Fridge / MOTHER
aka: Earth Bound


Fridge Brilliance
  • All the final boss fights. In each of the games, despite the fact that you pretty much beat the crap out of all your enemies prior to the final boss battles with baseball bats, guns, frying pans, and Psychic Powers, the actual final boss usually isn't like that at all.
    • To elaborate, starting off with EarthBound Beginnings / Mother, when you fight Giygas, you don't just throw all of your attacks at him and have an epic turn based battle. In fact, you don't throw any punches at all. You're not supposed to, anyway. What you are supposed to do, is sing the "Eight Melodies" you gathered on your journey to Giygas, the one that Maria, the "Mother" who raised him, sung to him as a baby. He constantly interrupts you, but the intervals at which he cuts you off come later and later until you finish the song and, overwhelmed by his emotions of abandonment and love for his Mother and his duty to his race, he decides to run away.
    • In EarthBound/MOTHER 2, Andonuts sends the team back to the past where Giygas was launching his attack... in robots. The start of the fight involves you fighting Pokey instead of Giygas. Pokey later turns off the "Devil's Machine", which ramps up the horror level of Giygas. This is where you start putting to use Paula's "Pray" ability. It gets to a point, though, that Giygas essentially EATS PAULA'S PRAYER.
      "Paula's call was absorbed by the darkness."
    • The final boss battle of MOTHER 3 (and even the penultimate boss battle) do not definitively end with Lucas and the gang beating the opponent. When you fight Porky (aka the same Pokey Minch that fled via time travel in EarthBound), after taking enough damage, he ends up locking himself in the Absolutely Safe Capsule. It lives up to its name. And the final boss battle against the Masked Man (aka Claus) isn't quite a boss battle. The Masked Man fires an intense bolt of lightning at the gang, which knocks out everyone except for Lucas, only because of the recently polished Franklin Badge. Lucas can't will himself to attack at all up until the point where the Masked Man fires PK Love at him... and their father keeps BOTH shots from hitting Lucas. Meanwhile, you have Hinawa's ghost trying to bring Claus back to his senses, and she fails the first couple of times. Until she succeeds, the Masked Man is pretty much kicking your ass, with the only thing you can find yourself able to do is block and heal yourself. Claus comes to his senses, dealing lower and lower damage until it becomes pitiful single digit damage. Finally, before he sinks back into his brainwashing and realizing the gravity of what he's done, as well as the desire to be with his Mother again, he shoots at Lucas, knowing full well that his Franklin Badge is going to reflect it full force back at him. Truly, the protagonists never actually defeat the Final Bossthe Final Boss either gets killed from a Combined Energy Attack, or are defeated by their own emotions.
    • Further more, In a way, Mother 3's final boss mirrors the boss in the other two games. Because Giegue...
      • ...'S mother has died.
      • Is out to destroy planet Earth.
      • At one point in time turned into an Eldritch Abomination
      • And is defeated by his emotions.
  • I UNDERSTAND NOW!! I UNDERSTAND THE RIDDLE IN GEORGE'S DIARY! Okay, okay, sorry I got so excited, but bear with me, this is a GOOD one: So, that weird line, right? "Who has lost his tail? The ship of the one who forever sails the cosmos." What's it mean? Let me break it down: The "one who has lost his tail" is obviously Giygas, we know that much. Now, what do you do when you lose something? You try and find it, right? So, Giygas is trying to find his "tail", i.e chasing it. He's going mad trying to get something he can't get to. But what is this "tail"? His END. It's the person the Apple of Enlightenment said would eventually destroy him. When Giygas found out he'd be destroyed, he lost his tail, and began to go mad trying to find it. So if you're following, Ness is the "tail" that he "lost". And here's the kicker: That "tail"? You see it. In Magicant, the world of Ness's subconcious. Itoi, you brilliant, brilliant man...
    • Alternatively:
      "He was always wagging his tail... just like a pup..."
  • Yet another subtle bit of symbolism I noticed: In the first game, Giygas is a humanoid alien that could well be described as resembling a mammalian embryo. In the second game, much more infamously, he takes on a form with imagery symbolic of a fetus. And, by game three, his evil has manifested itself in Porky, a human child.
  • This is most likely unintentional, as it's unlikely that Itoi could have planned that far ahead, but you never know: The slogan for MOTHER is "No Crying Until the End". The game is emotional for an NES game sure, but still, it can feel a little out of place. But maybe, just maybe, it's referring to the end as in, the end.
    • It may not be neccessarily unintentional, you gotta remember, Mother 3 was originally supposed to be on N64, as Mother 3: Fall of the Pig King, which started development only 2 years after Earthbound in 1997, so Itoi could've potentially planned that far ahead given how it started development very soon after.
