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YMMV: Mother

The video game series:

The film:

  • Magnificent Bastard: Jin-tae blaming Do-joon for vandalising the expensive car, knowing he canít recall anything else. Quite a dick move, considering how poor Do-joon and his mother are.
  • Tearjerker: Oh yes:
    • Ah-jungís background.
    • Do-joon recalling his mother trying to commit murder-suicide.
      Do-joon: Donít bother coming to visit me again; I donít want to see you.
    • Near the end, when the mother asks Ah-jungís boyfriend if he has a family; he says he doesnít, with an ignorant smile, and she breaks into tears, knowing that no-one will save him from the murder accusation.
    • At the end of the film, when Do-joon reveals the pins his mother forgot in the house where she killed the only witness who can confirm that Do-joon actually killed Ah-jung, and the mother finally uses them on herself.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor Ah-jung...

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