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Headscratchers: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
  • The Sheriff and Mayor clearly recognize the locket that Daphne found as being something connected to the larger mystery of Crystal Cove. Why did the Sheriff not take the opportunity to seize it as "evidence"?
    • Speculation going into episode 2: The Mayor's take upon seeing the locket could lead into him tying into the "Mister E" in an attempt to scare the gang out of solving the mysteries?
    • Revealing Coverup: If they had taken it, the group would have known it was important and tried to get it back/ investigate it. As the episode showed, they are not above doing illegal things to solve a mystery. Maybe they'd hope the gang would just discard it, thinking it was unimportant.
  • Crystal Cove's tourism. Why on earth would they build their entire tourist attractions around mysteries, which the 'police' don't solve? And might I ask, if so, do they not investigate mysteries with MURDERS involved?
    • I don't recall any mysteries with murders involved yet. We have no idea if they were trying to find the people abducted by the man crab, or if they were trying to cure the people attacked by the slime monster, but no one died from the ghost trucker. If you've got a lot of mysterious creatures in your town, it makes perfect sense to build an industry around it. It's not like they've actually refused to arrest anybody.
      • True, but you'd think that they'd at least make a bigger effort on solving them, even if their only help comes from a group of teens.
      • I said that before I saw "Song of Mystery." From a realistic standpoint, the way the town treated that was reprehensible and inexcusable. Chalk it up to Rule of Funny, I guess.
      • Also real life towns uses famous crimes as tourists attractions. So this isn't really that far fetched.
  • Why is the moon always full in Crystal Cove?
  • The Police is ran and paid by the government, not to mention how there is a branch that actually investigates crooked officers (such as our beloved sheriff). Point is... Why do the police there even care about the town not solving the mysteries, the citizen still have to pay the tax, and thus the police officers get paid. And also, WHY hasn't the Crystal Cove Police Department been fired and replaced?
    • They probably take care of the sort of stuff the Mystery Inc. crew wouldn't be able to handle, as in...well...stuff you're not going to find mentioned on a kids show.
      • Murders, non-paranormal thefts, petty larceny, vandalism, domestic violence, traffic law violations, fights... there's a whole lot of stuff that doesn't involve the paranormal or teenage vigilantes.
    • Okay, so apparently the Sheriff doesn't even know who his boss is. He thinks it's the mayor... Did he even GO to school?
      • Technically, so long as Mayor Jones pays his taxes, he is the sheriff's boss (or at least one of them).
      • Which is why Fred is getting special treatment? Or why his other bosses are being ignored?
      • Fred's "special treament" isn't exactly unrealistic. I recall a customer shared with me an anecdote from his time in law enforcement in Alaska. A time or two, he'd been chewed out because some trouble-maker he'd arrested happened to be of the same blood as a politician. As for the "other bosses", the whole town seems to favor the tourism dollars brought in by the "monsters" in their city, sooo...he's kind of doing what they want by turning a (mostly) blind eye. That, and there's the Rule of Funny to consider.
  • Why didn't the Scary Gnome paralyze Shaggy as well?
    • He was dressed as a pirate, duh.
      • Exactly. So why didn't he paralyze Shaggy?
    • Perhaps, he didn't want to paralyze Shaggy in the woods where no one might find him and simply planned on paralyzing him later after dragging him back to the fair.
    • Maybe he couldn't? From an outside standpoint, we know it happened because the subplot would be left hanging, but from an inside, it may have had to do with how much of the toxin he had in total or if he even had any of it on him at the time. Since it was close to the end of the fair, he may have had nothing left since the goal was to implicate his wife, and one or two pirates left isn't really going to stop that after attacking a full theater full.
    • It's probably that he had just ran out of the toxin and grabbed him so he could paralyze him later. Perhaps as a way to lay the false trail further on his wife.
  • The motive of the guy behind the Man Crab makes no sense whatsoever. He wanted to get back at this guy for stealing his formula for bottled water, but when asked why he didn't just sue the guy, he said that would take too long. & building a sophisticated robotic man crab suit & digging an elaborate system of tunnels took HOW long?
  • At the end of The Shrieking Madness, the gang goes back to their van. Which really shouldn't have been there because they were all dropped off by their parents.
    • Wait, didn't the previous Vampire episode (The Secret Serum) end at Darrow College? At the end of that, when the gang went there separate ways, that meant no one went back home in the van!! They went home by other means and since their parents dropped them off the van has been sitting in the parking lot the whole time.