  • In all three games, the final boss "themes" are jarringly minimalistic and dissonant, to the point they can be hardly described as music. In a series in which music plays such an important if not overtly central role, what better way to present Ultimate Evil than with the absence of any melody?

MOTHER / EarthBound Beginnings

Fridge Brilliance
  • And in the original Mother, I still feel that it's an example of The Power of Love. Most examples turn "love" into magic sparkles or beams made of hearts in a very cheesy way, but in this game you literally defeat your enemy with the actual feeling of love. You short-circuit Giegue's Kill All Humans programming by reminding him of the human who loved him as her own child. And in case you haven't noticed, that is also why the game is called Mother.
  • Here's one that applies to the first two: Take a look at the names of the female leads. Now put them together. Paula-Ana. Pollyanna is the main theme of the series!
    • Polly is a common nickname for Mary or Maria.
  • I initially wondered why an Earth served as the logo of the series, since it seemed rather dissimilar to the title of series (which may have been why it was called Earthbound elsewhere). Then I realized it was very obvious-Mother Earth! What could possibly be a better symbol of nurturing, life, and maternal themes?-Blueflame 724

Fridge Horror
  • At first, you're thinking, Hey, Maria's not dead after all! In fact, she's been Queen Mary all along, everything's gonna be alright. But then you realize oh, wait — she was kidnapped and placed in a completely remote, barren area for supposedly the rest of her life with only her imagination to keep her company.
    • It's even worse, as it is heavily implied in the original version that Giygas himself killed Maria after freaking out because of her song, and imprisoned her mind within Magicant, probably believing that to be an act of mercy on his behalf.

Fridge Logic
  • How could George and Maria have had a kid anyway? By the time George returns to Earth, Maria has already been sealed in Magicant, and the prologue makes no mention of them having children.
    • They had a child before the aliens took them away, and he or she just went unmentioned.
      • One fancomic offers the situation that their child was simply staying with his aunt at the time and was raised by her after the fact, thereby avoiding also being abducted.
  • How does Ana manage to wear short sleeves in such a snowy place as, well, Snowman?
  • If Podunk, Merrysville, and Ellay were originally called Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine, then why weren't the towns of Reindeer, Spookane, Snowman, and Youngtown also named after holidays? Or should I ask why the former three were in the first place?

MOTHER 2 / EarthBound

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Happy Happyist cult's obsession with the color blue makes sense when one considers that it's actually the most common choice for a favorite color in North America.
  • How is Ness's father able to add so much money in Ness's account during his journey? Remember when Porky's father loaned Ness's father a hundred thousand dollars? That's where the money came from.
    • Also a pretty good Deconstruction of the RPG genre in general. The only way Ness can afford to save the world is because he's basically getting a trust fund from his dad.
  • The only way that I can truly appreciate the Final Boss fight of EarthBound (at least in terms of plot) is as a partial Deconstruction. Essentially, Giygas has become a Cosmic Horror. Physical attacks don't work on him. While Paula's Pray command appears to be effective, not even the entirety of Eagleland's Power Of Love is enough to destroy him. Ultimately, there is only one reason that Ness and them are able to defeat him... He's the final boss of a video game. Giygas loses so that the player can win. —Falcon Pain
    • By extension, it could even be said that it takes divine intervention (which is to say, the will of the player — a being who exists outside of, and controls, the reality in which these events are occurring) to finally take Giygas down. —The Hero Hartmut
    • One better — the term Deus ex Machina means something along the lines of "god from the machine," but here it's the other way around. The "god" or source of divine intervention is the player, who is outside the game machine. An interesting reversal. —Dominus Temporis
    • Another bit of genius about this, is that as the player, you've probably been nervous about fighting the final boss. Who wouldn't be? So when the situation is looking hopeless for your party, you probably ARE praying at that point for your party to win. You don't wanna lose the game and have to start over from the last save point. You wanna win. Of course you're gonna be praying to win.
  • Meanwhile, I wasn't able at all to appreciate the game the first time I played it. It felt like it was taking the "children saving the world" thing way too far. It wasn't until later that I realized that the game was thematically about Cassandra Truth, the loss of innocence, and the consequences of abandoning one's humanity. It's now one of my favorites. —32_Footsteps
  • Another consideration about the Final Boss; the first form of Giygas is a sphere with Ness's face on it. It's odd why it's like that; is it a psyche out? Instead, I then realized who's standing right next to him. Porky has been by his side for a long time, probably ranting and complaining the whole time about Ness. Giygas is evil, and he's heard so much bad stuff about Ness that he can't help but see that as the appropriate Face of Evil.
