Trivia / Mother

  • Colbert Bump: The series has gotten more than a few fans of indie RPGs after their creators have cited the games as a major source of inspiration, especially Toby "Radiation" Fox, creator of Undertale and Austin "Dingaling" Jorgenson, creator of Lisa.
  • Defictionalization: This tumblr blog focuses on making real life versions of a lot of the MOTHER series food items, from stuff like skip sandwiches to pork chips to peanut cheese bars.
  • Doing It for the Art: Oh, yes. There is an absolutely ludicrous amount of detail in these games, especially the later two.
  • Newbie Boom: The EarthBound fandom got a sudden surge of new members when the game finally got rereleased on the Wii U. At one point it was the most downloaded Virtual Console game on the Wii U, which resulted in many new comers to the series, with some being people who likely never heard of the game at that point. This has notably caused some friction between those who were in the cult fandom before it gained a wider audience, as not only are the newbies more willing to point out EarthBounds flaws, they've even started to criticize Mother 3's flaws upon finding out about it, which considering the game was considered a Sacred Cow by those who were in the cult fandom...
  • No Export for You: The series as a whole is quite possibly the most infamous example of this trope in all of video games. Only MOTHER 2 was released in America back in the day, under the name EarthBound. Europe got it even worse, as none of the three games were ever released there. EarthBound then proceeded to become a case of Keep Circulating the Tapes for years until it finally got another rerelease during the Wii U era, which also finally brought the series to Europe. Then, some time later on June 14, 2015, the first game got an international release under the name Earthbound Beginnings, nearly 26 years after it came out in Japan. Only time will tell if Mother 3 will finally be able to fully avert this trope some time in the future...
  • What Could Have Been: Mother 3: Fall of the Pig King was originally for the 64DD, then just the 64, then eventually on the GBA; losing international release, 3D graphics, 10 other playable characters, and who knows what else.