  • All the adults of Crystal Cove want to keep the money rolling in, so they resist solving every mystery in order to attract more tourists. ...The town has a TALKING DOG. The other dog we see doesn't talk, Velma has to give an entire lecture to justify a talking parrot. Clearly this isn't usual. Sell tickets to sit and have a chat with Scooby, and you can just pay him in food.
    • With Scooby's appetite?
    • Considering that Crystal Cove has an asylum specifically for dangerous animals, a talking dog probably isn't that out of the ordinary.
  • Just what are the ingredients of Scooby Snacks that makes them appealing to both man and beast? That's always bugged me.
    • Strangley, Scooby Snacks haven't even been mentioned in this series yet. But if you really want to know, Shaggy goes over his recipe when he invents them in the live-action The Mystery Begins movie.
    • Wrong show, this one doesn't really have Scooby Snacks. But if you have dogs, you'll know they love human food.
    • Scooby snacks have showed up a couple times now. And Shaggy is the only human who seems to like them. Generally speaking, no other human even tries to eat Scooby Snacks — it's jut part of Shaggy's bond with Scooby and their mutual Big Eater status.
    • Some dog-owners do like dog food/treats. It's not impossible IRL for someone to like their dog's treats. I always assumed they just didn't have much flavour to a human, maybe tasting how they smell, but maybe resembled something like shortbread to Shaggy in flavour, since as I recall, he's demonstrated stronger tastebuds like those of a professional chef, so could pick out the subtle flavouring.
    • This troper LOVES beef jerky, and more than once in my youth I've nearly bought dog jerky treats thinking they were beef jerky for humans. There's probably not much difference between the two but, given what I know about Department of Agriculture regulations for (human) food preparation standards vs. pet food standards, I have never had the courage to find out just how much difference.
    • Frankly, this trooper likes the show so much, I didn't even notice the lack of Scooby Snacks until this site pointed it out.
  • This exchange:
    Sheriff Stone: "Fred, Fred, Fred. If you weren't my boss's son, I would not hesitate to make you disappear. Forever."
    Fred: "I believe you."
    • Almost everywhere in the United States of America, Sheriffs are elected county officials. The only place in the USA a sheriff is answerable to a mayor is in New York City. Is it a clue?
    • Or is it Creator Provincialism?
    • It should be noted that this wouldn't be the first time a writer didn't do the research. And, you know, this particular case is actually pretty much kosher. So NYC is technically the only city in the US where the Sheriff answers to the mayor. In this universe, maybe it's NYC and this dinky little town. Heck, with all the monsters that show up, it actually makes sense that this would happen. Maybe originally the police department was too scared to investigate a case involving a monster, which pissed off the Mayor enough to just straight up ORDER the sheriff to get his ass in gear or he'd be out of the job, even if he technically didn't have the authority to do so. The sheriff complied, even if he didn't have to. After that, enough precidence had been set for that sort of thing to be alright with the public (and that Mayor no doubt got major points for doing that after the monster was demasked, with the sheriff looking very stupid as well). With the sheriff's office decredited and the mayor's office empowered, the mayor became the sheriff's boss directly. Fridge Brilliance is your friend.
      • Foreshadowing, perhaps? Episode 26 reveals that Fred is not the Mayor's actual son...
  • In one episode, a girl's alibi is that the gang sent her father to jail. The girl looks very little in her flashback. As this series is a prequel or a Continuity Reboot, why on Earth would they remember something which I think was from an older Scooby-Doo show? At very least, this is a Mind Screw.
    • Oh and the story wasn't true, I know, but then why did the gang believe it as though they remembered it?
    • It's called a Continuity Nod.
    • This bugs me for a different reason. She was a young girl in the flashback of the gang(as teens) catching The Creeper, in the present day she is the same age as the gang who are still teens, lolwut?
      • Because the story was fake.
      • I took the Creeper nod as this: They actually DID stop the Creeper, but it was maybe two or three years ago at best. It's heavily implied in the pilot that the gang has long since made a habit of solving mysteries. Heck, maybe the further nods in said pilot (the ones Thelma lists off in her parents "museum") were also foiled by those meddling kids (or their THAT'D be a fun twist).
    • Did she ever actually say she was a little girl, or did the show just do it so we'd catch on?