    • Moreover, with all the conflicting statements Porky says, alternating between claiming to be Ness's best friend and trying to make his life miserable, it helps explain Giygas's decent into madness. His constant cries of "Ness..." his moans of pain, claiming it feels good, he's taken Porky's confused mind as his own. Pleasure is pain, enemies are friends... It's almost a Fridge Horror...
    • Giygas became truly evil after he was separated from Maria, but the pain of her memory still exists in him. What if it's the opposite? What if deep down he still wants friends and to be loved? What if, when mimicking Ness' face, he was just trying to say hello?
    • Alternatively, it's the face of Ninten.
  • The leader of the Happy Happyists is a lightning-shooting painter-carpenter. I thought this was just pretty random. Then I remembered Bolt of Divine Retribution. And then I remembered a certain religion started by a carpenter...
  • The first time you fight Master Belch, you can (and must) use "Fly Honey" to distract and defeat him. Later, he comes back for a rematch as the bright pink Master Barf, and "Fly Honey" no longer works on him. In the same area as the rematch, you can find Demonic Petunias, which both in and out of battle greatly resemble a Rafflesia, or corpse flower. These flowers smell like rotting flesh to attract flies in order to exchange their pollen amongst each other. They also happen to be a bright red color. That's why Master Barf is immune to "Fly Honey;" he's been gorging himself on the source of the stuff. —Tropers/Altimadark
    • Could be Fridge Logic as well though, since Master Belch is first fought in a factory where he forces Mr. Saturns to make Fly Honey, so he'd be just as near to a source of his addiction in both situations.
      • Maybe rafflesia fly honey is higher-quality than the stuff from his factory?
  • When Porky gets hired by the Happy cult and Monotoli, it doesn't add up. Why would they hire a little kid? Because they both were brainwashed by the statue that serves Giygas, and Porky serves Giygas.
  • I, like several others, was annoyed by the camera man and his apparent uselessness in the plot of the game. Then I realized that it's yet another of Nintendo's jabs at video game tradition. EarthBound is famous for these, like the bathrooms that are always full making fun of the lack of bathrooms in video games, or the characters who actually call our heroes out if they act like kleptomaniac heroes. In this case, the reference is to all those games where the end credits include several pictures or videos of what was going on during the adventure, with no explanation. EarthBound is showing us how those pictures came to be, and how annoying it was for the heroes to have to constantly pose for them just to make your end credits more enjoyable. Considering Ness doesn't seem to mind posing for the pictures, though it's hard to tell, and all the hate the camera man receives, maybe this game even reverses the roles.— Gamer 4
  • In the Dusty Dunes Desert, you can encounter an enemy called the Criminal Caterpillar that gives a lot of exp. when defeated. I wondered why a silly caterpillar would give so much experience, especially since it's one of the easiest enemies in the area (although it runs away quickly, making it difficult to catch). Then I found out the enemy's name translates literally as "Wanted Bug". "Wanted", in an area that's basically an expy of the Wild West? The bug is on the lam and is wanted by the law, which is why it runs away from you and gives a big reward (it makes sense that the reward is in experience and not money, given that money is not really in short supply in the game).
  • The Guardian Diggers all claim they're the third-strongest of the group. They're all exactly the same strength, so they're all the strongest... and the weakest... and all of the other positions in the group of five, so they are actually all the third-strongest!
  • When the Onett Theme plays for the first time, it starts off with a sample of "Pollyanna" as the sun rises. "I believe the morning sun is always gonna shine again"!
  • Diamond Dog, the second form of the Fire Spring boss, is a pretty clear reference to the 1974 David Bowie album of the same name; he comes right after his first form, Carbon Dog, when you do enough damage. And how is carbon converted into its diamond form? When it is placed under pressure.
  • One may wonder why it is an Eldritch Abomination such as Giygas starts to become static, an obviously artificial display perceivable by the human eye, upon its defeat. Well, that's because the static isn't evidence of his death. It's because the robot bodies that are perceiving the dying abomination are falling apart as well, and their vision is shorting out.
  • Another observation regarding the robot bodies the Chosen Four occupy. During the final boss fight, Giygas' battle music is more or less static that is even more distorted as the fight progresses. Given the above example, it can also be interpreted as the audio input in the robot bodies picking up whatever bizarre signals Giygas gives off and outputs that into what we, the player, are hearing through the characters. It makes sense that during the beginning of the fight we hear beeping. The second and middle sections when Giygas starts to undulate can be interpreted as an increase in signals, hence more chaotic than the incomprehensible droning. The last section of the fight is even more ear-splitting because both Giygas is lashing out and the robot heroes have taken heavy damage.
