground using information gleaned from the Planispheric Disk pieces in the possession of the current Mystery Inc. and Mayor Jones. In other words, he got the coordinates off of the two pieces that they didn't yet have!
    • Until you realize that he's a Magnificent Bastard and probably wrote that well after the fact as a lure to bring the original back under his control.
  • So... Fred kept all of his fake father's stuff after Fred Sr. was arrested? Given that he probably had Fred designated as his legal heir, that kinda makes sense. But why did Fred move out instead of kicking his parents out? All of his friends still live in the same places before, so it isn't like he's trying to hide.
  • ... Why did they kick Hot Dog Water out of the group solely because Daphne rejoined? Does it have to be only 4 humans and a dog?
    • According to Nova/The Annuunaki, yes, there HAVE to be four Humans and an animal.
    • Also, the evil entity is the one that makes it that way. It was manipulating the gang's actions in kicking Marcie out.
  • How on Earth did the conquistadors make or find that multiple layer inter-dimensional hiding place / prison under Crystal Cove for their treasure?
    • The good Anunnaki could have helped them. One way it could have happened is described in the fanfiction story Disk Mania.
  • Since in the new "universe" without the Entity all the crooks from Crystal Cove never used monster masks, what happened with Gatorville? Were they influenced too by the Entity or if not did they still disguise themselves as Gators?
    • They were probably close enough to be influenced. And there might not have even been a Gatorville, if the gators were a supernatural side-effect of the Entity's presence.
  • Since all the Scooby-Doo Hoax cases were created by the Evil Entity, how can they expect to find any mysteries of the sort they enjoy on the road at all? Logically speaking, they should find nothing but ordinary crimes (and few of those if no Weirdness Magnet is in operation for them, and people don't have any reason to ask for their help based on their reputation). This should not be the start of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, but of a long period of boring disappointment for the gang. Perhaps Nova or other good Anunnaki will intervene to give them cases.
    • Mystery Incorporated shares a setting with Johnny Quest and the Blue Falcon and Dynomutt. There's still weirdness and out and about. Besides, while the Evil Entity is gone, that doesn't mean that other threats won't come forward. The new Mr. E, at least, seemed to think he had some work for the gang.
  • In the alternate reality why is Fred's name still Fred. Sense he was raised by his real parents and not Fred Jones Sr. , wouldn't they have named him something else?
    • Someone (Nova?) seems to have intervened in the reconstruction of the timeline to make things better for all concerned, and for the gang in particular. It doesn't seem to be just the world that would have resulted with no Evil Entity (with changes going back to conquistador times, there was no guarantee that the gang and their friends would even be born). The stability of Fred's name is just one minor intervention. What is more interesting: did the pre-Nibiru Brad and Judy actually name him Fred, or did they just decide to keep calling him that for convenience?
      • Keeping in mind that other universes have existed, with Fred's last name being Jones in them, it's hard to imagine that his first name would change.
    • Getting into WMG territory, but perhaps Brad and Judy are close enough friends with Fred Jones in this timeline to name their first son after him.

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