      • If the story was indeed that Alice May was a little girl when those meddling kids arrested her father and she'd waited years to take revenge, then it's just a huge What an Idiot moment for the gang for not realizing that this could not be possible since they haven't aged that much from when they allegedly caught the Creeper. I'm imagining that Alice May was laughing her ass off on the inside the whole time because they were seriously falling for it. And the poor suckers still don't catch on the next time they encounter her, too!
  • How did Mr. E get the notes into Shaggy's bag of Nature Slivers?
    • Either he had to sneak up on Shaggy and Scooby and drop two notes into a bag of chips Shaggy had opened and was eating (without him noticing anything), or they had to be put into the bag before it was sealed.
    • It helps that Mr. E's message delivery guy is the CEO of the company that makes the chips.
  • Why does only-child Fred have a bunk bed in his room? (First seen in "Beware the Beast from Below").
    • Did he once have a brother? Maybe one who was killed by his traps?
      • A lot of only children have bunk beds for different reasons. mostly if a friend stays over. Or maybe he just wanted more room on the floor for his traps and figured bunk beds were the way to go.
      • A bunk-bed takes up just as much floor space as a regular one. But I could buy the bed itself as a trap, like, "I'll put a dummy in the lower bunk and sleep in the upper one. Then, if someone comes to attack me in my sleep, a trigger will make the upper bunk fall on the lower one, trapping the bad guy!"
      • Adding to that, Fred figured that if he couldn't have a smaller bed to have more trap space, he'd just go with a bed he could easily turn into a trap instead.
      • It could be seen as a subtle clue that that's not Fred's real family.
    • I'm an only child and once had a bunk bed. I don't recall any particular reason for it. I'd choose which bed to sleep in at night.
  • Professor Raffalo said he staged his "disappearance" by sticking himself to the ceiling. How exactly did that work?
    • It must have been staged for the benefit of the janitor, and Raffalo should have expected to be found stuck to the ceiling by him, and taken to the hospital. That's not a disappearance and it would have interfered with his future activities as the Slime Mutant.
    • If he wasn't found, and just ate himself free, much of the value of his alibi attack would have been lost.
  • Given that, in Mystery Inc continuity, Vincent Van Ghoul is a horror actor who needs to tinkle (and Ep 19 was seemingly his first meeting with Shaggy & Scooby)... how did the gang meet Flim-Flam (seen as a statue in 20)?
    • This is a whole new continuity. Flim-Flam's story may be entirely different.
    • Maybe this is the real Van Ghoul, and the ghost just took a form Shaggy and Scooby would be less afraid of.
  • Something about episode seventeen just bugs me: The Darrows supposedly lived many years in the buried mansion before only Danny was left. How did they survive? What did they eat? It wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't for Danny being alive after 75 years and still being somewhat athletic. He would need some kind of food down there to still be so fast.
    • Rats.
      • It a Squicky What Happened to the Mouse moment, Danny never DOES say what happened to his family's bodies.
    • Well he did have a headquarters set up and was spying on the original Mystery Incorporated after they snooped around the ruins, so he could very well could have done raids on the surface at some point, and since he was so out of touch with reality and time he probably didn't notice any modern conveniences or what not.
  • How is it a bunch of geeks dressed up as biker orcs was able to completely trounce and run off a real biker gang? Scare tactics might explain it, if the bikers had seemed at all intimidated. But a Latex Perfection mask does not enable you to throw someone bodily through a glass door. And if the logic is that somehow dressing up like orcs made them stronger like orcs, then in that world cosplayers are the world's single most powerful fighting force. ;)
    • It's standard in the Scooby universe than Muscles Are Meaningless. Either everyone who puts on a monster costume is stronger than they look, or Clothes Make the Superman and disguises magically confer strength and fighting ability.
    • These are geeks maybe they turned their costumes into a sort of Powered Armor to help look the part?
    • So being geeky means you can't be strong?
      • Did you see the flashback look at the Wild Brood out of their costumes? None of them were psychically shown to have the muscle to do that, not even the evil one.
      • It is possible for someone who is not terribly muscular to use a stronger opponent's force against them. If the Wild Brood were charged by the bikers, they could use that momentum to deftly toss them out the windows.
  • Why didn't the kids recognize the CEO they spoke to in episode 20 as the "associate of Mr. E" from episode 16? He was unmasked and stood fairly close to them on the earlier occasion. Shaggy and Scooby dived into the free samples of Dummy Gummies, so they don't count, but what about Velma?