  • After seeing the final anti-piracy measure put in place, the exact timing of the event becomes all the more awesome. Why does the game freeze after beating Pokey, and not before or after the fight? Because this is the point when Pokey turns off the Devil's Machine. Nintendo and Ape are taking one last jab at piracy, and have turning off the ingame "Devil's Machine" at the same point as the outside world's "Devil's Machine", i.e. the pirated cartridge. As with Giygas' Devil's Machine, it doesn't seem to turn back on (hence the file deletion).
  • There are invisible walls in Moonside because it's actually a storage room, meaning that you're still confined by the bounds of said room. This means that the Warp Men aren't actually teleporting you, just altering your perception of Mani Mani's illusion.
  • Buzz-Buzz being able to single-handedly take down Starman Junior, but be effortlessly crushed by Lardna Minch seems like a tragic yet silly way of removing Buzz-Buzz from the party. But in reality, it makes perfect sense when you realize Starmen can't move their limbs. Zero Starman enemies have a truly physical attack (the closest being firing a beam), and only move via teleportation. Buzz-Buzz was only prepared to defend himself from PSI attacks exclusively, and wasn't prepared for someone simply swatting him.
  • The Happy Happyists' Ku Klux Klan-inspired garb makes a lot more sense when you realise they're obsessed with the superiority of a given color and wish everything was colored that way.

Fridge Horror
  • The fact that the Church of Happyology characters are named the "Happy Happyists" can be a bit less funny if you consider the fact that Scientology used to own a facility nicknamed "Happy Valley" near San Jacinto, which was used for their slave labour The Rehabilitation Project Force. (The site was sold in 2002 to the Soboba Band of of Luiseño Indians, whose reservation was nearby, and it's been converted into a casino).
  • In Japan, the default name for Ness's special PK attack is PK Kiai. This gives the impression of Ness shouting "HI-YAH!" at his opponents in order to damage them. Now imagine what happens when Giygas uses it.
    • That's not the worst part. You see, Giygas can only use Rockin'/Kiai Alpha and Beta, which aren't very strong. Ness's Nightmare can use Rockin'/Kiai Omega. Imagine now his nightmarish yelling when attacking with a ultra-powerful psychic power.
  • How does Giygas communicate in his mindlessness? Is he speaking aloud or, more likely, through PSI? This means, to Ness, itís either the raving of a lunatic or a constant barrage of mental screams to go along with the physical pain Giygas inflicts on him and his friends.
  • Perhaps it's more like Fridge Depressing, but Mother 3's backstory makes it clear, if you think about it, that the world didn't just live happily ever after the end of this game, far from it...
  • After Giygas's death, his race makes no further attempts to invade earth, unless, what if after becoming the swirling red abomination he is now, he murdered his own species?

Fridge Logic
  • When Ness goes into his new robot body, he puts on his cap. But when he gets back, he has it back.
    • Triplicate on this page! Since the cap is an Iconic Item, who's to say Dr. Andonuts didn't make the robot's head in the shape of Ness's cap? The third one comes because things that are appropriate multiple times over usually create Fridge Brilliance. Well played.


Fridge Brilliance
  • In the last verse of the Lyrics for the Love Theme, where Hinawa says "If I call out, he'll turn around. Give light to the small one who walks his path alone.", people might assume she's referring to Claus, who's been alone ever since he set out on his path to avenge his mom and got turned into a Cyborg, and she's trying to bring him back from Porky's control. But, if you think about it, the last verse can apply to Lucas just as much. He may not have been alone on his journey, or even when he was grieving prior to the timeskip (thanks Boney), but asides from Claus, Lucas still suffered the most out of anyone in the game by far. Even if he had friends by his side and supporting him, he still had to shoulder all of that pain and sadness he's experienced on his own, as no one else had suffered to the same degree that he has or lost as much he has. This especially becomes painfully clear on the trip to Tanetane Island, when most of the hallucinations are based on his own fears/trauma and very few haunt Duster and Kumatora. Not to mention he has the weight on his shoulders of being the only one besides his brainwashed brother who could pull the last needle and remake the world into one without evil and suffering. Hinawa isn't singing just about her trying to save Claus, she's also trying to give her strength and love to her other son, the one who's been through so much pain and has been so strong to keep going and do what's right, despite the terrible things that have happened to him. - Spiderfreak 1011
  • Towards the end of Chapter 1, when Flint and Alec meet the Magypsies and they tell them that Claus showed up not too long earlier, and they directed him to where the Drago Plateau was, Aeolia mentions how they taught him a "very powerful PSI Technique" before he left, and that he wouldn't be able to use it very easily. Now, upon replay and knowing that Claus after this becomes the Masked Man who can use PK Love and pull the needles, you might be inclined to believe this very powerful PSI technique Claus learned was PK Love, since it s a very strong move and something only he and one other person can use. But if you think deeper into it, Ionia and the other Magypsies made a big deal about the fact that Lucas could learn PK Love to begin with, as not even they can use that PSI technique, and they realized it signaled that people who could pull their needles had finally appeared to fulfill the prophecy. Yet, Aeolia says it very casually, as if what she taught Claus was something than any of the Magypsies were capable of. So, what other PSI does he have later on that is known for being very powerful? He has his Infamous One Hit KO Thunder attack, which is something not even Kumatora was taught. (It's implied with Kumatora that extremely powerful PSI techniques like that were not taught to her because they were dangerous and difficult to master.) And like Aeolia said, the technique Claus learns is something he wouldn't be able to use very easily, and was something they were able to teach to him and unlike Kumatora, didn't have any qualms about doing so, as they clearly didn't care for his life and how he was so willing to throw it away for revenge. So, it's not a stretch to say that the move that Aeolia taught Claus and by extension, The Masked Man, was his powerful Thunder technique.
