Does This Remind You Of Anything / New Media

  • The Angry Video Game Nerd talking about the front cover of the game adaptation of Die Hard.
    • At first glance the exploding building looks like the World Trade Center towers. Luckily for anyone's sensibilities, the game came out long before 9/11.
  • In Two Best Friends Play, Matt thinks that Disaster: Day of Crisis has 9/11 symbolism thanks to the collapsing buildings. Pat doesn't see it.
  • Episode 11 of Z! True Long Island Story had Zack Ryder catching his dad watching clips of John Morrison while vigorously moving his Shake Weight up and down.
  • A non-comedic and Squicky example occurs in Survival of the Fittest, with Alex White torturing Rosa Fiametta. His sadistic delight at her suffering while making jabs about her sex life, and the emphasis on her struggling and how he repeatedly stabs her, very quickly starts to look like... something else.
  • In the Moulin Rouge! review between Brentalfloss, The Nostalgia Critic and The Nostalgia Chick, Oancitizen interrupts to demand why he wasn't included in the crossover. But from the Nostalgia Duo's squirming, his irritation and Floss's complete confusion, it looks instead like a person catching their partner cheating.
  • In one of Balddumborat's Q&A videos as Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo, she is asked whether pegasus ponies wake up with "morning wing" (a reference to the "Wingboner" meme). The response: "Oh, gosh, yeah, we do sometimes. I mean, try sleeping on your back or side with a pair of wings. They really cramp up in the morning and feel horribly stiff. It takes a while to shake them out. But at least we don't have magic messes in the morning like unicorns!"
  • Snake's description on how he wants his weenie roasted in 'The Camping Webisode' of DSBT InsaniT, which is why Martha lets Andy get away with his perverted "Oh my!" without slapping him.
    Snake: Make my weenie warm on the inside, but still cold and slick on the outside. It'll slide down my throat easier that way.
  • Noob :
    • At some point, Gaea, female and very greedy, is alone with an older, male player whose dialogue suggests he's about to ask her for money. Her reaction to this? Looking very worried and bluritng out the following line : "Don't come any closer, especially if you want what I think you want!".
    • There's also a plotline involoving a top player who turned up to be getting his avatar illlegally enhanced beyond what game mechanics allow. Now, what would be the equivalent of that if the webseries was a sports story rather than about MMORPG players?
  • In Jake and Amir, the two title characters' bizarre friendship is often portrayed as a gay relationship. Amir constantly wants to spend time with Jake, becomes jealous when Jake spends time with other people, and, on one occasion, received a marriage certificate (from a drag queen) stating that the two were officially wed. Jake is more aware of the connotations and tries to avoid them, but a few episodes depict him as equally jealous when Amir has a girlfriend; in another arc, he gets temporarily transferred to California, and meets a sexy coworker, only to drive her off by thinking and talking about Amir nonstop. The whole situation is lampshaded in an episode featuring Pat and Sarah: Sarah points out that, to the casual observer, the two seem to be a married gay couple. Of course, this being CollegeHumor, the episode has Jake and Amir by the elevators, fighting in a way that's deliberately designed to look like gay sex.