    • They did recognize him. When he shows up again in episode 26 they know him by name and know he works with Mr. E. There was no on-screen scene where they discussed this between episode 20 and 26, but it probably happened off-screen.
  • Why didn't Daphne get a to-go box in episode 19? The mansion was probably far away enough for her to at least fight her hunger off a little while.
    • They had finally gotten their table after a two hour wait. There was no food ordered yet.
  • Why does Pericles want the treasure so badly? He's a bird! He can't spend it and even if he could what would he buy?
    • Maybe there's something in particular he wants from the treasure. That or he wants to be the shadow controlling the whole world through money, connections and bribes. Sounds like him...
    • Let's not forget that he'd probably find something appealing about outsmarting all those humans out there; if only it weren't for that dog he can't quite figure out, his life would be gravy pie.
    • There's also the fact that we really don't know what the nature of the treasure is yet. It could be a lot more than just gold. Ed Machine did mention that Pericles finding the treasure could mean "the end of Crystal Cove".
    • If a parrot can talk he can probably spend money. And while he may not especially need riches to get everything he needs, the same is true of anybody who's rich. He could buy a big house, a voice-activated TV, fancy food ...
    • Actually it was revealed recently that the curse of the treasure affects animals more than humans and drives them to seek the pieces and bring them together so that Nibiru can be unleashed, so it's possible Pericles himself isn't entirely aware of what he's doing. Either that or he is and is just insane.
    • There is no treasure. There is only NIBIRU.
  • If Mayor Jones wanted Pericles out of the way so much why didn't he just kill him?
    • He still had a difficult puzzle to solve to find the treasure. Possibly he thought the bird could be persuaded to talk and give him more clues, given enough time in solitary confinement to become desperate.
    • Actually the episode itself had an explanation: He pinned the disappearance of the original Mystery Incorporated on Pericles and making it so even if Pericles did decide to tell the truth about the mayor to anyone, they would think Pericles was lying in order to get out of his prison sentence.
  • Given the revelations of episode 26, why was Mayor Jones brooding over that picture?
    • Maybe he heard Fred coming and it was an act. His over-reaction to being startled suggests he really wasn't.
      • Maybe its regret?
  • I had heard rumours that Flim-Flam and Weerd and Bogel were supposed to make a cameo (on a fan forum) but is this really true? Where would it fit into the show? Or is this just someone's Fan Fic presented as reality?
    • I never heard of the rumor but Weerd and Bogel could work as human henchmen for Pericles or some other bad guy.
      • Flim-Flam and Scrappy did make cameos... of the Take That variety: both as statues in the museum, with Flim-Flam apparently is serving 25-life for fraud of some kind, and Scrappy... well...
    Fred: "We promised we would never speak of that. Never, ever."
  • Why is there speculation on one Scooby-Doo fansite about Fred's underwear? Is it really even necessary to speculate on this?
  • From the Season 2 premiere we're given the Baby-Clown, a huge fat clown looking thing that drives around blowing up buildings and neighborhoods with bombs that look like milk bottles and at one point actually demands money from city hall or else he'll cause more damage, essentially making him a terrorist. So what does the new mayor do? Get the police or the national guard? Of course not. Instead she summons 4 teenagers and a talking dog known for solving mysteries and building traps. Can someone explain what kind of sense that makes?
    • Well, Crystal Cove's police force was essentially paralyzed by the attacks, as evidenced by him blowing up all their cars in the teaser. As for the national guard, well, think of how that call would go. "We need you to come in to stop a giant man baby clown from blowing up the town." "Is this some kind of sick joke?"
      • Its a bit like someone calling in Sherlock Holmes because they know Inspector Lestrade is sub-par. The regular police don't know how to handle "mysteries" whereas Mystery Inc. have made a living out of this for quite a while.
      • It's odd, though, because a man baby clown isn't a supernatural threat or monster. Why is he treated differently than any other psycho on a rampage? When he threatens the town with bombs and such, why doesn't Sheriff Stone just draw his gun and cap him to save lives?
    • Because the show isn't about the police or the national guard.
  • Another minor one from the season 2 premiere but why does Velma take it personally that the gang left her? Shaggy and Scooby were involuntarily send away and Freddy left to find his parents, but she acts like they only left to spite her.