    • Further evidence to prove this is, when Lucas has his PSI awakened in Chapter 4, Ionia never teaches him how to use PK Love, Lucas just automatically unlocks the capability to use it once he awakens to his power. So, if the way Claus learned PK Love was similar to Lucas's, then he would've automatically unlocked the power of PK Love once he was awakened to his Psychic potential as well, and wouldn't have been something that Aeolia could've taught to him. Which only leaves the Thunder technique as for what she could've taught Claus.
  • At the end of Mother 3, you get another "The End?" before getting a definitive "The End". It strikes you then that the "The End" at the end of Mother and EarthBound wasn't referring to the game's end — but the franchise's end!
  • In the same vein, it occurred to me (in part thanks to comments on this wiki) that the plot of the sequel, Mother 3, concerns a villain who refuses to lose his childhood innocence and lets it become twisted into a self-absorbed fantasy that he forces on the rest of the world. In the end, he's forced back into an artificial womb where he stays forever.
    • And that leads to another realization: It's hinted that he is, in fact, happy about being trapped in that capsule for eternity, all by himself. He's so childish that he chose to become an unborn infant again. Technically, you only begin to grow up after you're born, which he didn't want. So, he stays as childish as possible, both mentally and metaphorically.
      • Not to discredit the previous troper, but given that Porky sounds uneasy during the event and that he doesn't exactly think things out in the long-term, it's pretty clear that he's locked himself in a horrid little hell.
      • I've been reading quite a bit about this situation with Porky (never played the game, sorry), and being locked in an indestructible and inescapable capsule sounds agonizingly boring, but for the longest time I thought that he could still keep contact and control of his army and/or servants. But then it occurred to me that for the Absolutely Safe Capsule to be absolutely safe, it must also be air and water tight. He can't even speak to anyone else, and can't hear anyone else. He will live in constant silence, and will see everything there is to see, and not be able to interact with it in any way. Forever. - Battery 1320
      • And why can't he just have an escape switch installed inside? For it to be "absolutely safe", whatever goes inside can never be hurt again. If he were to ever escape, his safety would be compromised. Be Careful What You Wish For Porky...
      • The only person Porky actually tried to replace in his life was Lardna. Ness and company were enshrined, but there's an entire restaurant full of Lardnas — which is in itself a testament to how screwed up Porky is, that he built a robot duplicate of his mother that only existed to take orders and serve food. But remember that Lardna was always self-absorbed and horribly, horribly negligent; the robot Lardnas were probably more motherly than the real one. Returning to the "womb" provided by the absolutely safe capsule may have made him happy just because it was the closest thing he's ever really had to a motherly influence.
  • Related to Porky. Most players are confused upon starting to play Mother 3, mostly because the soundtrack isn't as similar as Earthbound's. At least not until Chapter 4, where the town has been modernized, and plenty of songs from Earthbound start popping out, such as the Hotel's Theme in Yado's Inn, Summers' Theme in Tazmilly's Beach, etc. Now what's one of Porky's main characteristics in this game?
  • Another Porky one, but more related to gameplay. He constantly brags about his immortality during the battle with him. If you use cheats to fight him outside of when you're supposed to, he will never die, no matter how many times you use Pk Love Omega, Starstorm, or Ground.
