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Fan Fic: All He Ever Wanted
N. Italy: At least the Fascists have parties too. Hey! That was a really nice joke, fratello!
S. Italy: It's really not a joke.
N. Italy: No, no. It's a joke because they're the Fascist party and they're having a parade. It's surreal.
S. Italy: Surrealism isn't a joke either.

Considering that webcomic and anime Axis Powers Hetalia requires Politically Correct History in order to keep the series as lighthearted and satirical as it is, the fandom's come up with some downright disturbing things in the way of Fan Fic.

All He Ever Wanted takes the premise and conceit of Axis Powers Hetalia (namely, personifying the Nations of the world) and uses it to explore the events of an Alternate History where England kept its 50-year alliance to Japan and joined the Axis Powers (which is not that farfetched a historical possibility). All He Ever Wanted follows the Nations through a prolonged World War II and the often-painful choices that this time of conflict forces them to make. Where Hetalia itself would Hand Wave the darker parts of a Nation's history for the sake of the story that's being told, All He Ever Wanted approaches them head-on, and has the characters do the same. However, your mileage WILL vary in regards of how well-done it is or not. And this is all that should be said about it in the main page.

The AHEWniverse project is ongoing, and as such this page contains only tropes that have already been exhibited in the stories. Please keep it spoiler-free!

This Fan Fic provides examples of:

AlleluiaFanWorks/Axis Powers HetaliaAsthma

alternative title(s): All He Ever Wanted
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