    • Well, perhaps it was still too soon for her to think rationally, so perhaps she was just stewing in denial over the whole Angel business.
  • I just thought of this in regard to the time frame mash up present in this universe. We are shown that computers, the internet, and even internet cell phones exist in this universe. So with all these things at his disposal, why didn't Fred just check directories online when he found out about Brad Childs and Judy Reeves? Surely it would make things much easier than going door to door for months asking for them. Is such a strategy even possible in our world?
    • Because he's Freddie Jones. Velma or Daphne probably WOULD have, but Fred couldn't think of anything more efficient than a worldwide house-to-house search.
    • IIRC, it's established a few episodes later that they were using aliases.
  • Why isn't Cartoon Network showing the second season in the US? Seriously, the premier was on demand for a few weeks, but no more new ones have been put on and not even that one actually aired.
    • Season 2 started off with the first five episodes broadcast one-a-day from July 30 to August 3. Currently unknown is whether they'll continue with this pattern, or if they'll go back to Monday evenings.
  • In episode 30, at the Blakes' party for the newly-returned Brad and Judy Chiles, Fred's parents state they are happy Daphne's parents remember them after all these years. Does this mean they knew about Fred Jones Senior stealing Fred away from them as a baby?
    • Maybe they knew them before Fred was stolen and didn't have any contact with them by the time it happened?
  • Why does Mr. E need any treasure or money? Have you seen his lair? He's loaded!
  • In episode 34, what happened to the crazy boron miner? She disappears right after showing the ship to the gang, suggesting she might be working with Dark Lilith, but she's never mentioned again. It's like as soon as she served her pupose in the story she stopped existing! Since Hot Dog Water stole the lucky soccer ball to lure Fred to the mountain and said ball ended up in the miner's possesion, was she working for Hot Dog Water?
  • The Crybaby Clown's motivation in his second episode: Does it make even the slightest lick of sense? To recap, Baylor Hotner has been cast in a horror movie about a monster clown, and to get into the role he decides to go terrorise a random town dressed in the movie costume and kidnap all these people to help him make the film? Is there any reason at all for why he can't just hire a crew, being, you know, rich and famous movie superstar? And just why did he even kidnap Daphne when Daphne had mere hours before willingly agreed to go with him to Hollywood? Also, with the reveal in his second episode in mind, just why was the extorting money from the town government in his first episode? Furthermore, what insane casting agency decided that this universe's equivelant to Taylor Lautner was the perfect actor to play a morbidly obese diaper-wearing Monster Clown Psychopathic Manchild? Considering that all this serves as a major plot point to get Daphne back into the gang, this seems to kind of transgend the boundaries of what the Rule of Funny can excuse.
    • WTF Casting Agency for the last point, as you said. Happens all the time in real life. And as for why he did all this, I just assume he was a Method Actor who was so dedicated to mastering the role, he became lost in it. Plus, why waste money hiring people when he can get them for free, while he practices his role? He's killing two birds with one stone.
    • And one more thing that bugs me: Once the movie was actually released, wouldn't Baylor's identity as the Crybaby Clown be compromised? Wouldn't the people of Crystal Cove look at the movie poster and say "Hey, isn't that the maniac who was terrorising our town last year? And what's this? All the people he kidnapped are working on the film, too? He's played by Baylor Hotner, you say? Hmmm..."
  • So...if they didn't catch Crybaby Clown in 201, and he didn't just go away, why is Crystal Cove no longer empty and neigh-dystopic by 202?
    • The explanation for Crybaby Clown ceasing his acts of terrorism is simple: Hotner had enough practice for the part and moved on to his next phase. The extortion was just part of the act; he didn't want the money at all. The gang might have even gotten a little credit that their attempt at a capture led to a final explosive act and then no more, since they don't seem to be universally hated as they feared.
  • Why are they using ''Nibiru'' as a plot point? One, it's nightmarish (did I just answer my own question?) and two, it's either feeding (or reviving) the Nibiru Collision fanactics!]
    • It helps add to the creep factor if its a "real" thing.
  • One thing that always bothered me in the series was that everytime someone wears a monster costume they suddenly gain super strength. In some cases its understandable, such as the monster being a robot, or large men like the Humongonauts, but are the humans in this series superhuman or something? They destroy walls, wood, in the case of the environmentalists, jump really high,and all kinds of destruction without a single bruise. As for the Freak of Crystal Cove, how the heck was Mayor Jones able to teleport so fast? I know this is a cartoon but this is stretching it.