    • No. The scene with Porky escaping into the Absolutely Safe Capsule is a special event in the game. If you fight Porky when you're not supposed to, this event isn't triggered properly and Porky can't be defeated. This also happens with the second Masked Man battle.
  • Not much of a brilliant observation, but I realized Claus and Lucas were anagrams of each other several months ago. -Candy Entrails
  • The film in Porky's theater became one for me when I realized that nobody was following Ness and his friends with a camera! And since nobody even remembers them anymore, Porky must have personally sat down and created the entire script. That's... a powerful image — Canonier.
    • Nobody following Ness with a camera??? Do the words "Fuzzy Pickles" mean anything to you?
    • That's a photo camera, though.
      • Did it look animated?
      • None of the images in the movie were where the Photo Man took pictures, though.
      • What was the Camera Man doing when we WASN'T taking those nifty pictures?
  • After the final boss fight of Mother 3, Lucas talks to you, the player, and tells you that you can see him again whenever you like, which of course is meant to imply that you can see Lucas and company again whenever you feel like playing the game once more. However, this troper realized that this means pulling the final needle to destroy and recreate the world leads to a sort of reset on the entire universe of Mother 3. Claus and Hinawa and everyone else are all brought back to life and when you play through the game a second (or third or fourth, etc.) time, the events repeat themselves, eventually culminating in yet another reset of the world of Mother 3. Each time you decide to play again, Hinawa is killed and Claus dies and is reconstructed. Which, I suppose, could also qualify this as Fridge Horror.Ethereal Zephyr
  • In Mother 3, Duster's weapon list includes a Rope Snake, and Wall Staples. It's just a pun on the board game, Snakes and Ladders!
  • The Absolutely Safe Capsule that Porky hides in seems flawed at first, since it is inescapable. Then you realize how the name of the Capsule and think about how crazy Porky is, and realize. The Capsule isn't meant to protect Porky, it traps him inside, keeping everyone absolutely safe from HIM!
  • Kumatora is a tomboy because she was raised by the Magypsies. And she's a princess because she was raised by drag queens.
  • That Dr Andonuts would be kidnapped and forced to make the chimeras makes more sense when you remember he already had experience doing that in EarthBound. Dungeon Man was his first mechanical chimera, followed by the chosen four's robot bodies. Of course, those subjects were willing...
  • The people who formed the population of Tazmily Village originally went to Nowhere Islands to escape the end of the world. They escaped the destruction of everywhere... by hiding in literal nowhere.
  • A blunt one: after going through the game, we discover that the Egg of Light is a device meant for taking away or giving back people's memories. Which Duster stole in Chapter 2. Following the Time Skip, he has amnesia. Nay, it likely wasn't caused from a simple bump on the head; Duster had likely unwittingly activated the Egg in his escape. This is supported when he gets the Egg back in Chapter 5, after which his memories quickly return.
  • During the Time Skip, lightning has managed to strike pretty much everywhere around Lucas and Flint's house, even getting as close as the farm, but it never actually destroys the house. That's because Flint left the Courage Badge there, which is later revealed to be the Franklin Badge. Stopping all that lightning for three years is probably how it lost its shine as well, before it was polished at least.
  • The first time we meet Kumatora, she's caught in a bear trap. "Kuma tora" literally means "Bear tiger".
  • During the final battle, as Claus is dying in Lucas's arms, text describing the scene says that "Lucas remembered Claus' smell". This is Lucas realizing his brother is about to die and getting just a tiny amount of sensory input from his body, just before he dies and they're gone forever. It's a poignant and disturbingly accurate depiction of grief, as this game is so well known for, but for a while I couldn't understand why his smell, of all things, was what Lucas remembered. Why not his face or the sound of his voice? Well, it turns out that smell is one of the best senses we humans have for attaching and recalling memories.
  • Why did the Pigmasks assume that Lucas was The Masked Man? Because they've never seen him without his mask. They just assumed from Lucas' similar build that he was their commander in his casual uniform.
  • The identity of the Big Bad is revealed rather anticlimactically. It's pretty casually revealed that he's Porky, and the party members aren't really shocked or anything. This is because, unlike the players, they wouldn't know anything about Porky's life prior to leading the Pigmasks. It's entirely possible that they already knew his actual name; there's no reason for him to make it a secret, but he just prefered "King P" and let that spread. If so, this would be an inversion of Dramatic Irony; the characters know full well information that would seriously affect the players.
    • Arguably, this is also the case for the revelation of Claus. Lucas clearly recognizes something, perhaps subconsciously.
  • When Duster attacks the sound that plays is a bass guitar. When he plays in DCMC, he actually plays bass.
