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Film: L'Avventura

L’Avventura is a film of director Michelangelo Antonioni (Blow Up).

Two friends, Anna and Claudia, meet with Anna’s boyfriend Sandro and go with other friends on a trip to a rocky island. While they were there, Anna disappears, leaving no trace of her behind. The others start looking for her, but with exception of Claudia and Sandro, the others show no particular interest in finding her…

If you were seeing any other movie, its plot would deal with Anna’s disappearance and the effects this has on the characters. If that’s what you’re looking for, don’t even bother with this movie.

Halfway through the movie, Anna is completely forgotten by everyone, including her friend and her boyfriend, and is only mentioned once in a while, in case you forgot how the film began. The movie deals mainly with Sandro and Claudia’s relationship (avventura, beside an adventure, means a fling in English).

So… the movie has almost no plot. Yeah. That means it’s not for everyone. The movie replaces plot with beautiful sceneries, an interesting Character Development and of course, playing with the viewers’ expectations.

As an aside note, the movie had one of the most incredible instances of Vindicated by History: when it was released, the public founded it so slow and boring that they booed it in Cannes. It was after a second screening, and a bunch of essays written by critics defending the movie, when they started to admire it more.

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