    • The strength thing, haven't you ever heard of an exoskeleton?
    • Rule of Cool / Rule of Funny? If that's not good enough for you: Nibiru/The Curse clearly has some degree of Reality Warper powers to be able to repetitively recreate these mystery solvers groups of five platonic archetypes. It is not unreasonable that it is also keeps putting people into a "monster" archetype for the current mystery solvers to play off of and that it gives these "monsters" the necessary strength to pull off their role.
  • Now, I absolutely love this new Scooby-Doo. But this has bothering me ever since they showed up, and after Man in the Mirror, it's even more confusing for me. So, Mayor Jones kept baby Fred as leverage against Brad and Judy. Presumably, the idea was - Stay away from Crystal Cove or I hurt your son. Well, given that it's now conclusively been proven that Brad and Judy don't care an iota for Fred, why exactly did they stay away all these years? If they are prepared to go to the extreme lengths of getting extensive plastic surgery to the extent of looking like their son and their son's girlfriend aged up, why didn't they do that before and sneak in under Jones's nose?
    • They lacked the smarts without leadership. Before they returned, Pericles had to get out of the asylum to lead them, and Mayor Jones had to be locked up to give them a free hand. As for Fred, they may have secretly welcomed Jones taking the rug rat off their hands so they could develop their career as trappers and bounty hunters.
      • Also, their extreme negative personality shifts can now be explained by the loss of their good side to the Sitting Room. They clearly did care about Fred and fear for his safety in the first episode they appeared in, but when they joined Perilces afterward, the curse corrupted them and their good sides got trapped in the Sitting Room. Thus they're now ruthless and willing to do whatever it took to get the treasure.
      • Exactly. In retrospect, Brad and Judy are two of the most interesting villains in the show due to how they're good people in their debut episode, if dim-witted and unprepared to finally be parents to their long-lost son, but when they make their Face-Heel Turn, their level of evil literally rises with each passing episode.
    • Art of Darkness: Consider joining Pericles for Fred's own good, but are poring over old maps and documents related to the treasure which suggest greed as a factor too. Let Cassidy off with a warning when she tries to stop them, since they still consider her a friend. Kind of Jerkassy, but not too bad.
    • Grim Judgement: Bond with Fred so they can later manipulate him into giving up the Planespheric Disc pieces. Cruel, but still done with semi-good intentions.
    • Scarebear & Wrath of Krampus: Try to manipulate Fred and steal the Disc pieces. The natural follow-up to before, and the official turn to flat-out villainy, though they still bring up that they want Fred safe.
    • Aliens Among Us: Blow up City Hall. This is just criminal, but at least nobody was inside at the time.
    • The Horrible Herd: Shoot a missile at a helicopter with passengers inside, including Fred. This is the point where it becomes clear that their previous good intentions aren't with them anymore.
    • The Devouring: Betray Ricky to Pericles, who implants cobra venom in his spine. Brad and Judy watch Ricky's pain with evil smirks. Before, they were willing to give Cassidy a pass because she was an old friend. Now old friendship is worth squat to them.
    • The Man in the Mirror: Get plastic surgery to resemble Fred and Daphne and attempt to Mind Rape Fred into giving the Disc's location away. When this backfires, Brad physically fights his own son. If there was any doubt that Fred's welfare was no longer important to Brad and Judy at this point, Brad even responds to "Why'd you do it?" with "For the treasure! What else?" Pure greed is their only motive now.
    • Gates of Gloom: Go along with Pericles' capture and planned mass-murder of the townspeople, and are starting to act hateful toward each other. Their final redeeming quality, their love for one another, has been rubbed out.
    • Through the Curtain: Play a vital part in the murder of Hot Dog Water. Now they are completely irredeemable.
    • Come Undone: Willingly offer to serve the evil entity...who accepts this offer by eating them. Thus do Brad and Judy meet their ends. Except for their new reality incarnations, of course, who never become corrupted or commit any of these acts, so all's well than ends well.
  • The finale of the show was great except for one part at the end. Why is it that the gang just up and leaves at the end apparantly without telling anyone? I could understand before why they might have before with Crystal Cove being a Crapsack World and all, but now that the Entity is Ret Gone and everyone is nice and kind to them, isn't that good reason to stick around for at least a little longer? Or at least give a decent good bye and explain to their friends and family why they are leaving?