  • How was Fassad easily able to see through Lucas' disguise in The Tower of Love and Peace when none of the Pig Troopers could? He spent the first part of the game putting up his own façade! Of course he'd know when someone else is! The clue's in the name!
    • A much simpler explanation is that Fassad would have spent far more time with the Masked Man than low-ranking Pig Troopers, so he'd recognize him better. And he'd be more likely to know that he has a twin brother.
  • EarthBound subverted the Money Spider RPG trope by having Ness's dad give him money instead of directly relating it to fighting enemies, but MOTHER 3 seems to play it straight, right? But because the concept of money was essentially reinvented thanks to Porky, and because Porky is a twisted jerk who screws with people, why wouldn't he make it so that the best way to make money is to fight dangerous chimeras?
  • The Pigmask Army are the ones to introduce money and the modern economy to the world. You know, capitalist pigs.
  • Why do you only get Kumatora's PK Ground at level 60, after a ton of level-grinding? Because you ground her up to that point.
  • Why is The Masked Man's battle background the same as Evil Mani Mani? Because they both have one thing in common: corruption. Evil Mani Mani spread Giygas' corruption, and ultimately led to Pokey/Porky's rise to evil. The Masked Man, however, is a VICTIM of corruption, having been brought back from near death, reshaped into an emotionless cyborg with barely a sliver of Claus left inside.
  • While the soundtrack borrows tunes and riffs from all sorts of sources from past games and beyond, there's exactly one song from outside the world of MOTHER that's totally unchanged from its source: "Leder's Gymnopedie", which plays over the story of how humans left the outside world behind and came to the Nowhere Islands, as told by the only person left who remembers that outside world.

Fridge Horror
  • Here's some Fridge Horror for ya: EarthBound is obviously a direct sequel to MOTHER, having similar themes and carrying on the story of Giygas. EarthBound takes place only a few years after MOTHER. However, MOTHER 3 seems to be in a very different universe with different themes and styles and the only recurring element is Porky. However, doesn't MOTHER 3 take place After the End, when the world was reset and everyone's minds were wiped?
    • By that same token, that would mean that what Ninten and his friends and Ness and his friends did to stop Giygas and save the world was All for Nothing, as while Aliens didn't end up conquering the world, the people our heroes were protecting, Humankind, destroyed the world instead. Even worse, there's a very likely possibility that the end of the world happened within the lifetimes of Ninten and Ness and their friends, meaning that they most likely died when the world ended like most of Earth's population.
    • EarthBound and MOTHER 1 are actually several decades apart. Regardless, they both evoke timeless nostalgia despite the theme of coming of age and the "danger" of loss of innocence. MOTHER 3 could be seen as the uncertainties of the future and the very real dangers presented by modernity as the world becomes less and less recognizable to those who came before. So yes, After the End both chronologically and metaphorically.
  • The end of Mother 3 when Claus dies, is very emotional. Then it becomes a whole new level of disturbing when you realize it was child suicide...
  • After the end, everyone seems alive and well, and they're all in the same place. All of them. Every NPC, every playable character (except the ones who were already dead), and, most likely, every one of the Chimeras. Every. One. Of. Them. The Pigtunias, the Cattlesnakes, the Kangasharks ...and the Ultimate Chimera. Let me rephrase this: EVERYBODY IS IN THE SAME PLACE WITH THE ULTIMATE CHIMERA. Worrying about their safety yet?
    • Unstoppable force (Ultimate Chimera) meets immovable object (Absolutely Safe Capsule). What would happen?
      • Considering it only got out of its cage because Salsa unlocked it, unstoppable might be a tad hyperbolic.
    • Not really. I assume that the dragon "reset" all of the chimeras, breaking them down to their original beings. The only thing to be terrified of is whatever made the Ultimate Chimera that vicious in the first place, and even then, it may not even be mad after being separated.
    • Didn't Dr. Andonuts say that the button was the Ultimate Chimera's ONLY weakness? Considering that he built an Absolutely Safe Capsule, it stands to reason that the Ultimate Chimera is still out there.
  • In the Empire Porky building, there is a room dedicated to Porky's "biggest fans". Most people who are old enough to play this game can tell that this is obviously a Royal Harem in anything but name, filled with scantily clad women who dedicate all their time to giving their king his royal treatment. However, we find out only a few rooms later that every single citizen of New Pork City has been brainwashed to love Porky, do whatever he wishes, and be happy about it. Putting two and two together, this means that, on top of all the other horrible things Porky has done, he is also a rapist.
    • Probably not. If the whole point of Porky is that he's really immature and refuses to grow up, he probably has no sex drive. All those girls probably kiss him, maybe give him massages, and feed him, but what he does with them is likely a child's understanding of having it all, rather than actual sex.
    • In addition to the above, his body is old and decrepit, and doesn't seem to be in any shape for that sort of physical activity. Then again, if he does use them for that purpose...
  • The fact that Dr. Andonuts was kidnapped by Porky and taken an unspecified amount of time into the future means that Jeff was separated from his father after they were finally reunited.
  • Probably also counts as Fridge Brilliance. Why did the Dark Dragon destroy the world? Because that's what Lucas wanted him to do. He just witnessed his brother commit suicide and his world has basically been ruined by the Pigmasks. Lucas thinks it's better this way.
    • We don't know that the Dark Dragon destroyed the world; the ending is deliberately designed to be ambiguous.
  • Since Porky is trapped in the Absolutely Safe Capsule, won't he eventually starve? Dehydrate? Urinate or defecate himself? Get sick and die without access to medicine? Bet Porky didn't think this through, did he?
    • Considering the fact that the Absolutely Safe Capsule is supposed to, y'know, keep you safe forever, I'm sure it has some sort of internal homeostasis that keeps its occupants alive and healthy.
    • Porky is, sadly, immortal. He can't age due to time travel abuse and that spider mech he lays on is probably "feeding" him.
  • Just... What did Porky do to brainwash Claus into becoming the Masked Man? And it apparently was so bad that he had to kill himself in order to be free. Or he was thinking, "My God, What Have I Done?". What makes this even worse is that this happens to a KID WHO'S NO OLDER THAN 13!
  • More of a Fridge Tear Jerker, but imagine how Kumatora must feel when her parental figures, the Magypsies, all fade out of existence one by one due to either Lucas or the Masked Man pulling their needles and she even having to assist Lucas in this quest. We can even see a bit of sadness from her after Ionia is gone.
    • Then imagine the shock and terror when Kumatora learns that Fassad, the cruel, abusive, manipulative mastermind that was killed just a little bit before, turns out to be a traitor, too. His true identity is revealed to be Locria, the last Magypsy, and one of Kumatora's caregivers as a child. Imagine not only the sadness, but the betrayal she must have felt after all that.
  • Lucas lost his mother and was all but abandoned by his father in favor of reuniting with his other child - just like Giygas.
  • Remember the bells in Tazmily Village, and how they prevented the villagers' memories of the old destroyed world from reverting? Well, Leder isn't ringing the bell anymore. All those memories are coming back. And if you've read The Giver, you know what that's like.

Fridge Logic
  • Okay, since this is MOTHER, this could very well be under Fridge Brilliance depending on how you look at it, but it'll be put here here for simplicity's sake. So, the dragon? The gigantic, world-defining dragon resting underneath the Nowhere Islands? It's got the needles stuck in its hide, right? Well, the final needle is underneath New Pork City. And New Pork City is on a chunk of rock suspended several hundred feet above the ground. There's no way that needle could still be touching the dragon at that altitude.
    • It's not unreasonable to think the dragon may exist in more than 3 dimensions in the Trope Namer series for You Cannot Grasp the True Form.
    • It's also not clear how far they fell. They could've fallen back down to the surface and beyond, right down to the Dragon's neck.
    • New Pork City being a mass of floating rock is only shown in Super Smash Bros.. It's shown in-game that NPC rests in a mountain
  • How exactly is Porky bringing people from other time periods? Didn't Dr. Andonuts say that life was destroyed in the process of time travel?. Even in the improved one Porky was using, it still left his body a barely-alive, immortal wreck.
    • I'm fairly sure that it was after continual use that he was rendered immortal and messed up, during the fight with Giygas in EarthBound, so it's probably safe to assume he's not hopping all over the place with them.
  • How did Claus know to conceal a file in an apple to break Flint out?
    • It's possible they have other criminals in the Nowhere Islands, considering there's at least one jail in-game, so it's entirely possible he saw movies that involved a prison breakout. Alternatively, during Halloween, it's a common occurrence for adults to put razor blades and other sharp objects inside fruits or candy for children...
      • Do you really think that would happen in a society as utopian as Tazmily?
      • And it's not even a common occurrence, just a crazy Urban Legend.
      • Isn't it explicitly mentioned that Flint is the first person to have ever been put in the jail?
      • Not to mention Claus has never seen a television at that point, so it's not possible for him to have learned it from a movie. Either way, the concept of smuggling breakout tools to a jailed friend isn't exactly rocket science. Claus is bold and clever, he doesn't really need to have learned something so simple from anywhere in particular.
  • So did pulling Locria's needle give Lucas another PK Love? What would that even be called? PK Love ψ perhaps?

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