    • Their friends and family no longer needed them. It's like Superman said to his Golden Age counterpart in Infinite Crisis : a perfect world wouldn't need heroes like them, and cleansed, Crystal Cove was now that world.
      • When they get together for the first time, they remark how much things have changed; They've been thrown into a completely different universe where people's lives have turned out very differently. While there are a lot of similarities, it is no longer their lives. I think they react pretty well considering their lives and loved ones have literally been ret-gonned into recognizable but really different people.
    • Also, I'm sure they did end up telling everyone that they were leaving. However, as literally nobody else in their entire town had memories of their old timeline, they couldn't have told them that they killed an inter-dimensional entity and thus turned the world into a sunny place where everyone got their happy ending. I'm sure what they did tell them was that they were accepting into college, and thus decided to road trip over there so they could spend time together on the way. It's a perfectly logical out, and technically not a lie.
  • According to Velma's tour speech in "Beware The Beast From Below," a garrison of Spanish conquistadors vanished from the coast in 1630, and the missionary town vanished into the sea in 1765. How could monks whose lives were contemporary with the latter event meet a conquistador from the former (as told in "Theater of Doom") when the two events were separated by more than 130 years?
  • Since it now seems to be established that Crystal Cove is on the west coast, probably southern California, how did a huge bunch of alligators end up in Gatorsburg?
    • They mined them and there was talking about gator wells too so alligators were a natural "mineral" deposit apparently. No laughing. This is the official explanation from the episode.
    • The episode with the ghost of Friar Sera strongly implied that the alligators were some kind of supernatural phenomena. Given that Mystery Incorporated shares a setting with Johnny Quest, that's probably not the only supernatural phenomena hanging around, although it might be the strangest.
      • Sera said that it was the alligators that changed the neon hotel sign to "The Dog Dies." That's pretty supernatural. It probably means at least some of them are related to the Anunnaki.
  • The pieces of the planespheric disk do some odd things when you look at their shapes carefully. The friars in Theater of Doom saw two pieces marked with "U" shapes. But one of those pieces ends up on the galleon in the mountains, and a piece with a triangle mark ends up in the sea. Also, in All Fear the Freak the piece Velma takes into the caves is not the Darrow piece, but the Jones piece that should have been in the hands of Pericles. Are these animation blunders or is there a further mystery here?
  • Seriously! How can there exist a world without ANY mysteries.
    • Or is Crystal Cove "the entire world" and more mysteries lie outside the town? Things always happen crimes will always be committed. Mysteries WILL always be happening.
    • The gang means "mystery" in a very specific sense, i.e. a Scooby-Doo Hoax. These will be rare in the new world.
    • The gang are technically paranormal investigators, hence why they keep going after ghost sightings and supposed cryptid appearances.
  • Who stole the Mystery Machine's engine in episode 1.2 (the one with the gator people)?
    • Mr. E is the only one who could have been behind it. He sent them there with a clue, and wanted them to remain overnight to solve the mystery. He might have used the duplicate Mystery Machine to make the theft easier (the one the Obliteratrix used later).
  • Why DO Brad and Judy return?
    • Because they can now that Fred Jones Sr. is in prison.
      • They waited quite a long time after that, while Fred wandered around looking for them (and growing a long beard). They came back only after the gang had collected one of the Pieces of the Planispheric disk and was about to collect another. Coincidence?
  • If the conquistadors named Crystal Cove after the sarcophagus, and the entity's influence was erased from history, shouldn't there not be a crystal cove? Furthermore, since the the Fraternitas' donkey blew up and sunk half the town into the ocean, wouldn't Crystal Cove or its equivalent be in a different spot altogether?
    • The nature of the magical retcon applied to the town appears have undone the evil aspects of the Entity's influence while retaining the good aspects — the city, the people, the friendships, etc. The new town might be bigger, or there might be some other explanation for the missing land.
  • In episode 21, Menace of the Manticore, Hot Dog Water sets up a fake website to sell Mayor Jones an ancient Persian temple that's supposedly haunted by a manticore. If the website if fake, then where the hell did the temple come from? And on a lesser scale, how did it get to Crystal Cove?
  • In episode 51 "Through the Curtain", how did Pericles' group get through the inter-dimensional sea?
    • They were accompanied by robots that could operate underwater.

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